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Average Dreamer Jun 2019
when you ask
who hurt me
what do you mean?
the long cut of lies?
the weeping stitch of falling apart?
the ache of losing everything?
the harm to love?
the bleeding hole in my heart?
that was you
some people dont see the wounds they inflict because they want to believe they arent there
David Abraham Oct 2018
Vibrant colors flood through the engravings in my skeleton,
the bright lights shining through my skin,
along every nerve as they illuminate themselves to make known their pain.
What a useless light show,
that nobody asked for,
telling everybody in vain
that it wants to be released.
0346 October 21, 2018

guess what,, binding dangerously,,, hurts
Taiwo Olufemi May 2018
Slow and steady
The pace at which my heart delineates
Glow and gliding
Yet, the result it generates
Flow and floody
The rate at which the world emancipates
Blows and ******
Yet with this, greatness and progress are always enunciate
But, is it the result that is really ******?
I think it's still the heart of men
The end will justify the means
The result will reflect the reasons
I won't mind the pace at which I think
I'll only be careful about the result it will bring
But as I analyse and appraise with my mind
I'll be mindful of the time
Time is money they say
Thought is honey I say
So far it yield a desirable and reasonable conclusion

A rolling stone gather no moss
A deep thought gives its result a gloss
Especially if with it you are engross
Pace though is an added advantage
The race should be won without a bandage
Ryan Hoysan Apr 2018
Who was your ******* rock? The one you relied on when others relied on you? I was the keystone who kept you together and kept the others together unbeknownst to them. I was the bandage sealing the wound from the bacteria of the world, from the ill thoughts and mean-spirited things of the world. I was your ******* crutch that supported you and helped you stand upright in this world. But just like a crutch, like a bandage, I was discarded once the problem was summarily handled. I hope you bleed out next time.
This is the first thing I've written in months. Nothing like anger to make someone impassioned, heh? Either way, I just had to get something out or this was going to eat me up.
hannah Mar 2018
You are no longer the same
Your smile has be beaten so bad that I can no longer recognise it
Your eyes scream that your in pain while you fake a smile
You keep your mouth shut and your thoughts to yourself
You used to be outgoing and happy
You used to be very opinionated
You used to have a smile that could light up the whole town
What happened
What happened to your laugh can you no longer use it
What happened to your smile can you not repair it
What happened to your confidence can you not find it
That's ok I will help you repair what is broken, find what is lost, use what is discarded, I will bandage up what has been beaten. I will help...
I once
assembled a
joint with
tourniquet in
a flash
that caper
with anesthetic
there still
struck awhile
in fiasco
when dovetail
would matter
with adhesive
that shined
this local
area with
avocado mince
a cookie
"My boy" you told me
"Some will come close to understanding"
But none truly ever will
The pain is a burden
Hurled into being
By a history in which we have no sway
Of elders and ancestors,
common trace
Buried deep in our blood
And The wounds
In an indifferent bandage
You WILL understand in time
That you must be your own shaman
Whisper to your soul the song
That soothes,
The healing touch,
The sorrow that aches,
And make harmony with what you know to be true
And for those that dont understand...
Be patient,
Their wounds not as deep
Their affliction still undetected,
Show them in the light of your broken halo
That good exists within the hollow home of unsettling night,
Only than will you truly understand,
"My boy" you said
None understand, but i do
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