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temporary Oct 2018
I pull at the strands of his shirts, his sweaters and his jeans.  
I become a seamstress and know he will come to me.

He buys new clothes instead.
Anya Sep 2018
Today I was looking through my old works
For a hidden treasure
A diamond in the mud
Or even
A pliable piece of wood
Maybe not a prize in itself
Or something quite ordinary
But hiding secrets within
Of emotions
Thoughts I never knew I had
Anything to excite my senses
And to give me a sense
That it
was worth it
Glenn Currier Jul 2018
I want to become a diver
like the scuba guys in the Thai cave
risking death to save life,
going deeper into convoluted passages
of darkness to pull life from it.

I want to become a heart surgeon
transplanting energizing mitochondria
into babies’ dying hearts
to revive and save damaged cells.
Oh to receive from the gods of creativity
an infusion of fresh energy
into this old body
and renew flagging cells
with a flowering fragrance
as sweet and unique as Plumeria!

May this diving deeper
be as fruitful now as it has been
in the decisive moments
I was able to conquer pride and self
to reach out to others
whose spirits had frowns
whose life energy was down.

I know: thinking, reading and writing
are not quite enough to reach and taste
the fruits of angels.
Like the classic tension
between “faith and works”
“deeper” means a marriage
of information and application
to get transformation.

And so these moments of writing poems
and diving deeper, rising higher
for the creative spirit
are not divorced
from kindness and reaching out
in friendship, intimacy, and love,
from taking time and spending energy
beyond these meditative walls
embracing life where it calls.

I am a diver and a surgeon
a spark striker, a flame keeper
always desiring
to move
deeper, deeper, deeper.
Author’s Note:  The idea for this poem has been lurking within ever since I heard an energetic call from a teacher of mine as he proclaimed it is not enough to go deeper, that we must do good works and serve, move to action, action, action.  I felt guilty because in my old age I am not as active, leading, and responding as much as I have been most of my life.  I had spoken to him and others of my need to “go deeper.”  And his proclamation stung me and sent me into consternation.  In this poem, finally, I have been able to respond.  And it was the heroics of the Thai divers and the surgeons at Boston Children’s Hospital into mitochondria transplantation that brought me out of the darkness of confusion into this light.  If you are interested, see this amazing article about the research and procedures used by these pioneering doctors:

Finally, I thank Marty Collier for the inspiring little poem-like statement: “Information plus application = transformation.”
Alicia Allen Jun 2018
lustful hunger
restless slumber
in Christ we keep
Prayerful Thoughts
Heal me through a broken path.
when you're going through something you just have to keep going.
Thursday Jun 2018
I poured down my hands
And let them run down my sides
In a puddle of my own arms
I became a sail boat
Selena WH Apr 2018
She was broken,
Pieces of
Her splintered heart
Floated around
As she fell to the ground
But she did not
Give up,
She rose again
Gathered her
Shattered pieces,
Putting them
Back together
Bit by bit.
She was not broken
She was art;
A beautiful mosaic.
You guys can all be beautiful mosaics, I'm confident in that.
Nichole Jul 2017

I was a masterpiece
Created by almighty
One of the unknown individual
Sharing her thoughts

Dreaming to be the great
Giving all her best to her works
Many things that have been wasted
Thoughts have been messed

Still create a simple masterpiece
A poetry of her own
A works that can be known
A simple paragraph that it has showed

As the young poetess
Craves for more
Ink on her pen
Sheet of paper

To express her thoughts
To give a simple message
To be a good example
Nichole Jul 2017
Supporters over haters
Aiming for more likers
Hope to be known
When a real work was not shown
Shown whenyou share it for fame
To be called by a famous name
Cant you feel a lil shame
When someone shows their works not for fame
Show it with notebook and pen
Don't plagiarize just for fame
Let me tell you a story about life...
No sit down shut up you've had your fun now it's my turn to speak

Mistakes will be made that much you can't avoid but you can avoid a void....
That little space in your chest that feels Hollow that makes every breath You Breathe hard to swallow that twists you inside and out what are you to do now?
See feelings are real and they hurt when someone breaks you down to your core leaving all the little bits of your Fragile Heart on the floor when all you can do is pretend to smile because that works at least for a while
See people don't like to talk about feelings or what's going on in your head but love to cry and speak about how much they tried to help you when they found you unconscious unresponsive in your bed.
Open up those pretty eyes and wipe away your tears you may receive sympathy from others but all I see are crocodile tears. See I said something false something so completely untrue at the beginning of this can you think of what it is do you know what it is? Do you? You can't escape from being hurt I wish that it was but that's not how life works
Alex Tolley Dec 2016
Command or conform,
You don't have a choice,
For that's the way of the world.

Lead the pack
Or be the pack;
Your mind laying dormant and furled.

You'll be governed by strict rules,
But no, think for yourself:
Do the good, fight the evil,
Put your life on a shelf.

For when people say follow your dreams,
They don't really mean follow
It's a masquerade for co-align with us
Or we'll leave you dry and hollow

If you lead,
You're honourable, worthy,
But only for a while;
For if you infringe the decisions of the pack,
They'll watch your ousting with a smile.

But that is the law of the land,
The way the world works.
If you follow, you're weak
But if you lead, it hurts.

> a.t.
I have a problem with authority
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