The doorstep we sat
Frantically eating ice cream,
before it melted

My sister would laugh
with her blonde fringe, big blue eyes
and round chubby cheeks.

Most simple image
Yet it captures a fragment
Of my purest soul.

One that dreams a dream
inside a wrapped up moment
For my heart only.

Oh, I remember the days like it was yesterday. In the summer sun with our ice creams
melting on the doorstep of my grandmas house! 4 Haiku's making 1 poem :)

No amount of love
Could form an ointment to heal
These scars on my chest

Not even your words
Can unravel the stitches
That I had to sew.

Even voodoo dolls
Had never seen such torture
Inflicted at once.

For I must heal wounds
Because I know I'm afraid,
They may re-open.

And these fragile bones
Will crumble into mere dust
Lost in winds of love.

5 Haikus making 1 poem :)

We can both become
Predator and prey to make
Beautiful nature.

As she lays bare
''Tis not just her eyes
That sparkle amongst stars.

Her skin reflects candle lights
As amber skin mixes
With olive tones.

hourglass sand falls with my jaw
Drying my bottom lip with nerves
Yet excitement and lust.

Feather like touches tingle
Every sense of being alive
As our hearts murmur in time.

Palpitations even match rhythm
In this alchemists dream bond
That doesn't exist on the periodic table.

Our heats radiate screaming,
As your goosebumps on my fingertips
Tickle me back, teasing my nerves.

''Twas the night I finally realised
My heart could once fly again
And you were the one to make it.

Even a singular night felt like forever,
Grasping our chance, and gasping
With pure, destined passion.

I think it's self explanatory this one haha!

Within torment, deciding if our jigsaw piece
is the right fit, we find serendipity.
For we're believers, day dreamers,
far seekers, and mind speakers.

We separate the gap
between positive and negative
For we are are the optimists
in this pessimistic world.

Just a quick write :) - I hope you're all keeping well!

Pinches on my skin
Remind me I am still caught,
In grips of your love.

Keep this hand close to
Yours, you will never know when,
It stops you falling.

Hold my cold tainted
Soul with yours, your purity
Warms and cleanses mine.

Ryan Holden Aug 3

1st verse
ill tell you a story about the place that we live in,
How people hate each other, never forgiving,
Frantically telling me, people judge on nationality,
But we fall quicker than, we can catch all the gravity,
Politicians are happy, they don't lose sleep,
they keep us in formation hopping the fence like sheep,
they cant swim in the ocean of truth its far too deep,
all this pain inside me, is bursting and hard to keep,
people judge in popularity instead of soul,
I look different at the world, its my own personal goal,
but I'm feeling and falling into ferocious fates that I feel,
When the clear glass in front, never gets revealed,
I'm feeling philosophical over analyse the world,
whilst it twirled and curled people around me just swirled,
even little girls are living no Polly or pearls,
No food, shelter, water, only young girls.

Hook (1) x1
I see people broken, and choking in the street,
I see woman hoping, trying to stand on two feet,
Children are hungry, and politicians don't lose sleep,
cos they Form us into lines, turn us all into sheep,
and then they take individualism from individuals,
I see it with both eyes, I'm chronicles of visuals,
Sending signals to my brain it always seems to tingle,
Because I put together jigsaws like pictures aren't a puzzle.

2nd verse
I see peoples necks just arched into phones
But when I was a child, we used to thrown stones,
Not stay at homes, when one roams he reaches his goals,
But I took a hold of my life and I used the controls,
So I snatched the sun just to bring in the light,
And I grabbed at the moon just to bring in the night,
And I swam this ocean just to bring in these waves,
and I surfed on the tremors hoping a soul that it saves,
I wanted to flip the world 360 cause its in me,
within me, magic tree, letting go of leaves we're free
Even in thickest storms never get tangled.
stand on our own, not fragile, keep it angled,
People use racism every day in the system,
risen to glisten my concoction of the serum,
Lets rise and make this one giant kingdom,
throw away restrictions, racism and division.

Hook(1) x1

open your eyes can you think so freely? x4

3rd verse
Your clock hand keeps ticking, tick tock, tick tock,
We've broke the clock, and we've broken the lock,
to the secret garden of eve, as i weave and weave,
spinning straw into gold before your eyes, you wont believe,
threads of spun gold on my wheel like Rumpelstiltskin,
But I mark my life with a pin, Gemini twin,
I'm using my mind to send through these signals,
bars like rainbows should be sponsored by skittles,
Catullus RP too much pressure I form crystals,
these aren't just stories these are facts not scribbles,
I'm not trying to rap about money or weed,
and I'm not going to rap about pills, girls or speed,
People are killing and stinging instead of living,
instead of just giving you're a villain who keeps digging,
people with no talent make money brains absent,
you haven't got the minerals not a single fragment,
please find me a person who's heart wont worsen,
someone who's kind and someone who's never cursing,
practice for an audition to change the world I'm rehearsing,
bubbles keep on bursting, only kings are emerging.

Hook (2) x1
Currently we look at angles to win,
never biting the bullet moment or pin,
worlds turning and yearning I'm always learning,
I'm searching and surfing on waves that you seem to be churning,
pick me up don't put me down,
please try turn this frown around,
It's simplicity, trying ability with possibility,
vocabulary's increased I've extended flexibility.

I wrote this last night after writing "deeper perspectives" I wanted to make a rap. Still not finished it needs a lot of editing :) - I wanted it to be serious/play on words so some parts aren't so serious but it breaks it down when you rap it :)

Should get my new microphone soon so quality is going to be better - just a little delayed in the mail!
Ryan Holden Jul 26

The dusk fog reminds
Me of walks home after I
Had just been broken.

You caused the water
Drops like condensation, on
My dripping burnt skin.

Just to come back for
Another round into your
Heat-stroke and cold lies.

I had been frozen,
In place whilst burning, welding
Onto the embers.

Left in a heap and
Waiting for the next person,
To mould me again.

5 Haikus making 1 poem!
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