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Jo Organiza Jun 21
Siya ang nagahatag ug kahayag
aron ako 'di mag-inusara ug masaag.
sa mga malangitngiton kong mga dalan
andam niyang saw-on ang tanan
gikan sa'kong pagkabut-an paubos sa'kong pagkakiatan.

Sa masubo niyang kahimtang
nga magtrabaho ug taman
para lang mahapsay ang tulog namong tanan.

Ug mahitungod kini tanan sa pinalangga kong amahan.
Balak para sa mga amahan
Ayaw ko pangutan-a unsay connect sa title. HAHAHAHAHA

Happy Father's Day!

Balak - A Bisaya Poem.
Intzaar karte karte thak gaya
Use vakt laga aaneme
Ha mai vahi ruk gaya
Use vakt laga aane me
log last call pe recall karte rahe
Use vakt lag Gaya call uthane me
Subah saikado call dekh Kar msg aaya Kya baat hai,
Kisine jabab diya,
Vakt rahe to aa Jana janaje me
Ro ro ke thak gayee,
Mujhe sakhane me
Kya Fark padata, log busy the jalane me
Intzaar karte karte thak gaya
Use vakt laga aane me
Apna wahi h jo humari khamoshi padh sake,
Verna andaje tho begane bhe lga lete hai...
Aajtak kisi ke saamne nhi fatti ik ko chor ke aye khuda kya hua h mujhe (madad-E-khuda)

Once Upon A Deadpool
Sometimes I write
A poem that leaves
Feeling naked

So bare that I
Can't help check
Any comment?

I can't keep doing this though!
It's not healthy
It's just

So I turn
Off my


Now it is

At least
I think about doing
That but..

I am powerless


Peace I can find
But first
One small
Comment to say

"I read your thing"

They read my

And for one

I am not alone in
This hell

Whoever it may be
Read my


For a moment
A magical moment
A holy instant

You were holding my hand
You were right here
Next to me

I felt you

With me



To me

Thank you
Rochelle Foles Apr 2019
longing 4 my mother
her embrace so warm, gentle
her lap comforting
will i ever again have this
sweet unconditional love...

tanka 1
napowrimo day 5
© rochelle foles 2019
napowrimo day 5: “tanka 1”
tanka is an ancient japanese poetic form, popular long before haiku, that mimics the first three lines of tanka.
it’s structure is syllabic: 5,7,5,7,7, and doesn’t rhyme.  traditionally it was written as one unbroken line, however americans prefer to write in 5 lines.
the first three lines traditionally pose a question or conflict that the last two lines answer.  in this poem i’ve inverted that structure.
there, now you know more about tanka then you ever conceived you might!
Alex May 2018
You ask me if I want you out of my life, if you should go
My only response is a stifled sob
At this moment all I can do is cry.
My head is at it again telling me what to do which is not much really.
I am a prisoner inside of this body and when I am like this I hand all controls over like an obidiant child.
I learnt long ago not to fight or argue because that only hurts people
and by people I mean my thoughts and when I say thoughts I mean me.  When I am like this I sit and I wait there’s nothing I can do nothing anyone can do except wait.
If I talk to you when I’m like this  if I express my thoughts nothing will go right and I will just get hurt
Alex May 2018
Even in the shards of a
b r oke n
you are still beautiful to me
Late night thoughts
Alex Mar 2018
When I'm alone I shake, I push people away and I hide from the world because I'm afraid I'm going to brake.

When I'm alone I think. I think so much that when I try to remember what I was originally thinking about I can't.

When I'm alone I don't let anyone talk to me. Then I hate myself for being such a burden to them. Why am I like this? Talk to me.

When I'm alone I can't take a shower. Because that involves moving. Doing something I don't want to do.

When I'm alone for too long I shut down. I turn off my iPod so you can't talk to me. I turn off my tv. I turn off my lights as if that will turn off my brain and I lay there. Not moving. Not thinking. No emotion just.... Laying in the pitch black, a corpse that breathes.

When I'm alone it's like going through withdrawal. Doctor says therapy but I say I like being happy. It's worth the pain.

When I'm with you I forget about this. I'm happy, I'm laughing and talking. I am addicted to you. You are my drug.
Alex Mar 2018
Loving you will **** me,
but It's a price I will pay.
To watch and see
how it unravels, and what we say.
Maybe we'll adopt some kids and be happy,
Or i'll move on and get married some day.
Perhaps, without you my love, I'll never know joy.
All I know for certain is loving you will **** me someday.
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