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Lennox Trim Dec 2023
So the day I say I'm done,and finished with it all..
Was the same day that the house of cards I built began to fall,
Karma huffed and puffed and blew it all away,
Whether i deserved it or not? well its hard to say,
I need to take it easy but im living life the harder way ,
Living life day to day - there's gotta be a better way,
Love Drunk from the potions from Amy's wine house ,
I sobered up but it was only to find out -
Your lion-like roars turned to Microsoft words,
I was in my own word - she was in hers,
No, I'm not modest and dishonesty's a problem for my nerves,
Approach the point of no return? We def on the verge,
Better yet the brink, and to think, our past you rubbed away -
Washed down the metaphorical sink,
And now all sounds of trouble power point to YOU,
My mind is now tainted, as you are in my point of view,
I'd hate to break the glue we used to make the news,
But i have to go away from you - Later boo..
Tiana May 2022
I'm frozen,
And I can see your spirit fade away
The liveliest shimmers of all I've seen,
And I can't do anything;

My heart burning,
Trying to melt my surrounding ice
giving a last try
to catch your glimmers,

Then it gave up
Because it apprehended to be late,
So struggle breathed out;

Then I don't know how long I slept
Maybe hoping to see you in my dreams,

Where we'll go to that street
where we always wanted to be
My rosy flush and your musing gaze
As the wind swept past the starry horizon
with the sparks of pure amaze;

The sweet scent of that blossoming love
I still remember
I watched it go away with my heart surrendered;

I'm an icy embody;

Witnessing only the passing times,
without hope;

Who could've thought that not getting over means
there's no hope?

Not that I see miles away;
Even if I try to
These icy flakes blocking my way,
I'm too cold to be resurrected now;
brian odongo Jun 2021
To her whose heart is my heart's favorite home.
To her from whom I learned love's greatest responsibility; to keep another's heart safe.
To her whose name is etched out every time my pen kisses the paper in a brief love affair.
To her whose heartbeat I dance to better than any other rhythm.
To her whose beauty is like the glory of the setting sun in summer.
To her whose smile is curved in every sunrise.
To her whose laughter is like the plucking of guitar strings.
To her whose voice is hushed in every passing wind.
To her who I always look for in a crowded street.
To her whose heart and my heart are old time friends.
To her who is not only the girl of my dreams but the girl of my every waking moment.
To Miss Sunshine ,happy birthday.
a poem to my girlfriend on her birthday.
letters to basil Jun 2021
dear basil,

please start drawing again
singing again
please start loving again
and living again

please start writing again

drink ur love life juice :))

Tiana Jun 2021
Serene like an oceanic horizon
Striking like the fiery waves,
The essence of a longing affection,
that melodious thrill of an adventure my heart craved;

Delicate scents and gentle wind,
With the soft sunlight on cerulean, grinning,
Soothe my mind
yet left me anticipating
the dramatic secrets you hide;

But everything came along with your magical shore
Made my belief stronger about this quest
I've been wanting to explore;

Whatever happens, I want no regrets
I don't care if you have a stormy tide awaiting
If it's a charming masquerade, it is divinely sedating;

But at the end of the day,
you still remain an entrancing enigma,
Like in the unknown depths of the sea,
You are the unacquired jewels,
So tempting for the ones, fiercely passionate and distinctly greedy;

You make me so happy with
mere the knowledge of your existence,
Yet it turns back to utter despair,
Cause I despise the fact

That you are there
with all your charismatic abstract,
but not mine yet;
Do give me ideas regarding this writing to make it better
Tiana May 2021
I kept lying to my heart for so long,
Entangling it with the messy threads of fascination;
Pretending to be an artist I kept on
Until there was no more of that magical thread;
An incomplete pattern
The conceiver of my shattered hopes and dream;
But there's a beauty in it,
An emptiness and a heartache;
Maybe it is for the best;
Because the beauty of horizon can be apprehend
only from this far;
Do share your ideas about how can i make it better
Nikkipopgun69 May 2021
you’re just my blessings in disguise but we’re
hiding from feelings that should be discussed
Everyone can see that there’s something there
But I shoot my shot ... it goes unnoticed by you. Every single time.
I’m just scared to find out the truth on.
Why everything is taken so long

Sometimes I leave myself to think about
A situation way too much and forget about life.
Feeling like I’m trapped. Running away from my thoughts. When all I want to do is talk to
You.But I can’t .
I wish I could just pick up the phone and talk to you.
I’m just hoping this thing we have can work out.
There’s only so much I can take before I’m done. In letting in some sort of love.
Sidharth Suraj Mar 2021
Try to live once,
for the sake of now,
you have your today
try to live it now.
Count your tears,
the ones from yesterday,
the ones that dried up,
the ones that froze away.

Do you feel your heart beating?
or do you feel it slowly fade,
an unusual absence of warmth,
fearing it might become a nameless mail.

Chloroforming your joys,
disappearing in noise.
Writing to a feeling,
lost with a pen unpoised.

Corner lights fluorescent yellow,
the poisonous sweet smell of love so mellow.
Quit being slave to a nameless voice,
let your today,
be a regretless choice.

Learn to live,
enjoy it in endless ways.
Life is beautiful,
try to live your dreams every day.
Life is difficult, not impossible.
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