Paint these words onto
A canvas, so you can see
It drips devotion.

You stole my mind, you
Made my whole world turn around
Your presence alone.

The priminister
Of the tongue twister, mixture
Syllable whisker.

I can't shrug the vast curiosity
For the beating heart that strives
for her has become flat lined,
a line that no longer represents
hot coals of my love

The quivering shores are barren
to the sand that we count
as it is lost in winds of time
and life experiences.

Fast paced indecisiveness is lost
with my teenage years.
As is the confidence and acceptance
to sparks of love.

My soul shakes at the thought
but my heart leaps from my chest
like salmon up stream,
forgetting the cold waters and unable
to remember the tune.

For I am a bruised man.

So I cant risk the shards of this
glued heart being handled again,
As one drop, one fall,
could mean the end of my affection.

Loving, loving and loving some more - the fear of falling again.

The doorstep we sat
Frantically eating ice cream,
before it melted

My sister would laugh
with her blonde fringe, big blue eyes
and round chubby cheeks.

Most simple image
Yet it captures a fragment
Of my purest soul.

One that dreams a dream
inside a wrapped up moment
For my heart only.

Oh, I remember the days like it was yesterday. In the summer sun with our ice creams
melting on the doorstep of my grandmas house! 4 Haiku's making 1 poem :)
Ryan Holden Aug 12

No amount of love
Could form an ointment to heal
These scars on my chest

Not even your words
Can unravel the stitches
That I had to sew.

Even voodoo dolls
Had never seen such torture
Inflicted at once.

For I must heal wounds
Because I know I'm afraid,
They may re-open.

And these fragile bones
Will crumble into mere dust
Lost in winds of love.

5 Haikus making 1 poem :)
Ryan Holden Aug 9

We can both become
Predator and prey to make
Beautiful nature.

Ryan Holden Aug 9

As she lays bare
''Tis not just her eyes
That sparkle amongst stars.

Her skin reflects candle lights
As amber skin mixes
With olive tones.

hourglass sand falls with my jaw
Drying my bottom lip with nerves
Yet excitement and lust.

Feather like touches tingle
Every sense of being alive
As our hearts murmur in time.

Palpitations even match rhythm
In this alchemists dream bond
That doesn't exist on the periodic table.

Our heats radiate screaming,
As your goosebumps on my fingertips
Tickle me back, teasing my nerves.

''Twas the night I finally realised
My heart could once fly again
And you were the one to make it.

Even a singular night felt like forever,
Grasping our chance, and gasping
With pure, destined passion.

I think it's self explanatory this one haha!
Ryan Holden Aug 9

Within torment, deciding if our jigsaw piece
is the right fit, we find serendipity.
For we're believers, day dreamers,
far seekers, and mind speakers.

We separate the gap
between positive and negative
For we are are the optimists
in this pessimistic world.

Just a quick write :) - I hope you're all keeping well!
Ryan Holden Aug 9

Pinches on my skin
Remind me I am still caught,
In grips of your love.

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