It seems that all of the actions
from people,
echo and speak much louder
than words do,
but the only problem is -
It seems to be pretty quiet,
doesn’t it?

In life you make your choices. Nobody makes them for you. Always stay positive - give 100%!
2d · 153

Open tides aren’t new to the whispering winds of time -
They share the secrets above the surface,
And swap tales and stories about below -
Then wave goodbye in the mist of crossed paths,
Until next time
who will

It’s a poem, but also kind of a small riddle but you should get it. Haha :))
2d · 49

You are the everything
I could never be
I will never have
I would always hold
I will always love.

Yet I still
of knowing
I lost the everything,
I already had.

Lay amongst the stars
As your beauty shines before
my very own eyes

My sweet heart when you
reach for the very first kiss,
make sure you don’t miss.

Kiss me in the dark
feel the touch of my beating
heart up against yours

5d · 96
Going In Circles

all of the stories we have,
a beginning, middle, end,
but we got lost chapter one

5d · 53
I Turn To Steel

I try to talk to you but
my soul just turns to steel,
this happens whenever I
Try tell you how I feel -

Catch day dreams with me
and get lost in our thoughts
of the future us.

Act oblivious
to the icy ways you snap,
I'll give the same back.

If you treat people a bad way, don't expect much back!
Jan 11 · 215
I Found A Pearl
Ryan Holden Jan 11

I know this life can be strange
The simplicity of love,
nor wavering expressions
nor the walls that you put up.

Knowing I'm not alone,
with your warm lifted soul,
a drink of sap from the tree
you've gently nurtured for me.

She has everything to give
in this large, limited world,
I stopped looking for more stones
When I knew, I found a pearl.

Jan 11 · 134
Cheetah - Haiku
Ryan Holden Jan 11

Golden elegance
subtly peeks over grass
With spying brown quartz.

Jan 11 · 101
Nervously Speaking
Ryan Holden Jan 11

When I spoke to you
my eyes would scatter
And lose focus,
So I would avoid contact –
I got used to how
the pavement
Would paint my imagery.

But I nervously fell so steep
With no option to look up –
Only to escape
The pit you had me fall into
In the first place.

I used to look away when I spoke for the fear of falling - and when I did fall I didn't look away again!
Jan 10 · 133
Life’s Perspectives
Ryan Holden Jan 10

In life we wither
slowly as we go
through seasons weathers
nature always grows.

We can contemplate
and we can always worry,
we can’t subjugate
so we suffer covertly.

If we took a seed
to sow, no fear,
even noxious weeds
know reasons it’s here.

As the years start to orbit
and time keeps on ticking,
worry about your wallet
it won’t show in your coffin.

Summers end pinches us
for the seeds we have sown,
disbursement of pods fuss
for the spring, to be grown.

With nothing to lose
with nothing to fear,
if it’s dwelling you choose
whilst you spend your time here.

Nature knows it snows
and nature knows it’s flaws,
still happy it knows
a new seasons open doors.

Only to bloom and admire bliss
whilst they are working hand in hand,
with Mother nature’s glistening kiss,
perhaps one day we will understand.

I just had a thought about how people go through life worrying about everything, and nature is happy knowing it can spread seeds for the next season. Just a perspective! Haha enjoy :)
Jan 10 · 120
Natures Planning
Ryan Holden Jan 10

May our life tangle
Like stems without a thorn -
A beautiful flower
Atop a rose is born.

Whether we germinate
Through the bitter weather,
Flourishing picturesque
Petals fall like feathers.

With Love and Communication
Aligning destinies planets,
Astral stars rotate into place
Wind and air no need to plan it,
Big bang planning
fates open hand,
What a wonderful life,
This universe had planned.

I wanted to compare love with nature. A play on words here also. Gemini (Me) - Libra (Her). Enjoy.
Jan 4 · 268
Birth Of An Era
Ryan Holden Jan 4

We should dream for love
It’s all we can give,
Pure as a white dove
It’s for all to live,
In heaven or earth
We should all forgive,
Imagine from ones birth,
To be taught like this.

Jan 4 · 210
Fairytale Dreams
Ryan Holden Jan 4

Peak at the stars,
Gaze at the moon -
Hide away safe,
Come again soon.

Become my shield,
Knight to his horse -
Fairy-tale dreams,
I will be yours.

Rescued from myths,
Dragon's include -
One true loves kiss,
Hearts are renewed

Just suddenly popped up at work so had to make sure I wrote it down!
Jan 2 · 342
Her Skin Already Fits
Ryan Holden Jan 2

Becoming this
Becoming that
I admire the heart
that wears the skin
of a woman
who knows
what she admires

Please don't change.
Jan 2 · 216
Imprinted Sheets
Ryan Holden Jan 2

The imprint you leave on my bed
is marked for my comfort -
The intangible smell
on my unwashed sheets -
I would wear them like a coat
if it meant I carried your scent,
I would wash them if it meant
I will see you again -
But most of all
I want this imprint to be,
an everlasting dent.

Dec 2017 · 325
Sunset - Haiku
Ryan Holden Dec 2017

Washed turquoise colors
Smudge the day sky, with amber
Clouds saying goodbye.

Dec 2017 · 291
Scars - Haiku x3
Ryan Holden Dec 2017

Even if my scars
Are visible, or they cut too,
You are my ointment.

I want you as mine
I want you as remedy.
I want you for life.

I don't want you to
add more scars, I have ran low
on skin to be cut.

Dec 2017 · 88
A Poet's Ticker
Ryan Holden Dec 2017

I sit
I write
it's what helps me sleep at night
I think
too much
It's what ruins the best sight.

But if
I thought
of the reasons I struggle
if this
if that
I'm just asking for trouble.

You see
I know
I need to not overthink,
this lady
might leave quicker than I blink.

Dec 2017 · 291
Life Is Good - Haiku x3
Ryan Holden Dec 2017

Take a big deep breath,
See the sun, see the birds and
Quickly try forget.

Temporary pain
always loses against what you
have truly dreamt for

Stand up tall and proud,
Take each day with a large pinch
Of laughter and love.

Dec 2017 · 1.2k
Stained Puddles
Ryan Holden Dec 2017

Perhaps one day
the ink that I
Will form into a puddle
for you to jump into,
Only then will you know
Everything I write
is soaked in devotion
for you.

You're the reason I still write.
Nov 2017 · 683
Dolphin - Haiku
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

Dolphins skip over
The ocean surface catching
wind between wet fins.

Ryan Holden Nov 2017

The pain I paint in
My eyes, you can see I hurt
Before I met you.

You were the canvas
I never displayed when you
Were here from the start

Now I need to wipe
It all away to begin
Our new story.

But then to feature
On my heart, because my wall
Wasn’t large enough.

Nov 2017 · 361
Ointment - Haiku
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

A tender kiss will
Heal the scars on my lips like
You are the ointment.

Nov 2017 · 613
Take My Heart
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

The clock strikes
Confession time in my ink,
where I lay my arms down
with my veins full for you to see
what runs through them.

I admit my mouth is no river -
But you know that
I can think of a hundred ways
To get you closer -
To let my mouth run snakes
through your mind.

But I could think of
A million ways to make you smile,
And I would always much rather
See you happy -
But I choose to fall into your eyes
rather your arms -
As I can't separate my dreams
From my own reality.

Each day in Autumn I fall,
And each winters snap -
I will be bitten by your wit,
Then as Spring rises like the blooms
In your smile,
I will wake to the most beautiful
Of sun rise.

Her heart with mine -
Because I can't pretend
Or give anymore hints
whilst I lay arms down,
Tell me I'm yours
Because like you
I'm scared
To fall

Nov 2017 · 482
Bottled Heart - Haiku Poem
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

You bottled your heart
Inside your gut, but then it
Festered and rotted.

Only to catch a
Single drop on my tongue I
Knew you had gone off.

I stopped checking the
Expiry dates, almost like
I grew accustomed.

To knowing I can
Never find a woman, who
Quenches my loves thirst.

Nov 2017 · 302
Love On Clouds
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

Walk on the wind and ride -
Take my hand, we can dance
Through the night, we will slide -
Into cracks of earths trance
Finding a cloud to hide -
Beautiful raw romance.

Nov 2017 · 254
Playing With Fire - Haiku
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

We play with fire
In dark, hoping we both feel
burns on our hearts.

Nov 2017 · 227
Burning Embers - Haiku
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

Torch embers fall down,
Descending into dust, we
Get lost in darkness

Nov 2017 · 194
Foolish Love - Haiku
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

We got told love was
Foolish, so we both smiled and
Became bigger fools.

Nov 2017 · 576
Leap Of Faith - Haiku
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

I was ready to
take the leap, but I choked on
fear of losing you

Nov 2017 · 273
The Cure
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

Between us we are
Divine chemistry - ready
to take a hearts cure.

Nov 2017 · 229
Cards Of Fate
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

I once wondered how it truly felt
to meet fate, to see cards that are dealt,
Inside deep down I know,
that matter how long
no matter how I show,
My love is forever
it will expand and grow,
and you will open up
regardless of before,
I need you by my side
in my heart I adore.

Nov 2017 · 232
We Dance In The Rain
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

Loose lips - loose we sit,
rain drops - love birds kiss
Spilling emotion
with rain that drips,
Hands on your cheeks,
Hands on your hips,
We dance in the rain
We share all our pain,
We fall and we trip
We clutch and we slip,
into ones arms grip
Then just like that
all of the love
held in was spilt,
with just one tip.

Nov 2017 · 223
Hedgehog - Haiku
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

Little thorn like spikes,
Rustle through my garden leaves
trying to catch bugs.

Ryan Holden Nov 2017

Sharing her beauty,
Mother Nature wears flowers
In her sweet green hair

Glowing with wonder
Her aura breaths through the airs
Natural essence.

Unable to fight
Her petals taken away
Replaced by buildings

Yet remains patient
Waiting for a hand to plant
Primordial touch

One tree left standing
Each leaf blowing in the wind
People walk on by

Only to receive
A fur covered paw, wet nosed
Kiss and tenderness

Where memories of
beauty once blossomed, now part
Of yesterday's past

Because nature is
a giver, a mother that
we take for granted.

Collaborative Poem by Myself and the wonderful Donna Jones! Enjoy guys :)
Nov 2017 · 197
Bunny - Haiku
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

Pointed ears hop
Across the field, eating grass
Showing fluffy tails.

Nov 2017 · 224
What she means to me.
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

I feel all of this love I can never reveal,
So I'll spill my soul in my ink -
Just for you to see what you mean to me.

I've told myself -
"What am I supposed to do"
When her eyes are filled with stars -
Her smile butterflies,
nearly knocking me over every
Single time -
And this dream I keep dreaming -
Where we live forever and always
The ages we are now.

We still go around differently
Every single time -
And that's the beauty of it,
You pinch me - I pinch you back,
But you always seem to win.

Only because I'm soft -
I call her "Marshmallow"
I say she has a "Great Wall Of China"
But ha,
Prowess tells me it's only "Berlin".

You see -
she's squishy on the inside
for those times I get
a mere glimpse into her heart -
Inside her soul that shines
So bright.

For she lifted me from the
Deepest depths -
Of my lowest self
Giving me strength
To take her with me
on my journey back up,
Only to flourish
Together - chasing both our dreams
no matter how bizarre,
No matter how far.


Every hand I throw
For her to catch and hold,
I chisel through nooks and crannies -
trying to find a weakness,
I make you whole -
You make me complete,
Yet no matter how hard I hit the wall
I can't knock it down,
I have merely
chipped my way into her heart.

But that's why "Berlin" is here,
To make sure I can't poke around
enough to let her see,
What she means to me.

Nov 2017 · 656
Dreamcatchers - Haiku
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

I would not want to
spend, a second away from
you against my chest.

Nov 2017 · 377
Foxes - Haiku
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

Pointed nose jumping
between shrubs, glowing orange,
Playing hide and seek.

Nov 2017 · 319
Owl - Haiku
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

Tooting swirling eyes
Watching and listening for
a little brown mouse

Nov 2017 · 247
Gazelles - Haiku
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

We leapt over the
River, with nothing but a
Spring in our step.

Nov 2017 · 255
Fireflies - Haiku
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

Fireflies dance through
The night, lighting outside with
magical aura

Nov 2017 · 226
Mother & Cub - Haiku
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

Thick brush brown shoulders
carry her cub up steep slopes
To rest at the top.

Nov 2017 · 309
Howling Wolf - Haiku
Ryan Holden Nov 2017

Howling fur shivers
Through the snowfall leaning on
A rock at moonlight.

Oct 2017 · 286
Perfect Madness - Haiku
Ryan Holden Oct 2017

I think I’m crazy,
I think you are too, which makes
Us perfect madness

Oct 2017 · 301
Her Eyes - Haiku
Ryan Holden Oct 2017

Her eyes glisten like
The drops on morning dew grass
Through beams of sunrise

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