Ryan Holden Dec 5

Perhaps one day
the ink that I
Will form into a puddle
for you to jump into,
Only then will you know
Everything I write
is soaked in devotion
for you.

You're the reason I still write.
Ryan Holden Nov 26

Dolphins skip over
The ocean surface catching
wind between wet fins.

Ryan Holden Nov 26

The pain I paint in
My eyes, you can see I hurt
Before I met you.

You were the canvas
I never displayed when you
Were here from the start

Now I need to wipe
It all away to begin
Our new story.

But then to feature
On my heart, because my wall
Wasn’t large enough.

Ryan Holden Nov 24

A tender kiss will
Heal the scars on my lips like
You are the ointment.

Ryan Holden Nov 17

The clock strikes
Confession time in my ink,
where I lay my arms down
with my veins full for you to see
what runs through them.

I admit my mouth is no river -
But you know that
I can think of a hundred ways
To get you closer -
To let my mouth run snakes
through your mind.

But I could think of
A million ways to make you smile,
And I would always much rather
See you happy -
But I choose to fall into your eyes
rather your arms -
As I can't separate my dreams
From my own reality.

Each day in Autumn I fall,
And each winters snap -
I will be bitten by your wit,
Then as Spring rises like the blooms
In your smile,
I will wake to the most beautiful
Of sun rise.

Her heart with mine -
Because I can't pretend
Or give anymore hints
whilst I lay arms down,
Tell me I'm yours
Because like you
I'm scared
To fall

Ryan Holden Nov 16

You bottled your heart
Inside your gut, but then it
Festered and rotted.

Only to catch a
Single drop on my tongue I
Knew you had gone off.

I stopped checking the
Expiry dates, almost like
I grew accustomed.

To knowing I can
Never find a woman, who
Quenches my loves thirst.

Ryan Holden Nov 15

Walk on the wind and ride -
Take my hand, we can dance
Through the night, we will slide -
Into cracks of earths trance
Finding a cloud to hide -
Beautiful raw romance.

Ryan Holden Nov 14

We play with fire
In dark, hoping we both feel
burns on our hearts.

Ryan Holden Nov 13

Torch embers fall down,
Descending into dust, we
Get lost in darkness

Ryan Holden Nov 13

We got told love was
Foolish, so we both smiled and
Became bigger fools.

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