Ryan Holden Sep 20
Choose to be happy,
And someday your sorrows will
Learn to adapt too.
Ryan Holden Sep 20
Chaos created,
The wonderful effect, of
Happier moments.
Ryan Holden Sep 12
Give an impression
That you are free, chances are
Your flock will leave too.
People who attract the wrong attention. Ask for the wrong results.
Ryan Holden Aug 13
Hold me tightly dear,
I’m afraid if we lose grip,
I would do the same.
Ryan Holden Aug 13
Always wake with choice
Let everyday be as
Perfect as your last.
Ryan Holden Aug 10
Eyes that ****** my tongue,
A smile that captures the most
Wonderful feeling.
Ryan Holden Aug 10
Hourglass waist drops
Between sheets, sharing heat we
Tumble into dreams.
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