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William Marr Jul 2020
your mouths must stay away
from this big bowl
and go to the ocean
to assume your own responsibility

or to another shore
to make lots of money
that will stuff up your pockets
and your souls
and let your heads stay forever in the hothouse
so well-fed and well-clad
that you won't have to think of today
or tomorrow

*Before an experiment on dolphin communication with humans was terminated,  scientists had to train the two dolphins that were used in the experiment so that they could survive in the ocean.
Carlo C Gomez Jul 2020
Let's swim about, Peter
Mimic my sound

Speak my language
You precious bottle-nose

The trouble you have
With the letter M
Sure makes funny bubbles
Beneath the surface

What then should we talk of
This morning?
Miss Kelly, perhaps

Every room
Is an island, my child

Never isolate your love

Let it run to the sea
It's where I will always be
Thomas W. Case's Historical Figure Poetry Challenge, Margaret Howe Lovatt. In the 1960s, she took part in a NASA-funded research project in which she attempted to teach a dolphin named Peter to understand and mimic human speech. This while living in a half-submerged dwelling to have continuous contact with him.
Betty Jun 2020
It's a common wish

to swim with dolphins for a while

I don't trust that fish

What's going on behind the smile?
I know it isn't a fish but it scanned!
pa3que Feb 2019
Lost in the sea.
          Lost in your eyes.
                     Lost in your love.
Am I lost in the depth of the         ocean?  

Waves crash against the shore. So are you the ocean, if I’m the shore?        
           I see a sea turtle.
A large one with a colorful glow.

It opens my eyes and I can see the life inside you.
                It’s bright.
                         And warm.

But when you wrap your arms around me, they’re cold and dark.  

      Are we like dolphins and lions?    
Different from so many perspectives and meant to stay apart.

      But again, the lion chases    
              dolphins, while they run.          
       And they do outrun him,       because the lion can’t swim.
     Because the lion will drown into
             the depth of the ocean.

So if I let myself drown and die for your love. Will you push me back onto the shore and let the lions, whom are so afraid of drowning take me.
          And tear me apart,
                     piece by piece,
                            part by part.
        And heart by heart.

I’m not the only one who’s afraid to let myself drown into a love of another.

     There will always be one ocean,    
              that lets you drown.
      And one that pushes you away.

      There will always be one shore,    
            that’s brave enough to try.  
     And one that will never get wet,    
          because it’s too afraid to die.
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