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Carl Miller Jan 15
Every creature was shaken, every plant was wilted
Blood runs tendrils through the clear blue sky
The ******* child looked onward through the window
A beautiful mushroom bride in his eyes, crying as the world tilted

Smiles for miles as spirits arouse the dead
Second coming of the groom
The beast is commanded to take what does not belong to him
Pestilence rears it's foul head

Harlots and Beasts of the night rejoice!
****** and Demons alike dance their last
He will storm the earth with a holy rage!
We all die laughing, but not at peace, to know it was our choice
Written 01/06/19
pistachio Dec 2018
Rose, hydrangea, tulip, lily
The place is on its aesthetic bloom
I walked in the aisle slowly
And at the end I see my groom
The march ended, and I sobbed heavily
As I saw my love lying peacefully.
What kind of emotion waits for her at the end of the aisle?
The thief3

The princess looked at her face

That became red and filled with fear

The princess said:" why did you this worst thing?

Why did you convert their fathers to be nothing?

They can't move or talk or even think

You made them fill of  losing hope sink

You deserve to die or even get hurt"

The witch woman collected her intelligent

And said with yellow smile that was gained

"What do you say my sweetly girl?

My daughter that I will love at all"

The king smile at her and said"

"Dear, you have kindly heart"

He looked at his daughter and said"

Don't accuse any person without evident

Go to your room and don't go out"

The princess' face got red and

Her tears were descended

She run with that boy to her suite

The king ordered her to stop

He ordered the boy to be dismissed

She cried very ,very loud

She stayed at her room without getting out

Till her father entered at once

He saw the pale of her face

Her body became thin

He astonished and said

"what did make my groom sick?"

Smile ,smile to see my gift

Come to my suit to see my gift"

She thought that the witch was dismissed

And his famous justice was returned

She entered his suite in speed

With great smile that decorated

Her face to make her more smart

She called with a smile"

"What is the " her speech was interrupted

As she saw a strong guy and the witch stood

The king said "this is your groom!"

Is that good gift at your mind!"

She said with sad :

"Who is that?"

The king said"

He is the nephew of my love"

to be continued
the bad , leads to the worst. the good leads to the best
Dylan McFadden Mar 2018
The love we once
Had has been
It’s been abandoned…

Yet this I know:
With patience
You endure
Through the fire

When evil men
And Artemis
Entice you
With their fruit

You do rebuke
And seek the truth
You shame
The fools and liars

This you do well
But now,
To your First Love!

To the One
Who holds the stars
In His right hand

To the One
Who walks among
The lampstands

To the One
Who plants
A towering Tree of Life

To the One
Who has conquered
As a Lamb

There is a River
Whose flowing streams
Make glad
The holy City

Come away, my Bride
Come drink
Forever Love
Esther Jan 2018
I think once we'd imagined our wedding together
You'd kiss me at the altar
Saying "i do."

I'm at a wedding
And you're the groom
But i'm not the bride.
So take your razor love, and run it down my skin.
Ayesha Jan 2018
To my bridesmaids and to his bestman..
When it was our BIG WEDDING DAY
you'll made it sparkle in so many ways.
The way you'll walked up the pathway made it feel more and more
like our wedding day.
When I saw you'll standing on the stage.
Oh my!!
What a feeling I can't explain.
So thank you again for making us smile on our Wedding day.

By A_Jai
Got married on the 12 February 2017 & this was the poem I wrote when I posted a picture with my Bridesmaids & Bestman.
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017
Good or bad times, they
always stand behind you, check
your wedding album.
During the photo shoot your family will be standing behind and around you (the bride/groom)as in real life.
mark john junor Sep 2017
you hold dark weddings in your slumber
where the groom is no more than a fixture
painted smile brittle and small
mothers hold cages they wish upon
daddies girl no longer blue-eyed saint
your bestie too drunk to carry your tune
where the cake is bitter
the gifts torn

i looked to you but could not be seen
so a lament came to my wicked lips
looked to you and all I could see was the gravity
that drew me into you
a stranger with her own maps and masks
showing the straight line between your dusk and dawn
a statement of what's not fair
strange you love me

looked into you
a stranger who comes up slowly
I colour with magic markers the darkness in your eye
make it as pretty as you wished
hide it all away
I sleep each night inches away
from your slow walking fear
as you toy with silk strewn lusts
sweet asylum that is never too close
always far too near

I looked to you but could not be seen
so a lament came to my wicked lips
mumbled a carpet of apologies
spread out 'neath your feet
as you dip one toe into the waters
you called me
but when I looked to you
you looked away

there is a ship that sails tonight
I can see us on it
we wave bye-bye in slow motion capture
I can see joy in your eye
dance cheek to cheek under the moonlight
shine cause I know you like to touch dreams
breathe for me girl
just keep dancing 'neath starry sky
ill crash your dark weddings
catch your tears before they can fall
be waiting on your morning doorstep
come home to find me
come home from those inches away
look into you
just for you
not that someone
in a dark wedding day
Nichole Sep 2017
It was as heaven beside her
A great leisure
She was ineffable to express
so I call myself so much bless
To have her in my life
To be my precious wife
To take care of my children
and feel ineffable feelin
id rather take a thousand risk
to held her wrist
and insert this beautiful ring
and hear the love birds sing
She'll walk in the isle
with a beautiful smile
Afiqah Feb 2017
there'll always be
this kind of heaviness that sits
every now and then,
she must have consistently,
read through the broken lines over & over
each time
he cast out that caustic expression
"should I let my heart win this time?"
she asked herself,
"who can ever love me like that?"
all his eyes had to do was say, come in...
and her heart starts to groom by itself
yet again

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