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Nyx Jun 28
Maybe it is
Different for everyone,
It's ambiguous.
It's not something
You can describe with words properly.
If you can feel it
In your own heart, then
That must be love.

Johnny walker May 23
I grow up in time when there were less pressures In life than there is now kids allowed to
I didn't have to put all the pressure from school  as they do now for I  had childhood but now they
seem have any all pushed Into schooling
stress of exams at to early
age no time for play
of a childhood of just being young I believe society that pushes them far to young they don't have time to develope naturally  
of there own If given a chance  to stay here or return to you 7my past I'd be more than happy to return to 50s and
everything's tarting to becoming exciting and new I loved
the cars the fashions mini skirts and the ladies with the hour class
that were a pleasure to see  yes If my time I'd go back to the 50s 60s days with less pressures than

Your words are
killing me,

s  l  o  w  l  y


Making me meet my grave
much too early.

Johnny walker Nov 2018
Never been be as close to Heaven than I was when looked Into her eye's, saw Heaven In those beautiful blue eye's
I'd touched Heaven, the first time I held her, It was
Heaven with her laid In my arm
I felt Heaven brush my lips
with her very first kiss, For It was surely Heaven I felt
while kissing her
And with Helen laid with body wrapped around mine, this was as close as l could get to Heaven without actually being
It was to Heaven I'd surely been while loving Helen
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Last night I dreamed of Helen
and the things we used to do
she had come to me In a
dream whilst I slept But she
stood as Angel by the foot of
my bed smiling sweetly at first
Then she spoke so soft and
with a voice so sweet, and said
she was sorry for having left
me alone In the world like she
did, but had returned to Earth
to take me back with her to place
that we all know as
Then she spread  beautiful white
wings took me In her arms flying
high way above the white fluffy
clouds, to a beautiful place far out
beyond space having no fear of
flying not In the arms of my lover
It's then I awoke from my dream
remembering thinking to myself
was this to Heaven I've been, then
it's that of Heaven I've surely
This that of a dream of Helen she was a Angel returned back to Earth to collect me to take back to a place we all as Heaven all sadly but a dream
ryn Jun 2018
As sure as the night
into day will turn,

the soul would clutch
at the scars we still earn...

And the skin would miss
just as the heart would burn.
aisha May 2018
I needed
to learn
how to let
things go

so I started
with him

he's the

because after
he left,
there is
nothing more
for me
to hold on to
my mind and my body didn't understand but my heart knew what had to be done
Äŧül Jan 2017
I could just not see,
Though in front of me.

I am surely very devastated,
Through my lover, I got cheated.

I don't want to be with anyone now,
Throw who will my love surely very low.
My HP Poem #1373
©Atul Kaushal
Rockie Jul 2015
Surely you would notice
If your heart was crushed,
Piece by piece.
So why can't you see
Mine had been missing
For a long while?
Äŧül Apr 2015
Till Few Months Of Reaching Back,
I Kept Seeing Her Images All Over,
It Drove Me Crazy, Her Presence...

Taking Time Out To Search Her Out,
I Went For The Mountainous Path,
It May Cease I Hope These Dreams.

The Horse Made Me Look A Knight,
I Set Out Solo For The Dark Creeks,
It Helped Me Realize My Solo Aim...

Then She Came Into My View Again,
I Was Prepared For Tackling My Illusion,
It Started Snowing Out Of Nowhere.

Took Me To A Safer Place She Then,
I Was Bewildered Again Once More,
It Was Clearing But She Vanished...

Then On My Way I Stopped To Rest,
I Looked Around For A Place To Sit,
It Came To My View A Huge Tavern.

Tavern On A Mountain Was Weird,
I Still Went To It Hoping Some Rest,
It Had Appeared Out Of Nowhere...
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My HP Poem #839
©Atul Kaushal
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