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Kimman Apr 20
a torn apart soul from time to time
life-long lovers in song and write
Is all just man's
pure raw-born design
In making the most
of what little love grants in life
KB Apr 19
A heart
A heart is an *****.
An ***** that holds all emotional connections to another specie.
An ***** that give lives through the body of a specie.
An ***** that creates emotional connections with a lover, a partner, a friend or fue.
An ***** that supplies blood through the body in order to be alive and feel.
A heart in which humans have developed to be value because of love and emotions.
This heart of ours once fully functional to understand love has been through the highs and lows.
The pathway to greatness.
The feeling of high on life.
The feeling of scars that are healed with generous memories.
So value that one would protect the heart with walls.
That without it how could one love?
How could one trade emotional contact with a lover?
The walls surround the heart from pain.
But the walls can't be strong enough just for protection.
When the heart is connected with the mind in which binds emotional life to other species.
The heart of them all.
That binds us to love.
Binds us to live.
What are we without it?

While looking for love
I stumbled, tumbled, tripped and trembled,
Wonder where to find love,
Is it up in hill or hiding down the bills,
Where does love live?
Oh love, it is in you and me,
Love lives in everything, everywhere,
Written by Kavitha.
Euphie Dec 2018
If my life was measured in coffee rings.
And coffee drips, spilling from the sides,
I’d live for eternity.

Your lips are like a work of art...
Soft, decadent, a lustful sin.

I never realized how sweet it is,
to be loved by you.

Don’t make me make you fall into desire.
Read these words and think of me,
and I will live in your mind,
Ryan Holden Dec 2018
I went exploring,
To find an ocean too big
And land way too large.

But within it all,
I found a fair few totems,
Them all being you.
It’s been a while! I hope you’re all well.
Thought I’d make a return and I’ll be posting a few poems I’ve been writing the last few months!
the carnality of my soul
could not let me be
every time i close my eyes
i always have a vision of you
a vision i cannot seize  
each time I'm awake

i was taken into the darkest of realms
where only our demons should go
i was taken from your arms
i could not fight back, my strength was against me  
i could not stand up to the blackness
i was held captive, shackled to my feet
locked away in a dark dungeon
yet the goodness of your heart could not let you be
you risked everything to come see my face
even your life you want to jeopardize for me

i screamed to myself
what would i do, if my vision sees the light
how can i leave without your breath on my shoulders
all my questions were empty
all my thoughts was about you
how can i stop you from coming down to see me?
and so prayed to the God of the skies
the one in charge of our hearts
to please punish me with my wronging  
as i am willing to go down for my sins
but should please oh God please
do not let my vision see the breaking of day
We all desire a love life that is beautiful, the one without dark days
As beautiful as it  is to imagine, true love requires dark days and thoughts of it as well
Paris Maravilla Nov 2018
Trying hard to forget you
Trying hard not to say your name
Or even remember your smiling face

The pain i feel in my heart is slowly tearing me apart
I don't know how this all started but i know how it will end

I feel the tears falling down my face
Just like how the stars shatter in space
Love ***** sometimes
Aa Harvey Aug 2018
16 stages of falling in love and 13 is my lucky number.


Who are you?  You are beautiful.
Who am I?  I’m…I’m shy.


I think you are beautiful too,
But I’m just a regular guy.


No you’re not; you’re hot!
So are you my **** temptress.

4 – ****

So what do you say lover?
Do you want to go to bed?

5 – NEED

More! I need more!  I want you again!
But I’m knackered!  Don’t do that.  Ok…I’m your *****.


Oh my God!  Which one?  Stop distracting my fun.
Oh my God!  This is so good!  I think I’m going to…


Well, here we lay in each others arms.
We have satisfied our desires,
Now we just admire each others charms.


She smiles at me with a seductive grin.
I can’t!  I’m exhausted!  
I want to go again!


Your wish is my command!  I shall give you your release.
But you will have to untie me first;
Before I get down on my knees.


Cuddled up together, watching the television;
I see she could be the one.  
The one of whom this poem is written.


The one who has always been my True Love.
The one who will always be there for me, with a loving hug.


I can tell her my thoughts; the good and the unfortunate.
I can be assured that I can trust her,
To not tell the entire internet!

13 – TRUST

For she could be the one in whom I could truly confide.
She could maybe, one day; become my wife.

14 - TRUTH

So my Love, I confess my soul at your feet.
I worship you my Goddess!  So I humbly speak.


I want you to be mine, for the rest of time.
I want you too, I feel the same,
Will you always remain mine?

16 – LOVE

Now hand in hand we both walk, talking of Stage 1.
Our love has lasted a life time.
It has raised up to about Stage 1.01

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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