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A poem every day
Oh. My. God.

Where the hell have you been? You were hiding just inside the everyday normality of my story. When I first realized the waves you made on my shore I felt like I must learn how to play the piano just to replicate the pace my heart would get to every time I’m near you.

The comfort I get from being around you is like listening to music you never heard but adore the moment it comes on. You are like a song that everyone knows the words to. A modern-day Bohemian Rhapsody, a recapture of American Pie.

Not a long long time ago, I will never forget that your music would make me smile. Your words touch me deep inside, there won’t be a day this music dies. I know I don’t have a chevy but the levee’s not dry.

I struggle to grasp the concept of composure when the thought of you wakes me up in the morning. I drape my arm over my wishes of you being there. It’s not just love, it’s fantasy. Fantasy like the words lost in the winds between us, making me clutch the lyrics of a song that I want to sing for you.

I guess what I want to say is this, you are heard. I swear that the walls inch closer every time you speak just so they can listen to your voice more closely. The melody echoes off every surface, ever enchanting, promising me that if I stay silent I just might hear what beautiful sounds like.

Maybe I’ll never learn how to play the piano, I know that the keys to happiness are strung across the seemingly growing distance between possibility and reality. Because the fact of the matter is, I don't know how to play any instruments. But I promise that I will always dance to the music I hope you’ll play for me.
After falling out of a relationship, I found myself quickly developing feelings for people that I never knew I had feelings for. While it would never happen, the spark of creativity gave me the inspiration to write this piece. Much love. <3
Ken Mears Nov 2019
Technology marches forward,

Never stopping,

Technology marches forward,

Always progressing.

It permeates our homes,

It resides in our pockets,

The big company's own Sherlock Holmes,

Seeing deep within our lockets.

It gets us where,

We want to go,

Through the air,

Or through the traffic flow.

It runs our lives,

Leading us along,

Like bees in hives,

We follow it's rhythmic song.

Technology marches forward,

Not caring for its creators,

Technology marches forward,

As humanities technological dictators.
Azure Aug 2019
What is it with the rain?
Always uttering incomplete thoughts.
I sit down and listen,
but it abruptly ends.
What is it with the rain?
ending when I need more.
I miss the gentle taps,
the loud pours,
the steady rhythms, so serene.
What is it with the rain?
Ending with an incomplete thought.
Doing an imitation of life, nothing lasts too long.
memoona kazmi Apr 2019
she could feel rhythm in air,
tune in air,
music in her heart,
so she threw her fake pride away,
put her dancing shoes on,
and danced...........
shiv Sep 2018
there's an aching rhythm to my bones.
they cry and they call out;
please please, we want to go home.
and i don't know how to reply
and i don't know what to say
other than i know, i know.
Ryan Holden Jan 2018
Kiss me in the dark
feel the touch of my beating
heart up against yours
nanda Jan 2018
there’s this constant pain
on the left side of my chest
monotonous and never ending
soft but deadly

i feel it when i wake up
when i am about to drink my tea
when i watch the roses fade
when i lay awake at night

since you are gone
this pain has kept me whole
been my friend
my lover and my ex
never truly leaving
but never truly returning

the pain is beautiful
i suppose
because after all
it lets me feel something
inside this endless void

it rythms with my heart
paints your soul
it is the pain i pay
for loving you so
i do have a pain on the left side of my chest... wonder what it could be
That moment
When her lips are your favourite lollipop
And her skin tastes like ice cream melting in your tongue,
The flavour drools godly juice.

That moment when the rythm are two beating hearts,
The winds outside take over
And you take shelter sheltering her.
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