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Kylia Apr 2017
Vad var det vi sa när vi
sträckte ut våra armar
Vad var det vi sa när vi två
tittade ut ifrån berget
Vad var när vi skrek när drommar bar oss bortom stan
Å, en dag ska vi härifrån

Och vis ska slåss
Ja, vi ska slåss mot goliat
Så tror på mig,
för jag vet att du är modigast


What was it that we said, when we
threw our arms up against the wind
What was is that we said,
when we watched, hand-in-hand, from the mountaintop
What was it that we shouted, when our dreams
carried us far beyond the city
One day,
we'll leave this place.

So we shall fight
Goliath never stood a chance ;
Trust me
for I am testimony
to your courage
lyrics from Goliat by Laleh, a song that means alot to me. My english adaptation  below :-)
  Apr 2017 Kylia
This is my feud...
This is my fight.
Many are my thoughts,
I hide from sight.

I show myself steady
but much remains unseen.
Ungreased are the cogs in my head.
Their teeth sharpened keen.

They eat and abrade.
Always turning, always grinding.
Results always made,
detrimental and unforgiving.

So think of me...
Not negligence maintained
and notions bought.
Think of my feud.
Let it be food for thought.
Kylia Mar 2017
you are addicted to falling, which is to say
you exercise mind over matter, a grand reclamation
of flesh, is to say
you crave an escape from monochromity,
into monochromity
chase honesty into a corner
you howl out Death's name like you mean it.
is it too late? when your slippers grow cold but 
the memory of regret still lingers where it struck you mid-
air,  regret that wins when you lose yourself to
gravity's palm
so learn to look down-
learn to let go.
let ghost
ok so i haven't been posting for a loooong while and i won't frequent this lovely page unless ive got new inspiration since studies are getting really intense :/ btw, this is inspired by a friend.
Kylia Oct 2016
In case of emergency, place sandals neatly against toilet door. Be sure to turn off all light sources ; the monster exists in the mirror, too.
In case of emergency, press palms against tiles, become accustomed to friction. Remember: cold is the least of your worries. 
In case of emergency, enjoy it, enjoy it, enjoy it.

In the event of a fire, try your hardest to access a natural water source. The taps will be too far for your hands to reach
In the event of a fire, know that struggling does not relieve the burn.
In the event of a fire, wash hands thoroughly, and do not seek help.
After all, it is your fault for carrying a match.
Kylia Sep 2016
! the !
! next act has !
! started in a tumble !
! of colours ; the seat !
! next to me is empty but !
! she is a million miles !
 ! away and nowhere !
! to be found !
! - !
have faith.
Wish you were here
Kylia Aug 2016
sound the horn ;
The dead are preparing for war, my
gut is a forge they cannot find
Who hides Hephaestus' phoenix inside
chinks of rattling 
chainmail ; 
up gravestones, RIP(ping) breath from

So when the skies tremble to hear the
wailing of a burning sun-set
they will ride in, a silent scream of glowing-iron-hell-fire-
Hail :::
Daughter of Echidna
will You 

lead us

to victory?
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