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cfw Jul 2019
Please stop this hurting,
and this confusion.
Can't you see I'm breaking?
Are you really just an illusion?

This isn't a decision.
I'm being shoved,
making me lose vision
and questioning "am i really loved"?

I want to stay for my beloved,
but I need room.
Why won't you let me feel loved?
I just want to bloom.

Please won't you let me?
Please just set me free.
my fight..
Madeleine Mar 2019
You only lose
When you don't get back up
And continue to cruise
Kylia Nov 2014
He raises the bow, slides
Delicately across strings,
D major, A sharp, C minor
Elbow straight, raised high,
And something magical happens

Notes released into the air,
Gliding swiftly, cleanly, clearly.
Mourning put into music,
Rejoicing in regret,
Reading without words,
The deepest, the understanding
of the soul.

Of the bass, harp, violin,
there is only one sound I hear
It is the cello, one cello,
Played by one whose every breath
in rhythm, flat nose, sharp ears
Eyes closed, head rocking, like of
one possessed, but by the spell, the
beauty, the ethereal essence of music, that
One cannot simply deny.

Brother, I know you have the it
that it takes, though I don't know what
is it, really. But I watch you, and I
Simply know, deep in the
Recesses of my soul,
that you can.
So stop dragging me to these
performances to tell me
look at them! I'll never be
This good
And start trying, actually
trying, for once in your life.

I'll be waiting to see you
on that stage, playing for me.
Don't disappoint me.
The orchestral concert that you brought me to today has raised my expectations bar, and I'm not sorry. Try to do at least something seriously in your life, so you won't totally and irreversably waste your miserable existence. But even if you don't, I'll still love you :)
P.s. I know you won't even read this but I love you for who you are, as my wonderful totally awesome leetle brother who never does anything right and gets scolded daily by absolutely everyone (including me) and... never mind.

— The End —