You were the rays of
Light, that shined through cracks in my
half open curtains.

The morning to day,
Like a gift to make you stay,
I so like this way.

It's when in presence
My heart gallops fast horses
On these lengthy tracks,
You draw me in close
I smell the sweet aroma
Bearing on senses,
I can't feel your touch
But I know it draws so near
I pull you closely,
Nibbling your ear
Tasting your skin on my tongue,
Your body tingles I can
Feel protuberance
Forms from your heart as you push
Against my warm chest,
As our lips sow stories of
Devotion with fire,
We edge into a
Never ending spiral of
Painted encore tales
And constant passionate dreams


We can't find
our paradise on clouds
My hands are together praying
between two houses on fire,
Whilst I watch the unforeseeable
Perish into ashes of wool-gather.

Razors, Scissors and chainsaws
will cut me all the same,
Yet you were the bloodiest cut
I've ever been prescribed,
Poison drips from your skin
matching the sap from weeping willows.

Perhaps One day
our love will d
           ­             p
Like rain from washed up gutters,
But perhaps, one day,
All of my love I've given,
Will be thrown into the air
Like flower petals
for our constellations.

into a puddle
Of mud and mulch,
Like the heart inside
My forever drained and washed
Out chest.

I am a thin sheet
Of ice, I will crack through and
You will fall with me.

But I'm scared to swim
I might choke on a wave of
Fear and loneliness.

I scare you won't dive
In this water after me,
And I'll drown alone.

I need to feel heat
That radiates from your bones,
Heating my dry skin that seems
To flake away with everything
I cared about.

Just tie the anchor
Around my jelly like legs
Let me sink below.

I won't be the man
In fairytales or your dreams
I will be fiction.

Hopefully I can
Give more love to the ocean
And be lost treasure

x3 Haiku X1 Tanka x3 Haiku - all making one poem :)

You were the drought in
This monsoon, when I was the
Rain that fell too soon.

As we hop over the boggy river
We leap like gazelles,
Trying not to get wet
But someone always falls in,
Our muddy hands and knees
Would remind us of our success,
Wet feet not so much.

We would throw rocks
Attempting to skim them on the surface,
Remembering the disappointment
Of only hopping two or three times,
But carrying on for hours until
You finally got that golden throw
That raises trophies.

Sap and moss would cling
To your soft skin,
Making it rough like the bark
That you had been climbing,
But our innocence was as pure
As the nature I grew to love
And continue to love.

We graze our elbows
Like scrapes to our words,
People shout into tunnels
Echoing anger as it passes,
Yet confrontation is a mere
Throw away into the wind.

You feel like you're king
Stood on top of a precipice,
Commanding people below
But only in fear and uncertainty,
you hold your hands over your eyes,
Just as easy as you bully others.

I just don't know what
To do, I'm haunted by the
Whispers of my past.

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