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Emmanuel Davies Jun 2020
I've come to learn that in life
No one is worthy of your stress
Despite the class
You shouldn't stress to impress
No matter how you try
They still wanna get you depressed

You laugh, you cry
You go out of your way
Thinking you could make em happy
But they still end up ruining your day
Hitting you blows of unhappiness
Fast, hard and steady
Till you're down and can't stand
Even for your own ordinance
It's an episode of life
Shane Roller Mar 2019
Dostoevsky dreams
And Pushkin lines
And rhymes...
Like Bolshevik bullets
Tear into me
Hot sleep!

Dead Tsars and Anastasia
Mean nothing to me
But I miss them

Aristocratic nonsense
But tiaras are pretty
With diamonds shining
In a Russian night

As kulaks die
The diamonds glitter
A worthy reminder
Of a beautiful time

When debutantes danced
And the little Tsarina

Could dream in peace
Sharifah Atirah Apr 2018
The sun is working her magic,
​to overturn a tragedy,
​to overturn the sadness of the moon.

Seasons have passed,
​the birds are singing spring,
​the lakes are waving summer,
​the leaves are weaving autumn,
​and the trees are humming winter.

Then there she is,
​trapped in her own music box,
​being lost all she is,
​dreaming of the outside world,
​when she is her own key.

Why cannot she see,
​that the moon and the stars,
​are rooting for her,
​For all she was,
​for all she is,
​and for all she will ever be.

Seasons have passed,
​The melodies of her memories are safely kept by spring,
​The swings of her thoughts are kept by summer,
​The thread of her past by autumn,
​And the rhythms of her footsteps by winter.

Then there she is,
​trapped in her own notes,
​dreaming of being found,
​by the outside world,
​when she is her own song.

Why cannot she see,
​that the entire universe,
​are rooting for her,
​For all she was,
​for all she is, ​
​and for all she will ever be
Nichole Sep 2017
A company girl
A beauty like pearl
Anastasia is the name
She doesn't want any fame
But she got it
In just one click
A money for the family
Even though she'll be called 'filthy'
Mr.grey a famous name
A daddy for all dame
No words to say
When he started his play
He caught her attention
That increases their affection
Does will lead to love?
Or pure list will shove...
it's all about Anastasia steele
Ceyhun Mahi Nov 2016
Somewhere, some place a century ago,
Long before my own generation's birth
There walked a girl who still many do know
In the meadows and cities on this earth.
Like us she felt the same breath of the dawn,
Has seen the same sun, moon and gleaming star,
And many things she had pondered upon,
Which makes our similarities not far.
And when I'm pondering upon our past,
Melancholy and Happy are merging,
And I do realize that things have gone fast,
Who offer a time for contemplating.
  Despite the past is gone, I still adore
  The small beauties that had took place before.
EmptySadness Feb 2015
I think were a lot like
Anastasia and Christian

You are dark, and mysterious on one side
And sweet and innocent on the other
It reminds me of Christian Grey

I'm confused and afraid of love
and waiting to be loved and cared for
It reminds me of Anastasia Steele

Together, we go together as the two lovers above
Were not meant for each other, But we cant keep away
We always get hurt, but come back for each other

Because we both know the other side of each other
The side we want them to be
The side they want to be
But we cant.

**What a perfect world it would be if you loved me

— The End —