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Purely by chance, It was that we did meet though I had known her many years ago destiny had decided It was too early to
so both went off our separate ways me to life as a loner
for I was to shy to ever take her out so Helen moved
And got married to a guy In the Air Force but he knew not how to treat her Helen had two children but he divorced her after making
But despite all this Helen still won custody of her children
He did all of this to make her poorly so he could have Is
He got Helen sectioned under Mental Health act every time she came home to see her children and her
He would have an ambulance outside ready to take her straight back but I took responsibility to care for Helen
I signed her release papers with the promise of taking care off her and that's exactly what I did until the day she sadly died but had the of life of life with
Helen and I met purely by chance having known her when we were kids but had drifted apart gone our separate ways
Agnes Angelina Feb 2016
I am not much...
But i can love you more than anyone can do.

I promise you that.

— The End —