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Ariel Jan 11
I don’t know how to love myself
But maybe I can like myself someday.
Perhaps I’ll find comfort in my own eyes
And not within yours.
I will someday look at my reflection
And be ready to take on the world.

Tell me how to beat this
Whisper your secrets to me, Incubus
Tell me what I'm doing wrong.
Because, despite everything you say and how much it hurts,
I am powerless to resist your song.

You smile at me, with eyes like the earth:
Soft and warm and open.
How do you ensnare me so?
You barely utter a syllable and I am helpless to your siren's call.
Leave me be, Incubus. Let me be free!
For I am caught in your clutches, when this was never meant to be.

Kiss me softly, Incubus--
Touch your lips to my collarbone,
Let me feel your hands upon mine;
Press your body close.
You never wanted this,
No, you never wanted me.

Release me from this prison
Stop my fall by design
You are giving me beautiful strangulation
You suffocate me all of the time.
With your quiet words and beautiful turn of phrase
You know exactly how I am built,
And thus how to make me fall apart.

You are the Sun, the Moon, and my Star--
Your lovely voice could make me weak if properly applied.
You are my Everything, my One,
Everyone else pales to compare.
Stop it now, my dear Incubus!
You grieve me so!
Your words have more power than anyone else
The power to make me soar--or descend into the depths of hell.

Hold me closely, Incubus--
Stop the curtain as it draws near
I beg for release from your sinful words.
You provoke me in the most delectable way
Leaving me with nothing at the end of the day.
Such is torture, misery, suffering--
But in the best possible way.

Someday, perhaps, I shall be free.
With death or some other release--
Perhaps a blue-eyed boy will come along and erase all of the pain you've caused.
My dearest hope, though, is for you to see me as I see you:
Eyes full of love for someone so perfect it hurts.
I won't dwell on this, at least I'll try
For we deserve to try to live, Love--
Else we'll surely die.

Save me now, my Incubus;
Please don't let me succumb to the dark.
You're all I want in life
Anything else would be a cruel joke,
A fallacy,
A lie.
Anything else would make me want to die.
Weeeeell I thought I was over this but apparently not. One look, one smile, and I'm completely undone. FML.
Puissant piquant and predatory
And observant from afar
He looks down on your slumber
Like a door that's left ajar

Plying with his manly vice
A reckless male visage
A rogue of masculine device
Seeks entrance to your mind

He saunters with a swagger
A macho savvy moxie
To personify virility's incarnate
His dream zone's metier

He sifts your ****** entourage
In search of sprawls recumbence
To tantalize climactic fervor
With lambent photic scenes

Grasping at your revelries
He spies the wanton lust
With swanky strut appealing
Your primal urge to sate

He leaves undone resistance
With innate resilience seized
The lavish wayward implications
Of unrequited livid deeds

Like passion's lurid lecheries
An insatiable torrid sooth
You wrestle with his adamance
Your  carnal ecstasies revealed

You pounce on his exsertion
You splay your agile form
wriggling like a supple nymph
You accept his blatant storm

You writhe in your abandon
In a euphoric supplication
His machismo ****** enveloping
Your wildest latent needs

With no regrets or reticence
you awaken from this dream
To find yourself alone again
Like it had never been
I of we all create our own incubi and succubi and we should pay attention to their parameters
She walks at night likes passion's grace
Through nebulous fields of dream landscapes
Wild Morpheus her footsteps guides

She’s lust’s impassioned wile incarnate
Her will like swirling ocean currents
Endows the night with wanton purpose

Sent from heaven's pearly gates
To make men ponder mortal fortune
Tempting spirits will to sate

Demanding accolades of prowess
To satisfy her primal needs
Traverse her treacherous terrain

Her visage of immortal love
Like honey dripping from the comb
Inspires reckless heart's abandon

Dawn comes like coitus interruptus  
Narcotic wisps of contention fade
A thrall with no earthly recourse
Infatuated with the feminine mystique in general can leave you unrequited.
chloe fleming Dec 2017
Your beauty is not the reason for your existence,
Rather, it is your soul that stirs winds within you,
Guiding you further into your own tornado.
No, my dear, your beauty is only a fraction of the person that you are
With the rest conniving and gloriously consuming all who listen
Incubus, I call you, luring in those who seek satisfaction from broken parts.
Tempt me,
with all the cracks in your heart.
Nichole Jul 2017
I encounter him
When I'm sleeping
I thought it was a dream
That I'm just lusting
Its incubus
He's dangerous
****** ******* with him
to feed his sin
Johnnyqu33r Oct 2016
He's a cosmopolitan queen,
He's content on his knees,
He feeds from the screams,
and the souls he redeems.

He's got a complex mind,
He appreciates the grind,
He always takes his time,
A master of his crimes.

He's simple but complex,
He's an incredible wreck,
He whispers on your neck,
And answers to your beck.

He's a cosmopolitan queen,
He'll bring you to your knees,
He'll infiltrate with ease,
and he'll take what he needs.
It's fall, what's better than a ****** demon?
Äŧül Sep 2016
Separated from you,
I still find you as my Succubus.

Disconnected from me,
You still find me as your Incubus.

The demons of our egos,
Far more powerful than the desires.
My HP Poem #1141
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Sep 2016
Dreams should be sweet & serene,
But our dreams are not so clean,
She dreams Incubus assaulting her,
I get the Succubus assaulting me,
Her Incubus has my face & voice,
And my Succubus has her face & voice,
Both of us have been in this soup.
My HP Poem #1140
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Aug 2016
But I don't need you to be my Eve.
Just be my Succubus,
For Succubus was my first wife.
I am really in need of your love.
I miss those moments spent in heat.
Just be my divine angel again,
For I will otherwise long for you forever.

I don't want to be the incubus that haunts,
Or forces you to bed in your nightmares.
Yes I want to be your soulmate who takes you to paradise every single night.
I miss your excited whispers in my ears.
Yes I want to perish with you,
Even if the days of my life were few.

I am ready to give it up for my children,
If we procreate them in our moments wild.
Our son will be immortal, so will be the daughter,
My HP Poem #1118
©Atul Kaushal
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