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Sep 2019 · 792
Nichole Sep 2019
hindi ko na lalagyan ng title to
para san pa
wala na din naman tayong titulo

Naranasan mo ba ?
Yung biglang may lalabas
Pangalan mula sa nakalipas
Nakakagulat diba

Kasi ang alam mo tapos na
Naka move on ka na
pero heto nanaman ba ?
Babalik ka kasi di ka na masaya sa kanya

Minsan ako'y napapaisip kung ako'y minahal mo,
At lalong kung ang nararamdaman mo ay totoo.
Higit pa nga ito sa iniisip ko.
pero pinutol ko kasi ano na ba tayo?

Alam ko sa sarili kong pampalipas lang ako ng oras mo
Na diyan ako magaling ang maging past time sa tulad mo
Tinanong ko nga sarili ko?
Sino ba talaga ko sayo?

Oo heto tayo naging masaya sa sandaling panahon
pero ako ay unti unti ng bumabangon
subalit nung nagparadam ka na naman
pinaalala mo na naman na dapat wag kitang makalimutan

Sorry na
Eto kasing tulad ko
Naging loyal sa isa
kahit wala na ikaw pa din ang sinisinta

Wag ka magalala
Darating yung panahon na
Masaya na ko sa iba
At kaya ko ng tignan ka sa mata
at ipamukha kung gaano na ako kasaya sa kanya

Siya na nagpapangiti
ng mga panahong sawing sawi
Bumangon ako
Kasama siya na bumuo sa pagkatao ko

Magiging masaya ako kahit wala ka
dahil eto siya
siya na akin talaga
Sep 2018 · 261
Nichole Sep 2018
So caring
and loving
He's not sleeping
When you both are fighting

to all your stubbornness
he can handle it
surprisingly he treat you like a princess
when your are just a useless trash who just sleep and eat

get furious about you in bad situation
but can't help his self but to forgive you.
Kisses in the forehead
and you both wakes up cuddling in bed

Have the same thoughts
thinks about the problems you fought
the sacrifices you make
but the bond never break
bf duties?
Sep 2018 · 232
Nichole Sep 2018
I kept staring at the ceiling
Keep on thinking what is this feeling
So heavy and it pulls me down
but can't show them my frown.

At  night I cried
but in daylight you see me smile
but inside i already died
that all of my actions was just a lie.

I kept on asking
if i give up what would it be?
i kept thinking
should i live or die and flee.

A light shines
but a little bit fading
the fire was out of lightning
fall out of darkness scared and so frightening.

Grab his hand
in his arms you will land
Is he your savior?
or another person who will slap you your failure?
hi guys? it's been a long time im trying to make a story poem but  looks like i cant
Jul 2018 · 511
Sorry i mean it
Nichole Jul 2018
Remember i was about to meet you
But all of a sudden the word "see you" turned to a bad clue.
When all my excitement
Turn into an sadness and abandonment

Every time you say we'll meet
I dont expect to see you and greet
In the back of my mind
I'll say im happy and turn my eyes blind

I always say next
But i want a contradicted text
The word that "no matter what we'll meet"
So that i feel complete

But were not almost a week
A saddened seek
For the love of his life
   Please do think of your wife

I meant to say "next"
But please do feel about i want you now
I want feel the kiss and hug effects
But now all i can say is "ciao"
It's been a long long long time
Mar 2018 · 285
Nichole Mar 2018
Im staring at his eyes
A beautiful green and deep blue
Whose looking at me giving a clue
A tear of goodbyes

While his hands are waving at me
Till his car dissapear in my eyes
And the following water stream
The heavy rain falls not minding the cold as ice

Keep holding on his promise
That sealed with a kiss
Im holding on with the keys
Living with you together and at peace
Sorry lame one again

NOTE: btw the guy in poem has heterochromia iridium (?)
Mar 2018 · 222
Nichole Mar 2018
There was a voice
Whose giving me a one choice
to **** my lover
And be with him forever
Lame one
Mar 2018 · 211
Nichole Mar 2018
I found this man
Loving a friend of mine
Yet he was rejected by the love of his life
He cant accept this strife

And a woman accompanying him
In the middle of his pain
He sways with him with a beautiful hymn
And then he had this energy to love again
Long time very long time
Jan 2018 · 269
Nichole Jan 2018
Endearments to call your lady
Your lady ? Your not the one honey
You thought she's smiling because she's happy
She's having a scar that cant be seen outside
Being with you is a hazard
She lost her mind
When all the pain needs to hide
So no one can see
That my life is now messy
It's been a very long time
Sep 2017 · 300
Pied Piper
Nichole Sep 2017
Seven whistle
and he came to bristle
A rat catcher
a colorful stature
a pest to the town
in just a blow they drown
when he's about to pay
no money in his hands to lay
all of his air
but the mayor is not fair
He came with a green suit
to get all their precious fruit
a felicity sound
that takes them nowhere to be found
Kids gambol around
didn't notice they were eaten by the ground
lame ayt ?
Sep 2017 · 603
"Tatlong hakbang"
Nichole Sep 2017
Unti unti kahit pinilit
Puso Kong dito na lang ba sasabit
Eto ka nakangiti at masaya
Pero ako sobrang pigil na
Hawak ko Rosas para saiyo
Inipon ko Simula agosto
Mahirap lang kasi ako
At gusto ko masabi na tong nararamdaman ko
Tumingin ka sakin mula paa hanggang ulo
Nanginginig nanaman ako
Pilit kong inabot Rosas na hawak ko
Habang nakayuko ang ulo
"Para San to?" Tanong mo
"Mahal Kita" sa wakas naamin ko
Tatlong hakbang palayo
"May boyfriend na ko"
4 na salitang nagpaguho sa mundo
Nabitawan ang rosas na hawak ko
At unti unting tumulo luhang pinigilan ko
sad ?
Sep 2017 · 151
" b e t r a y a l "
Nichole Sep 2017
"Why?" I ask to myself
When I saw you kissing beside the shelf
I wanted to cry
But all I can do I a deep sigh
How can you do this to me?
But I cover my eyes so you won't see
All my pains
And hatred that I gain
I found my self in my room
Cryin like no tomorrow
Grips tight in my heart like a foam
A more cuts to follow
A didn't expect his betrayal
And I want to **** him like a fly
I'll surely move on
So I can be a ***** to shown
Sep 2017 · 318
" p o i s o n "
Nichole Sep 2017
Let me invade the depth of your body
And be ****** with a precious lady
I'll slap you with my words
And kneeled to me like a lord
You'll bow in me till your toe
Even though I'm your foe
And my sarcasm will be your poison
I won't let any caution
For you to mind where is your position
I'll show you my phantasm
To **** you with my sarcasm
I'm your virtual poison
And I will let you drink my potion
I won't give any option
Cause that was really my intention
Sep 2017 · 512
Nichole Sep 2017
A company girl
A beauty like pearl
Anastasia is the name
She doesn't want any fame
But she got it
In just one click
A money for the family
Even though she'll be called 'filthy'
Mr.grey a famous name
A daddy for all dame
No words to say
When he started his play
He caught her attention
That increases their affection
Does will lead to love?
Or pure list will shove...
it's all about Anastasia steele
Sep 2017 · 503
Nichole Sep 2017
A lovely piece
with a thorn in every kiss
A crimson red
And a beautiful design in the bed

a burgundy color
with a pleasant odor
Snow rose a poisonous rose
is your friend that is close

A smile that is dulcet
but in  behind was so upset
Killing you desultory
And a shock on epiphany

Her love to him
was torn in between
A dalliance with a friend
She didn't know how will it ends

A naïve young woman
Wishes a talisman
in her world whose full of lies
unil the day she dies
it's been awhile ?
Sep 2017 · 798
Nichole Sep 2017
My romeo
You've been all I got
All ferocity I had
Phantasm all over my head
All I hear is your moan in my bed
A pure lust to be said
And a first blood to be shed
is it okay to be you modern mia khalifa?
and makeout in the sofa
Till the endless night
and ends in a cuddles so tight
mellifluous sound  from his mouth
when all I can do is to shout
a night to remember
till I spend my life with him forever
Sep 2017 · 318
Nichole Sep 2017
It was as heaven beside her
A great leisure
She was ineffable to express
so I call myself so much bless
To have her in my life
To be my precious wife
To take care of my children
and feel ineffable feelin
id rather take a thousand risk
to held her wrist
and insert this beautiful ring
and hear the love birds sing
She'll walk in the isle
with a beautiful smile
Aug 2017 · 1.4k
Nichole Aug 2017
Naranasan mo ba ?
Yung biglang may lalabas
Pangalan mula sa nakalipas
Nakakagulat diba

Kasi ang alam mo tapos na
Naka move on ka na eh
pero heto nanaman ba ?
Bumalik ka kasi

Nahulog ulit
Ang saya diba

Na alam mo sa sarili **** pampalipas ka lang
Na diyan ka magaling ang maging past time
Tinanong ko nga sarili ko?
Sino ba talaga ko sayo?

Oo heto tayo
Naglalandian na parang tayo
Pero ang pagkakaalam ko wala akong titulo sa salitang
"Sayo lang ako"

Sorry na
Eto kasing gaga
Naging loyal sa isa
kahit wala na

Wag ka magalala
Darating yung panahon na
Masaya na ko sa iba
At kaya ko ng wala ka

Yung mga araw na sasabihin ko "ang saya pala"
makahanap ng iba
siya na nagpapasaya
kahit nasasaktan ka

Siya na nagpapangiti
ng mga panahong sawing sawi
Bumangon ako
Kasama siya na bumuo sa pagkatao ko

Magiging masaya ako kahit wala ka
dahil eto siya
siya na akin talaga
Aug 2017 · 97
Nichole Aug 2017
Guns and bloods
Was there too fight the those bads
A hero for itself
To save those people in help

A lost of a father
Doesn't know how to stand together
A lost of a husband
The memories in the beach a grain like sand
Aug 2017 · 350
Nichole Aug 2017
Like a chatoyants
So pretty to look at
A colmely and dulcet
A individual you doesn't want to upset
Gives you a felicity
A glamourous beauty
Halcyon person
Is like a lagniappe
To give
Aug 2017 · 410
Broken People
Nichole Aug 2017
Two old friends
Meet again
Crying in the rain
They are both broken
Scattered pieces of their hearts
Hoping they heal it from apart
So much pain
Doesn't have enough energy gain
Adamantine to forget
They are not in the right mind set
They both saw the struggles
And decide to heal it by piece
And a promise that seals
It will take forever
But they will fight together
Aug 2017 · 344
Nichole Aug 2017
A lovely Creature
They are like our miniature
The day that they are born
Its like a new color in our room
They are our treasure ones
So their husbands and wives will treasure them
When that day comes
And the day when they become dads and moms.
This carbon copy of mine
Was my prince and hime
They are my bell when I come home
Gladly waiting till I got home
A noise in my house
A kids that like a mice
A dirt of popcorns and ketchup on my floor
And a loud knock at my door
Their hands was soft as mine
As i cry when i saw them on the baby's line
They are sleeping soundly
As they hold unto me so clingy
Aug 2017 · 648
Battered Wife
Nichole Aug 2017
I remember how you make me such a disgrace
Those time that you slap me in the face
My heart beat was like a race
When I saw you holding a thick lace
I'm cryin out loud
When the lace touch my body hard
You left me full of wounds
As I cry loud and hits me a broom
What did I do ?
When all I did was to love you
You didn't hear me explain
You just make me feel this pain
Aug 2017 · 239
Number Death
Nichole Aug 2017
1 2
Did you hear the voice coming for you
3 4
A loud knock from the door
5 6
hands in my feet
7 8
Its getting late
Its playtime
No one will know what is my crime
Aug 2017 · 140
Nichole Aug 2017
I remember
How we share memories together
All the laughs and cries
I will smile and sigh
When will you comeback?
I will wait till your name comes back
A past family that stands together
And face our problems forever
We disappeared like bubble
And a family that is subtle
Jul 2017 · 1.4k
Nichole Jul 2017

I was a masterpiece
Created by almighty
One of the unknown individual
Sharing her thoughts

Dreaming to be the great
Giving all her best to her works
Many things that have been wasted
Thoughts have been messed

Still create a simple masterpiece
A poetry of her own
A works that can be known
A simple paragraph that it has showed

As the young poetess
Craves for more
Ink on her pen
Sheet of paper

To express her thoughts
To give a simple message
To be a good example
Jul 2017 · 231
Nichole Jul 2017
Hush little baby
I'm here to sing a lullaby
That will invade your pretty sky
Did you know that all of it was a lie
There's no pretty mice
Even though mickey mouse was nice
Your childhood was a lie
All you did was too cry
Then now your friend can't say "Hi"
Now your holding a knife
because its time to end your life
Jul 2017 · 371
My lilin
Nichole Jul 2017
I encounter him
When I'm sleeping
I thought it was a dream
That I'm just lusting
Its incubus
He's dangerous
****** ******* with him
to feed his sin
Jul 2017 · 1.4k
Nichole Jul 2017
Supporters over haters
Aiming for more likers
Hope to be known
When a real work was not shown
Shown whenyou share it for fame
To be called by a famous name
Cant you feel a lil shame
When someone shows their works not for fame
Show it with notebook and pen
Don't plagiarize just for fame

— The End —