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you’re just my blessings in disguise but we’re
hiding from feelings that should be discussed
Everyone can see that there’s something there
But I shoot my shot ... it goes unnoticed by you. Every single time.
I’m just scared to find out the truth on.
Why everything is taken so long

Sometimes I leave myself to think about
A situation way too much and forget about life.
Feeling like I’m trapped. Running away from my thoughts. When all I want to do is talk to
You.But I can’t .
I wish I could just pick up the phone and talk to you.
I’m just hoping this thing we have can work out.
There’s only so much I can take before I’m done. In letting in some sort of love.
nd Apr 19
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nice to know you-
imagine this as the punch line to your crush
Try to live once,
for the sake of now,
you have your today
try to live it now.
Count your tears,
the ones from yesterday,
the ones that dried up,
the ones that froze away.

Do you feel your heart beating?
or do you feel it slowly fade,
an unusual absence of warmth,
fearing it might become a nameless mail.

Chloroforming your joys,
disappearing in noise.
Writing to a feeling,
lost with a pen unpoised.

Corner lights fluorescent yellow,
the poisonous sweet smell of love so mellow.
Quit being slave to a nameless voice,
let your today,
be a regretless choice.

Learn to live,
enjoy it in endless ways.
Life is beautiful,
try to live your dreams every day.
Life is difficult, not impossible.
Tiana Jan 27
They say,
It will remain just a dream,
A beautiful yet heartbreaking fantasy,
And it's impossible
for you to be with me;

Should I blame myself for falling in
this charming reverie
my unfair destiny?

Not that I criticize my fortune,
For it has has given me a wonderful boon
even though I can't have it

My poetry would cherish it like
my timeless fascination with
the gleaming full moon;

The striking shimmers of the dark ocean,
The flamboyant hues upon those proud mountains,
From the delicate night breeze to the desired daylight,
A harmonious veil shelters countless of sublime mysteries behind;
Just like the alluring tune of a poem's rhyme;

This love is bright enough to blind
my heart
with it's dazzling mirage,
Even if it resides faraway in the land of magic and sand;

would it be illicit to nurture
this seemingly impossible love,
That magically adorns my dark nights like
those twinkling stars?
Aa Harvey Nov 2020
Truly live.

Find your light in another light.
Do not continue to search blindly in the darkness,
For darkness is all you will find.
Open your eyes and see what is out there waiting for your insight.

Know what you want and find it aware,
That it may all just fade and die, if you don’t make it there.
Maybe it will survive.
At least give it the chance to live.
If it does and you feel alive,
Then you will have truly lived.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aahi Oct 2020
¡ didn't found any difference
after a new title six(teen)
It's all same..

As I found
My only
Fitted shoes
As a depressed teen..
16th birthday, still no positive blessings
Tiana Oct 2020
You are the desert prince,
You flow like poetry,
Priceless unlike jewelries,
Amaze like magic
Whereas your love seems
like a beautiful tragic;
Been reading a book
Nimisha Rana Sep 2020
You came in my life like the last ray of sunshine fading the dark clouds.....
And there was a silver lining again behind the darkness....

Every step with you lead mee to a happy path...
You made mee laugh even when my lips denied to curve upwards....
You were the breath when life seemed suffocating.....
You were like little tornado who turned my world upside down....

The Melody of your voice,
The care in your anger,
The Love in your eyes,
The warmth in your hug,
The Honesty in your words,
The Motivation in your support,
The security in your arms,
makes me fall more for you everytime........

When you call my name blush never leaves my cheeks....
When I'm with you rest of world shut downs for mee......
with you time flies......
Your every memory is engraved in my heart....
A sheet of magic spreads with you in life...
You  are my daydream which I can never get over.....

You crept in my heart and never left
I realized now that I had never known
What it means to be loved
Until I met you

The Journey is more beautiful then destination with you by my side......
Kaushakee Aug 2020
Jb do aankhe madhoos ** jati h
Mohabbat Aur badh jati h........
Jb teri saanse mere honth chu jati h Mohabbat Aur badh jati h ........
Jb Ruh se Ruh mil jati h
Mohabbat Aur badh jati h..........
Jb in Labo pr muskurahat chaa jati h Mohabbat Aur badh jati h.........
Jb Tere haatho ki Lakere mere haantho se mil jati h
Mohabbat Aur badh jati h.........
Tiana Jul 2020
Cherishing my love for you,
I won't allow my morals to get away
Cause I know you aren't far away,

Somewhere in my heart,
I won't allow you to go far;
beautiful hues
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