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If I told you that I love you each and every day,
it still could not convey the way you make my spirit rise.

When I speak those words so surely - so purely,
I pray you understand.

The words flow not from my lips,
but from my heart.

A flow that cannot be interrupted or abandoned;
instead, it must be released to ride its course in full.

Like a river to his sea,
rushing toward his destiny - his eternity.
Written in 1999
FunSlower Jan 2020
A million imaginary conversations swirling through my head.
Nothing ever plays out right, when all is done and said.

The words I never get to speak, like the name I’ll never know, are unheard, unspoken, yet unforgotten; consuming my everything, ever so slow.
What’s really going on below? And why does it still hurt me so?
Are you still there too? Will you still care to
Help me grow when I just can’t glow?

Please Don’t Go!
You always inspire me, even when you don’t want to.
Nyx Jun 2019
Maybe it is
Different for everyone,
It's ambiguous.
It's not something
You can describe with words properly.
If you can feel it
In your own heart, then
That must be love.

Masha Yurkevich May 2019

Your words are
killing me,

s  l  o  w  l  y


Making me meet my grave
much too early.

ryn Jun 2018
As sure as the night
into day will turn,

the soul would clutch
at the scars we still earn...

And the skin would miss
just as the heart would burn.
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