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Azure 2d
What is it with the rain?
Always uttering incomplete thoughts.
I sit down and listen,
but it abruptly ends.
What is it with the rain?
ending when I need more.
I miss the gentle taps,
the loud pours,
the steady rhythms, so serene.
What is it with the rain?
Ending with an incomplete thought.
Doing an imitation of life, nothing lasts too long.
she could feel rhythm in air,
tune in air,
music in her heart,
so she threw her fake pride away,
put her dancing shoes on,
and danced...........
shiv Sep 2018
there's an aching rhythm to my bones.
they cry and they call out;
please please, we want to go home.
and i don't know how to reply
and i don't know what to say
other than i know, i know.
Ryan Holden Jan 2018
Kiss me in the dark
feel the touch of my beating
heart up against yours
nanda Jan 2018
there’s this constant pain
on the left side of my chest
monotonous and never ending
soft but deadly

i feel it when i wake up
when i am about to drink my tea
when i watch the roses fade
when i lay awake at night

since you are gone
this pain has kept me whole
been my friend
my lover and my ex
never truly leaving
but never truly returning

the pain is beautiful
i suppose
because after all
it lets me feel something
inside this endless void

it rythms with my heart
paints your soul
it is the pain i pay
for loving you so
i do have a pain on the left side of my chest... wonder what it could be
That moment
When her lips are your favourite lollipop
And her skin tastes like ice cream melting in your tongue,
The flavour drools godly juice.

That moment when the rythm are two beating hearts,
The winds outside take over
And you take shelter sheltering her.
Saint Audrey Mar 2017
Take my hand
step in time
I am sure it'll turn out fine
just let the current untwine your mind

Every single step takes you closer and closer
With every single breath, you find yourself shoulder to shoulder
with Enimes and friends
With out the evil intent
I guess the stars aligned
And all we say are
we are all the same, in the end

Someone spots you
A jesture or smile
Its been a while, why not smile back?
Some peice of mind might finally come through
I think we both need a bit of good

Trust me, i know the game we're playing
A razor quite thin, the head of a pin
But balancing comes as second nature
Tomorrow we'll still have our chance to win

The lights light faces and faces light
Everyone is one tonight
Crack a smile its been a while
we've got the might
Not to mention will
to take something and dispite
hatred bleeding though
manage ourselves a lovely night

The colors of the glass
Surrounding little suns
Stain our hearts bright shades
We need to let the pain
Wash away

The irony is lost on me
But thats just the way i like it
ignorance is dangerous
but i think you should try it
Hatred fuels this night
But thats alright by me
I dont think ive ever felt so completely free

Venom drips from every cobble
on every corner
of every street
But i think you can do us both a favor
And turn your head as our hearts beat
Intermingled with the rythm
Love and trust the ones you meet

Just for the night
Its all alright
The first part of a story i wrote a while back. Thought it could use a poetic rewrite.
Ignatius Hosiana Jan 2017
If only I could find the fluffy comfort of your embrace from my pillow
the chill of your touch from the smooth caress of my bed sheets
the warmth of your firm ******* from my bed while I rest
the solace of your voice from whistling of birds at dawn
or the violent murmurs of rivers soaked in pain by storming rain
If only I could find the saccharine succulence of your lips from honey
or rather from flamboyant nectarine  April showers bloomed in June
the gold of your smile on the laughing face of the  full moon
the fulfilled promise of the joy you lend my soul from money

If only the sky  were as captivating blue as your hazel eyes
and the melody of your inspiration existed in musical beats
if only the curvature of the horizon was as fluid as your waist
the company of loneliness as welcome as that of a succoring guest
in the desolate nights clogged by frigid fog of your absence
and snow flakes of nostalgia falling from the skies of despair
fueled by the perilous weather in your climatic silence

If only dusk was synonymous to your captivating complexion
only then would I say that something else would stir an insurrection
but as it stands, no vivisection can match this tantalizing obsession
You own all of me, nothing can ever have all this attention and affection...
Jordan LC Murphy Aug 2016
Take my hand and dance with me,
Entangle our hearts in a tango,
Let's dance my love in ecstasy,
And revel in each others shadows,
The night is young let's dance my sweet-,
Flower of joy and lust,
All I ask is you dance with me,
Before my feet do rust,
Kiss my lips I'll hold you tight,
Waltzing through the rain,
Spin with me like quilts of silk,
Let's set the world a blaze,
I feel your soul in twined with mine,
Like ivy on the pine,
So dance with me just one last time,
And set our souls on fire!
* *
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