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Jun 21 · 612
The world we make
Is a safe place to fall from
Spiraling into one another
Our souls orbit like Saturn's moons
Drawn by an irresistible gravity

The world we make
Is a journey most never experience
An adventure full of new discoveries
And unexplained connections
Guiding us toward one another

The world we make
Is familiar and foreign
A home for healing hearts
And building dreams
From the fractured pieces

Broken and beautiful
Raw and rare
Faith and fear
Grace and gratitude
Apr 16 · 1.2k
Good morning, Starshine

You're a gift to this world
I admire your generosity for others
Sharing freely from your heart

Your character inspires me
I recognize the resolve in your values
Challenging me to grow

Your spirit calls me
I thirst to know all of your secrets
Both broken and healed

Your energy moves me
I crave your touch
Addicted to the electricity it gives

Your soul sees me
I'm intoxicated by your words
Dismantling my armor

You're a beautiful creature
I'm thankful to intersect your path
Hopeful we can walk awhile
Mar 16 · 358
Pan dulce se sienta en un plato de pastelería en mi cocina
Rara vez tocado, pero siempre admirado
Fresco y colorido y lleno de variedad.
Los panes delicados quedan sin comer
Todavía los compro como recordatorio de
Mi familia en otra tierra a un mundo de distancia
Parece más cercano cuando estoy rodeado por el sabor, los olores y las texturas de la casa de mi padre biológico.
Mi Familia
Mi casa en Mexico
English version
Pan dulce sits on a pastry plate in my kitchen
Rarely touched, but always admired
Fresh and colorful and full of variety
The delicate loaves go uneaten
I still buy them as a reminder of
My family in another land a world away
It seems closer when I'm surrounded by the taste and smells and textures of my birth father's home
Mi Familia
Mi casa en Mexico
Mar 4 · 204
I don't understand where this came from
This space between us
Interrupting connection
I can't reach you, though you are right here
I hear your words
I feel them
And then you're gone
Slipping through my hands like silt
You speak, but you're a million miles away
You don't want to be
I see you fighting it
I know you are exhausted
I know you need me
I'm hoping this is a temporary trip
That you'll return to me soon
And I'll recognize the excitement in your eyes
The feeling that enveloped my soul the day we met
And has carried my heart each day since
Come back to me, love
When you are ready
I want all of you
Feb 12 · 551
You are easy to love
You make time for me
You are generous with your affection
You communicate your feelings for me without hesitation
You openly and honestly share your thoughts with me
You are curious about me
You want to know who I am and you want to know why

I can’t express how much this makes me feel loved and adored
The way you love me makes me want to be better for you
You have reached into my soul and pulled out emotions I have never felt
You spark my imagination and challenge me to explore new adventures
I hope I never have to wake from the dream you have given me
I want all of you – your laughter, your pain, your passion, and your heart
I promise to never take for granted this easy connection – intimate, honest, and rare
Feb 11 · 310
Spin a masterpiece
A web of great deception
Beauty in disguise
Feb 11 · 277
His vision in sight
He gathers his strength to fight
Praying he will win
Feb 11 · 292
My prayer
Thank you, Father, that I have a purpose
one that runs deeper than the surface
Thank you, Lord, for cleansing me
from all of my inequities, you have set me free
My burden is gone, my eyes have been opened
to You, I surrender my utmost devotion
My body is hungry for a touch from Your hand
My spirit is thirsty for Your promised land
I sing praises to Thee with love and with care
to You, my Great Master
This is my prayer.
written September 30, 1998
Feb 11 · 287
Soulmate's March
I am lulled to sleep by my heart's beat
I awake to a rhythm in my mind
The same rhythm I have been seeking
My soul, a rare drummer
Pounding out a cadence
A call to find that familiar rhythm
One heart beating in tempo with my own
Two drummers - one song
A simple march, a soulmate's march
written March 2004
Feb 11 · 552
Matters of the heart are not easily dismissed or disguised
Thus the elaborate masks we wear.

An illusion, so others can't see
Truth is not easily cast aside or veiled

Though a mask can conceal these for a short while
Truth, like air, will in time find its way to the surface

For the heart holds truth and truth is easily sought
It is a brilliant light that can not be buried

Its intensity reaches the greatest depths of our souls
And reveals itself through the windows
The eyes are the windows to the soul. The last line of this poem refers to truth being revealed through the eyes. Written December 9, 2003
Feb 11 · 346
Don't wait around
stuck in this pit
hoping one day
your flame will be relit

It's not going to happen
so get on with your life
because love is painful
and it cuts like a knife
Written in 1997
Feb 10 · 349
My soul is full of laughter
overflowing from my cup
My heart is full of love
that is rising slowly up
This happiness inside me
didn't come from worldly things
But, it comes from all the joy
that Jesus tends to bring
Written in 1997
Feb 10 · 229
Through my fears, you're there to comfort me
Through my pain, you're there to love
Through my joy, you're there to show me
That it's you from up above
Written in 1997
Feb 10 · 374
If I told you that I love you each and every day,
it still could not convey the way you make my spirit rise.

When I speak those words so surely - so purely,
I pray you understand.

The words flow not from my lips,
but from my heart.

A flow that cannot be interrupted or abandoned;
instead, it must be released to ride its course in full.

Like a river to his sea,
rushing toward his destiny - his eternity.
Written in 1999
Feb 9 · 858
You Love Me Best
In all the things you do, you love.

Every smile you give holds love
and my eyes light up with joy.
You laugh and it stirs my soul.

With every tear you cry, drops love
and my heart breaks for you.
You hurt and I want to bandage your pain.

A touch of your hand embraces love
and my skin tingles.
You need and I want to fulfill it.

Every word you speak echoes love
and I melt at the sound of your voice.
You give life to the vowels and the consonants.  

Every breath you take exhales love
and my heart is charged anew.
In all the things you do, you love me best.
Feb 9 · 423
A Dowry of Tradition
My mother gave me a dowry
a brimming chest of treasures
a heart of rare and precious gems
she collected long ago

She filled it with her words, her thoughts
and things she knew I'd need
she piled high with hopes and dreams
priceless trinkets all for me
and topped it off with years of love
and a life of merry traditions

Then knowing that I'd need a map
by which to guide my life
she gave to me a legacy
my Bible, pure and right
and taught to me the art of prayer
a rare and genuine gift she shared

I am blessed to be a mother now
with a daughter of my own
and I can't wait to share with her
the love that I have known
Written for my mother in November 2004
Feb 9 · 343
ink and paper
it is my most comfortable expression
words flow onto paper with ease
as water from a glass that is overfilled
but, place the same words in the mouth
and their flow is interrupted
as if they are jailed by teeth
to write is to release
there is freedom in it
Feb 9 · 447
And the blue sky waits
For the cloak to darken its vibrant eye
Alas, the gentle eye emerges
with its subtle glow.
Jan 6 · 633
I find sanctuary in the wet, green moss on the shady north side of the trail
The floor that skitters with the movement of life
The sunshine that scatters through the canopy of pine needles

The forest works alive with motion
And yet there is calm in the silence of the wood
All playing their part in peaceful existence, mostly

The give and take of rotting matter feeding the cycle of new growth
Some flourish while others adapt to the discomfort
Growing where they’re planted and healing the wounds of their lot

Nature finds a way to survive the violence of drought, wind, fire, or flood
And the seeds of resilience live on in the next generation
Stronger, wiser
Dec 2020 · 263
Hello, dear one
Melony Martinez Dec 2020
Our souls are tethered
As if they have always been acquainted
Without shared experiences
Yet so familiar
We somehow shared it all
I recognize you in the intimate crevices of my heart
In places I haven't yet opened to you
You are already there
Illuminating the cracks of time and trauma
No need to speak
You hear me without words
You know me without time
You see me
You always have
The shiny armor and the bare flesh it protects
We only just met, but I already know you
I always have
I see you too
It's so nice to finally meet you, dear one
Oct 2020 · 245
Melony Martinez Oct 2020
Well versed and wise beyond the years of his birth
His soul was old, yet his body fresh
As I rise with the sun and lie when it sets, my thoughts are consumed
Both challenged and inspired by the words we share
They are brief, still ever poignant
At times, there are none - but a glance
Still ever poignant
And the breath leaves me for a moment
Written December 9, 2003

— The End —