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It is good to be alone
Alone is a healthy thing
You learn to enjoy your own company
We must be alone with ourselves
Let's meet ourselves shall we
Until a person can be content
In their own company
That person will always be looking
For love and approval
From other people
Take it from me
I've learned to be alone
I've become used to it
Alone can ache your bones
When your friends and family won't
Call or answer the phone
My advice to those who feel alone
Do things you enjoy
Don't chase people who dont care
Spend time with animals
I will be your friend
I am here
People have problems
They cannot be there always
But someone who cares
Will make you a priority
I am worth being treated first class
I'm not a second choice
Take me or leave me
I love me
God loves me
I choose gratitude
For I do have a few friends
I have a small family
We are not a perfect bunch
On the contrary no one is
So I choose to see the best in people I love people anyway
For that is how I was raised and taught
Being thoughtful and considerate
Pushes trouble away and keeps Mans face from the rubble
Written by Danielle Elizabeth Summers
Ryan Holden Dec 2017
Take a big deep breath,
See the sun, see the birds and
Quickly try forget.

Temporary pain
always loses against what you
have truly dreamt for

Stand up tall and proud,
Take each day with a large pinch
Of laughter and love.
Randy Mcpeek Sep 2016
Since losing you

Since losing you, I have found myself.
I loved you so much, that I stopped loving who I was.
I’ll always remember how, the one who broke me, gave me such a priceless gift.
I’ve learned that when your heart is broken into a million pieces,
You don’t have to pick up every piece.
When I put myself back together, I saw someone different than who I was before.
The wounds slowly healed, and, I looked around at how far I had come.
The dark, lonely place where I was no longer appealed to me. I wanted out.
The light inside my soul still burned and I knew that, even though you no longer loved me, I still loved myself.
I loved myself right out of the darkness to a place where I saw beauty all around me, and it made me smile.
I realized that not everyone could appreciate beauty. I did though.
The birds singing, the smell of rain, a child laughing; these things soothed my soul.
I opened my eyes to what was in front of me.
You were no longer there; so I moved forward into the sunset of tomorrow, and the promise of a bright future.
I no longer gave you everything.
I gave it to myself.

Randy McPeek
Lindsay Thomas Aug 2015
You gave me a shirt,
Old and tattered…
Once a favorite of yours.
Holes in places, faded all over;
Words under a cup stating
"Half full".
It was so ironic,
And it made me laugh;
I guess that's all it takes.
I was low, and you were generous,
And that half-empty glass
Would have taunted me
Had it not been for the words
Reminding me otherwise.
That Life is Good shirt
Will never leave me.

— The End —