Don't leave yet, my bones
Already miss you like they
Lack in calcium.

I'm allergic to
Your sting yet I try catch you
In my palms anyway

In moments of dark
Hope kisses my cheek to say
"It will be okay"

We are performers
And we cut all our feelings,
From the second take.

''Twas her love and strength,
That forced my fragile, weak heart
To beat fearlessly.

You were the rays of
Light, that shined through cracks in my
half open curtains.

The morning to day,
Like a gift to make you stay,
I so like this way.

It's when in presence
My heart gallops fast horses
On these lengthy tracks,
You draw me in close
I smell the sweet aroma
Bearing on senses,
I can't feel your touch
But I know it draws so near
I pull you closely,
Nibbling your ear
Tasting your skin on my tongue,
Your body tingles I can
Feel protuberance
Forms from your heart as you push
Against my warm chest,
As our lips sow stories of
Devotion with fire,
We edge into a
Never ending spiral of
Painted encore tales
And constant passionate dreams


We can't find
our paradise on clouds
My hands are together praying
between two houses on fire,
Whilst I watch the unforeseeable
Perish into ashes of wool-gather.

Razors, Scissors and chainsaws
will cut me all the same,
Yet you were the bloodiest cut
I've ever been prescribed,
Poison drips from your skin
matching the sap from weeping willows.

Perhaps One day
our love will d
           ­             p
Like rain from washed up gutters,
But perhaps, one day,
All of my love I've given,
Will be thrown into the air
Like flower petals
for our constellations.

into a puddle
Of mud and mulch,
Like the heart inside
My forever drained and washed
Out chest.

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