Tata Paeng Mar 10
Sino ka nga ba't sa bawat panaginip
Ikaw ang laging nakikita.
Mistulang tinatanong sa akin sarili
kung bakit naroon ka.

Pinagmamasdan sa iyong kagandahan,
na ngayon tila'y nakakalimutan ko na.
Kalakip ang istoryang ubod ng saya,
Hindi magkubli ang pag-ngiti ng aking mata.

Subalit sino ka nga ba?
Alam mo bang hanggang ngayon hinahanap pa rin kita?
Sino ka nga ba't halos may ilang buwan kitang hinahanap?
Laging i-tinatanong sa aking sarili kung "Bakit nga ba?"

Sino ka nga ba't sana'y makita na kita?
Kahit bilang isang estrangherong,
estrangherong hindi mo kilala.
Sino ka nga ba't bakit ako'y nanabik sa iyo pag-dating?

Ngunit kung ikaw'y mananatili ka laman sa aking panaginip,
Itatanong sa sariling "sino ka nga ba't sa akin panaginip hindi ka ma-alis?".
Sinabi ko noon kakayanin kong mawala ka.
Nagkamali ako.
Alex Mar 5
Loving you will kill me,
but It's a price I will pay.
To watch and see
how it unravels, and what we say.
Maybe we'll adopt some kids and be happy,
Or i'll move on and get married some day.
Perhaps, without you my love, I'll never know joy.
All I know for certain is loving you will kill me someday.
Alex Feb 14
These three useless words
bang against my teeth,
guarded by my lips they want to be released;

I once swallowed my thoughts to keep them inside,
But it seems my naïve heart has kept them alive.

I'm scared they might escape with every passing smile. I need you and want you to be mine.
I love you...
Alex Feb 9
its been 5 almost 6 months
since I left you,
4 months
since we started talking again.
3 months
since I tried to move on
2 months
since I found out you moved on but that it didn't last
1 month
since I've been dying to tell you that I still painfully love you.
"Time will heal" but it never does.
Alex Jan 31
The bridge we created was destroyed by a tsunami of your lies.
Yet I still, -even after the warnings and the storm,  after the damage was done- fight to rebuild.
Alex Jan 22
A single tear slides down your cheek.
Every morning at 3am the girl decides it's time to rid herself of her pain.
Your stomach is tightening. She would take a shower or rather sit down in the water and cry for an hour. Your throat is closing
Cry for the heartbreak, the hope and chances she gives because in the end no matter how many times she avoids the word she's always going to be just a FRIEND. Your light headed and shivering,
the water is cold. Your numb not just from the water, oh dear; your emotions went down the drain with your tears. You turn the water off. Sit in your towel before climbing into bed and falling asleep with nothing inside your usually chaotic head.
Alex Jan 17
I am selfish or I am blind,
Somehow I left your emotions behind.
I never thought you were able to be sad,
You were always oh so happy and I, was always glad.
You were there when I turned around,
You always picked me up off the ground.
So please tell me, why is it that I never guessed
That you my darling love might have been depressed?
I am beating myself up I should have known,
You have emotions too but I was caught up in my own.
I found out that the love of my life gets extremely sad and I didn't even think once! If he ever got sad and to find out (of course we all get sad) that he gets really really really sad and I just never thought to ask him and it makes me sad to think of him being sad so I wrote this.
Alex Jan 8
Tonight was the night you said
The words I've repeated in my head
Tonight my heart dropped
Exploded like a balloon popped
No fixing this injury
Why the hell didn't you listen to me!
I told you to stop, that the words really hurt
You said everything forgetting that I still love you to the moon back to earth.
I couldn't keep it in, at 2:13
Blood rolled down my arm,
Looking like a damn murder scene
Alex Jan 1
We should be together, we shouldn't be acting like this. I blame it on the New Year's Eve kiss.
We were supposed to hang out today, but you went away when I mentioned the New Year's Eve kiss.
We are not dating, this I know, but we aren't just friends either, don't you know? Your making a huge huff about this its just a New Year's Eve kiss.
You're at your house and I'm at mine trying to keep myself from crying. I want this New Year's Eve kiss.
Drinking alone is often better then not. But tonight it is not better.
Alex Dec 2017
His hands on my hips as he says he can pick me up and I look at him in disbelief but my eyes are daring him to try.
His arms wrapped around me in a playful choke hold as I, a giggling mess, try to get away.
His lips soft but fierce, are smiling  against my neck as I squeal and roll away from him and manage not to fall off the bed.
His voice as he speaks and laughs and sometimes giggles is what makes me smile on the inside.
His heart is trying to trust me but is unsure. His actions are very clear but he is guarded. If I didn't know him I'd think he was playing me but he is trying.

Therefore, I am not giving up.
If I am understanding everything we are doing wrong then there is no coming back from this. I was broken waiting for him. I was shattered when he had a girlfriend now he doesn't and somehow my stubborn and naive heart pulled the pieces back together but one more drop and it will be dust.
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