If you are here
To stay, cement yourself in
Never fade away.
Ryan Holden Apr 20
Imagine the feeling
Of slaying a dragon,
But mixed -
With the nerves
Of having to get close,
And face to face
With it,
But then -
At the same time
Loving the dragon.
Ryan Holden Apr 20
Purple hair she wore,
Her quirky unique ways I
Fell deeper in love.
Ryan Holden Apr 20
Lips so tender she feels
Like velvet on fire,
Soft yet hot enough
To remind me she can hurt,
Just enough to remind me
‘Twas her inner core
I fell in love with
In the first place.
Ryan Holden Apr 20
I can’t repaint the start
Nor it’s tenderness
To understand
The complexity
Of it’s cottons -
But know I am soft,
And I will always
Keep your heart
Ryan Holden Feb 24
Sometimes the blind
Lead the wide eyed,
Even in darkness
And glimmering light,
Our hearts skip once
For echoes to show -
hiding in shadows
when love starts to grow,
I’ll whisk you up -
The cyclone of love.
February 8th, 2018 - 11:06pm. In. An. The. How much deeper will this go? This desert. This baron land and escape from the moonlit evenings’ effervescent engineering of short-lived Neanderthals. These voices are enough to split our hides through and through like an cheese grater, that pants-boots combo chases us into the early morning forecast. I need to get out with her. We need to get out from here. We need to go out from this place. There are hexes and hieroglyphs places matte with ill-defined Finnish designs. There is the yolk and that which copies it. There is the phone and the web of tangling eyes whose corpus is mimicry. I am the notes and the music is taking me down, down, down. Whether it’s our dreams or the sweats that keep us ratcheting our bodies beaten eyes hooked to the cadavers we once chose. Now it’s up to you to choose. This is the fuse that we’ve let loose, maybe your furnace can curtsy and observe these sad blackened buffoons while they make us shrivel up and go hide back in our bed cocoons. This is a zoo I tell you and you tell me. This is a zoo of mayhem, hedonists, and 400° degrees. These are the tiny beds we hide in until they melt us down, into the heirs of our highness, our luxuries quick to abscond.
Ryan Holden Jan 23
For every little step
a mountain to climb,
an ocean so deep
we are yet
to explore.
In this life I know
that all I can give
is an energy,
that never stops bouncing -
if I can do good
and set an example
for others -
even if I’m a pushover,
I’d rather do it
smiling at the ones
I create
every day
The world is huge, and each of us is a mere dot. So impact who you can around you everyday and make them smile!
Ryan Holden Jan 20
It seems that all of the actions
from people,
echo and speak much louder
than words do,
but the only problem is -
It seems to be pretty quiet,
doesn’t it?
In life you make your choices. Nobody makes them for you. Always stay positive - give 100%!
Ryan Holden Jan 18
Open tides aren’t new to the whispering winds of time -
They share the secrets above the surface,
And swap tales and stories about below -
Then wave goodbye in the mist of crossed paths,
Until next time
who will
It’s a poem, but also kind of a small riddle but you should get it. Haha :))
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