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Ryan Holden Dec 2018
Breaking everything I love,
Letting my insecurities ruin me
In ways I could never describe,
Never to see
Dimming lights
That disappear in the distance,
Over that hill we used to lay
Shining away
Eating at my conscious and heart,
Echoing my regrets as you go.
An acrostic poem I wrote that says “blind to see”. I wrote this on the train a few months back. Enjoy peeps.
Ryan Holden Dec 2018
I want to call you
That sweet outside,
That tasteful yet
gooey centre,
covered in a hard shell,
Yet you have
The beauty of the night stars,
Sky and all the wonders
It carries with it.
Ryan Holden Dec 2018
You see I’ve noticed,
That when you smile or you laugh,
You look at the floor.

You see I’ve noticed,
That everyone before me
Walked all over you.

But you have noticed,
The only image you see
In reflected eyes,

Is me walking you
Down the aisle, to start the new
Chapter together.
More to follow! 4 Haiku’s making one story.
Enjoy guys :)
Ryan Holden Dec 2018
I went exploring,
To find an ocean too big
And land way too large.

But within it all,
I found a fair few totems,
Them all being you.
It’s been a while! I hope you’re all well.
Thought I’d make a return and I’ll be posting a few poems I’ve been writing the last few months!
Ryan Holden Sep 2018
Choose to be happy,
And someday your sorrows will
Learn to adapt too.
Ryan Holden Sep 2018
Chaos created,
The wonderful effect, of
Happier moments.
Ryan Holden Sep 2018
Give an impression
That you are free, chances are
Your flock will leave too.
People who attract the wrong attention. Ask for the wrong results.
Ryan Holden Aug 2018
Eyes that ****** my tongue,
A smile that captures the most
Wonderful feeling.
Ryan Holden Aug 2018
Hourglass waist drops
Between sheets, sharing heat we
Tumble into dreams.
Ryan Holden Aug 2018
Grab me, pull me close,
Look into my eyes like you
Are hungry for more.
Just something that sprung to mind
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