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Good days
Bad days
Who decides them?
No one really knows what is considered
A bad or good day
It changes with each person
Everyone is a different person
How can you focus on what you see?
Have you ever thought about
What happens behind the scenes?
Hidden, Fake,
I've written poems with these names
And many other names like these
All attributed to the behind the scenes
People judge others' lives based on
What they see
No one cares about the unseen
The late nights
The dark fights
All they see is your "whining"
Or your "laziness"
Not how much effort is put into being alive
The resistance of the strong power of self-harm
Can you people wake up?
Please just realize there are people with serious problems
Some could result in danger
And toxic habits
What would you do if everyone made your "bad day" hell
Where it was so dreadful you didn't want to go anywhere
And you just wanted to end it all
Estelle Dec 2018
Had to grow up, but not, but down, but don't think I won't get what I didn't miss. Discovering's supposed to be great, but mine turned me upside down. One year and suddenly I can't see what I am without this one thing. Still, everyone's bombarded by society, putting it -me- down for what they don't know, it's gone too far. But they say is convincing me. Am I going INSANE? Hang me up with a pink rope, it' not my fault, I just happen to like- one step in front of the other, stop judging me! I said, try not to care. I like what I do, but Hello Kitty's become an enemy, don't touch my things, that's not your concern, ITS JUST A PEN. Spiraling is too much, down, twisted, falling in, please stop! Tear it out, pour glitter in my skull, there's nothing wrong with me I swear to God. All of this overflows, knocks me down, bruise me up. I'll be fine eventually, but pink isn't just a colour anymore.
You disgust me
your so unatural
Refuse to adapt
just be like everyone else
on this planet.
Your so cocky
don't care if your in the basement
in a penthouse
or a castle
are the wold's
8th wonder!
And right here
at the end of the rainbow
With you'r see ME attitude
Eyes glued to your smartphone
Screaming, almost as loud for attention
as the café latte your trying to order..
******* ****
Before the shitstorm starts..
i have no problem what so ever with either *** or lesbian people..
i just don't really like humans..
Arabella B Oct 2017
You may think I'm lying
just seeking attention
This condition I have not known to many
until I tell them
People scoff at me and say yeah right
or just stay silent  not believing a word I have said
But my condition is real
I can assure you that
I did not make it up for my enjoyment or yours
I don't like when people test me on what I can and can not handle
What triggers me and what does not
Sure my triggers are uncommon
But that doesn't mean they aren't valid
I dislike the need of having to puke and passing out because someone couldn't keep their mouth shut
I know everyone has the freedom of Speech but please don't look at me like my condition is invalid because you have never heard of it
You may not approve
of what I do,
My words may not
Seem perfect to you.
But trust me
I do feel the same.
Being perfect was never my aim.
My simple thoughts....
Stephanie Frank Apr 2017
Don't judge a book by it's cover
The saying is true
Don't judge me till you know me
Or know what I've been through

This book you judge
Holds more than you see
Don't just react
Based on what you feel

I've experienced a lot of things
Both good and bad
Some made me happy :)
Most made me sad :(

I've let people get to me
People that don't really matter
But I believe
It will all turn out for the better

They say people's experiences make up their characters
Some can be changed, others cannot
It all depends
On how deep you've gotten

I've gone really deep
And don't know how to get out
So if you want to help me
Pray for me, love me
But don't judge me
So, I wrote this when I was still exploring my poetry so please forgive any mistakes or amateurism. My poetic juices haven't exactly been flowing much lately so enjoy this throwback. New stuff coming soon. And yes, Chris Brown's 'don't judge me' was an inspiration
My hurtling words of fire
A comforting flame in your ire
A useless sting of pointless banter
In which you let out a heartless laughter

Your mirth a travesty of joy
For inside you feel sick and coy
That boastful persona of yours
A swollen mask of horrid boars

For you are but a gnat
An annoyance in my gut
A perfect example of a lie
In which your feelings you deny

A big hulking menace you are
I am a bee prepared for war
'Coz even the small venom may suffice
To take down a bullying giant thrice

For you are nothing but an anomaly
A ******* of sacred sympathy
A mutation of kindness and charity
An unloved kid raised in brutal anarchy

So when this war fades out
And we both are cold out
I hope that we can make and fill
The love we both didn't get to feel

For you see we are but humans
Of the same species of grand
A being of futile feelings
Of uncontrollable emotions we are drowning
I am no SJW or any of those pretentious people. But here we are, all equal with flaws and perfections. We are but beings craving for love, that same love we can't attain "PEACE". So please don't judge people without knowing why they do things.
Lianna Walters Apr 2015
Mixed girl
Being mixed, I’ve never quite fallen into a category.
No I’m all not black,
No I’m all not white,
But a sweet mix.
Problem is in most situations I am forced into a slot,
Told what I am and what I am not
Don’t hold me to stereotypes
You don’t know me
Don’t take me and shove me into a cluster of a single ethnicity
Don’t judge me based on the color of my skin
How I’m too light or not light enough
Too dark or not dark enough
The fact of the matter remains
I will never be a single race, a single ethnicity
I am African American, Irish, Polish, and Native American
“Mixed girl”
Emmy Anne Mar 2015
I like the dark. My scars are hidden and the stars don't judge my flaws.
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