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Karl Gerald Saul Aug 2011
Nasasabi mo pa ba na "Kamusta ka?"

Sa dami ng mga kung anong bagay na iyong ginagawa?

Nasasabi mo rin ba na "Kailangan kita"

O hindi na dahil sa makasarili ka?

Nasasabi mo pa ba na "Masaya akong kasama ka"

Sa kabila ng mga problema **** karamay kita?

Nasasabi mo rin ba na "Ingat ka ha"

Sa araw araw ng pamumuhay mo, ako kaya'y naaalala pa?

Mahirap intindihin at masakit isipin

At sadyang nakakabobong unawain

Na ang taong minahal mo

Ay siya pang mananakit sayo
Mita May 26
it’s funny you see
we didn’t ask to be born here
to this place or this family
but here we are
with our nation pride
and cultures that shape us
with friends bonded as time shared
and burden of our legacy

we are all learning and growing
to become our best selves
fighting against climate change,
and every environmental challenges
we are here to tackle these problems
into shaping a better future
for our future generation
and for ourselves

this is why we shouldn’t question where
we came from, which economic group...
we are all the same, living in the present
we are the ones who will continue to shape this world and this very nation

so please, care a little too much.

- p.a -
something slipped my mind today...
Mita Apr 3
i have an unpopular opinion
the title there is now, call it:
musician, programmer, writer, designer, editor...
this is me. this is all me.
i'm no master at one, i'm no jack of all trades,
i'm master of some.

you see,
this thing doesn't make you who you are
you can't be defined by your careers
or even your hobbies.
they're supposed to complete you
and make you whole.
not some competition who gets what the best
don't sweat it, you have your own path

you like making music? good. you're a musician
you like programming? yikes. you're a programmer
you like writing? nice. you're a writer
you like designing? brilliant. you're a designer
you like singing? awesome. you're a singer

only you can define who you are
you're not what others tell you
you're one-in-a-million
you're human
you're you.

- p.a -
unpopular opinion
Mita Jun 2018
this is not a poem.
a poem should be aesthetic and rhythmic,
and beautifully arranged in some ways,
unlike this terrible unstructured writing.

this is not a poem.
but i just wanted a platform to write,
to express my feelings in words,
so here i am, on HelloPoetry.

this is not a poem.
specifically not that heart-wrenching
love story you would expect,
just a casual self-loathing one.

this is not a poem.
this is some ****** writing.
this is a person puzzled in their own maze.
this is me, aren't you too?
this is not a poem.
Mita Mar 2018
today i woke up feeling superly enraged
again, numerous of problems that i have to face
faking smiles, making strong words, so people would trust

today i woke up wishing i wasn't here, in this house
i don't know maybe somewhere else, not with this family
yelled at, cursed upon, always told me i'm lazy as ****

little do they know what i wonder at night
when i'm alone in bed, staring at the ceiling
or even during the day, basically anywhere,
"am i lazy? nah, i get things done, how am i lazy?"

little do they know how thoughts swarm my head
right after what they do and or what they say,
"i need to calm myself, what should i do?"
and then grabbing a laptop or a paper to write

you know, if i was lazy i wouldn't be grabbing anything cause i would just cry or yell at people but then again i'm not as calm as what personality tests describe me: "just like water"
yeah, you mean, "easily wrecked and one touch finishes all"

today i woke up feeling superly energized
energized to work, to do things, positively,
and then it instantly drains me, like sugar rush,
last but not least, energized to ****, who? myself

- p.a -
// 4.28 pm
Mita Nov 2017
it was a sunny day when i first met you
you were glowing and shining
just like the sunflower and rainbows
and butterflies and all the good things

but then it turned cloudy
when i caught you laughing with her
in the cafe next to the campus
i start to think about myself
and how i treat you and how
i'm doing wrong to you

suddenly it was raining
you decided to hurt me but
with no explanation at all just like that
you broke my heart and just like the other day
i found myself feeling guilty
thinking what i did wrong

one night it was a thunderstorm
i decided to open up and told you i was hurting
but you said she was just a friend
and i guess i accepted that
because strangers turn to friends
and friends turn to a more complex relationship
sometimes and then turn again to strangers
but with memories

weeks passed by and it was sunny
with rainbows again and sunshine
and clear skies just like the old times
but this time was different
i decided that i didn't want to be hurting
any more and then you set us free
i let go and you let go too
nicely, kindly, peacefully
and i learn that this rainbow is somewhat nicer
than before because i realize
rainbows come after a storm, after a rain

i know that when you're gone
all it does is rain
but there's no need to worry at all
because rainbows come after that
so enjoy the rain and the
thunderous nights because you know
rainbows come after that

- p.a -
it was sunny, cloudy, raining, thunderstorm, but then it turned sunny again... with rainbows.
Nichole Aug 2017
Naranasan mo ba ?
Yung biglang may lalabas
Pangalan mula sa nakalipas
Nakakagulat diba

Kasi ang alam mo tapos na
Naka move on ka na eh
pero heto nanaman ba ?
Bumalik ka kasi

Nahulog ulit
Ang saya diba

Na alam mo sa sarili **** pampalipas ka lang
Na diyan ka magaling ang maging past time
Tinanong ko nga sarili ko?
Sino ba talaga ko sayo?

Oo heto tayo
Naglalandian na parang tayo
Pero ang pagkakaalam ko wala akong titulo sa salitang
"Sayo lang ako"

Sorry na
Eto kasing gaga
Naging loyal sa isa
kahit wala na

Wag ka magalala
Darating yung panahon na
Masaya na ko sa iba
At kaya ko ng wala ka

Yung mga araw na sasabihin ko "ang saya pala"
makahanap ng iba
siya na nagpapasaya
kahit nasasaktan ka

Siya na nagpapangiti
ng mga panahong sawing sawi
Bumangon ako
Kasama siya na bumuo sa pagkatao ko

Magiging masaya ako kahit wala ka
dahil eto siya
siya na akin talaga
Mita May 2017
don't fall in love with me
unless you are ready to face
my unpredictable murmurs
of nonsense things about
politics, religion, death,
***, or even about life.

don't fall in love with me
unless you don't mind
coping with my mental
instability and deadly
mood swings.

don't fall in love with me;
i will take you to museums,
and beautiful places, so
you could taste me every time
you visit those places again.

don't fall in love with me;
i break hearts of people
i love and let down
tons of people who have
their hopes on me.

don't fall in love with me
unless you don't mind
listening non-stop to my
voice when singing to
every song on the radio
on every car rides.

don't fall in love with me
if you want sweet talks
and cheesy chats during
relationships, because i
would most likely cringe.

don't fall in love with me
unless you don't mind me
laughing even from the
slightest jokes or crying
even from the silliest things.

don't fall in love with me;
i like to write, and sing,
sometimes draw, and i
would most probably make
masterpieces out of you;
the worst or the best.

don't fall in love with me;
i'm a mountain, a hurricane,
a living disaster, i'm full of chaos,
i'm made up of gigantic question marks.
so, don't fall in love with me.

don't fall in love with me
written by p.a on 16th of may 2017
Mita Mar 2017
sometimes —
home isn't four walls;
it has eyes and heartbeats,
and pairs of arms to
welcome you gently.

sometimes —
home isn't just roof
over our heads;
it's the place where
we feel loved and
where we belong.

sometimes —
home isn't a place,
it's a feeling;
and we are

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