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Mellow waves Apr 2018
Suddenly i hear no voice,
I am deaf yet i hear everyone
I hear children chattering, birds chirping, clocks ticking, i hear them all..
But i can’t hear one thing, that voice.
The voice that kept me safe, the voice that strengthened me, the voice that helped me through the hard times, the voice that translated the negative days into positive ones,
The voice of my beloved self...was it disguised all along?
Susan Mar 2019
I've been waiting for you for quite a while
Though when you resurfaced I was unable to smile

I was tangled up in a web of lies
with the one I needed to say goodbye

His grip was strong as he held me tight
Blinding me; I could not see your light

The day arrived when I came to my senses
Letting go of all past defenses

I washed away all of  my sins
Now I am ready to begin

I needed time to heal my heart
That is why we could not start

Time was my friend throughout this trial
It sure was indeed, all the while

I am free now to pursue
whatever I wish myself to do

I am secure, I am for real
Let's go ahead and make our deal

There are no tricks, only treats
Therefore we'll endure any defeats

Let the past be forgotten
Failing relationships, it makes us rotten

Communication is the key
For me for you, you for me

I long to hold you close, hold you near
making all your nightmares disappear

I always wondered what we could be
Me inside you, you inside me

I love you more than you could ever know
So let's get started and give it a go!

copyright 2/19
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2017
You've crossed my mind many nights.
Sometimes I just lay there, holding you tight in mind.
Wandering your body with my hands.
Filling my fingers with the skin I've dreamt so much about.
The things you keep hidden. unraveled in empty sheets, blankets.
Your warmth becoming the only comforter that dictates whether or not I'll have sweet dreams.
What justifies the stain our breath has left on one another's.
The press of your face against my neck.
The marks left on each other in anticipation. Refusing to pull ourselves away.
Clinging tight to the ****** of being beside ourselves.
Deliberately keeping each other awake in the promise of sleeping wild moments later.
To watch your face scrunch up as it breaks your gasp. Bringing a halt to anticipation,
The comfort of bodies becoming pillows harboring us into a deep sleep. Soft, still.
My head laying on your shoulder.
As we ourselves become lost in the sheets
Heavy Hearted Mar 2019
As the growing world unraveled
And I began the dismal ascension of maturity
I stumbled out the  fog of childhood
And there you were:

Advice to head and educate
A Battlecry and a Mandate.

Faith; in things to happen yet
Strength in knowledge- hope in regret;

Stories expressing casually:
Evils impartiality. and
tales of golden fantasies

How no drug is ever stronger than me.

These few phrases I imagine, you see
Into dreams only I can keep.
from start until the seventh day
Waking hour's dreamless sleep.

Oh how you cushion the destruction-
the entrancement of seduction
to paint to play to grow to teach
Expression extending as I reach
A letter to the greatest artist
danne Oct 2018
hear me, look at the cracks of their smile,
how dark it is as their eyes glimmer
taste the sweet words unraveled from their tongue
and how quick it turns vile

if you don't stop
morphing your face
to not stand out from the crowd

tracing along steps
so your shadow is less lonely
mimicking their thoughts
to the point your mind is a foreign place
they'd turn around one day & ask who you are

where once was your face
would only reflect the barren
tell me
what would you answer then?
Drifting back to the ocean
like it never even happened
unraveled dreams washed clean
crystalline renaissance bestowed    
by wind mountain spring waters
rising from the heart
of mother earth

A remnant light glows deeply
of one love's untamed wonders
an unfastened feather glides abandoned
rushing waters floating
alighting pilgrim blissfully sails on
stranded without wings
a fallen wild feather free as bird
wanting a place to be let free

Sun in the summer air
wind in buoyant feathered hair
softly dancing upon
wild river restless ripples
to feel the love of holding on
adrift asunder whence it touched on
destiny's far-reaching
journey yonder
holding onto flowing rivers
rolling towards the sea

The incoming tidal waters blossom
surge to greet wind river's gentle saunter
converging slackening passage
salt on feral feathered fragments
arousing currents babbling swirl
imbibed by the impassioned sea

Wild rivers' born intentions
a different kind of drifting passage
to kiss the distant horizon
where the sown sunlight settles
submerged in shoreless ocean waters
    to be free all at sea at last

someone you used to know  2017
Nesma Aug 2018
Dear me,

I hope this letter finds you kind, I hope it finds you at ease,
I hope it finds you as you were born.. a soft spring breeze.

I am writing this letter to inform you that your time is not up, that you still have space to unfold, that you are a continuum that doesn’t have to settle for the broken uni-verse where you were unraveled.

You, love, are not limited to your synonyms.

You, love, can develop into a hurricane that doesn’t dwell in a farmer’s cabin.
You, love, can develop into a hurricane that travels between the back of your mind and its front.
You, love, can develop into a hurricane with a FedEx envelop for a title.
You, my love, can develop into a hurricane that transports your memories from the backyard of your colon to the backside of this letter.

You, love, can develop into a sandstorm speaking the names of the Saharas to your left and to your right.
You, love can develop into a sandstorm that does not blind the sufi midnight traveler.
You, love, can develop into a sandstorm that travels beyond the desert.
You, my love can develop into a sandstorm carrying a water-well for the thirsty.

You, love, can develop into an ocean that doesn’t stand in arrogance where there is land.
You, love, can develop into an ocean that waxes and wanes to the rhythm of the moonlight caressing you.
You, my love, can develop into an ocean that doesn’t erode the rocks standing on its shore.

You, love, can develop into a soft spring breeze that makes a home of all the other seasons.
You, love, can develop into a soft spring breeze that gently ****** through a baobab tree trunk.
You, love, can develop into a soft spring breeze that playfully tickles the arms of a refugee on her bus to camp.
You, my love can develop into the synonyms you are not limited to.

Kindly find attached to this letter the love your father has tucked in bed a long time ago and never double checked on it.
Kindly find attached to this letter the understanding your mother stored in the kitchen cabinet she is too short to reach.
Kindly find attached to this letter the forgiveness you have tried to grow out of sunflowers seed every winter.


the dangling thread
from the bottom of your
ugly Christmas sweater
strip the maypole

until it
and we

sink in unraveled softness

one endless line
shedding itself

into brilliant new
floor decor
Stephen E Yocum Mar 2016
In an open-air flower market,
it happened in an instant,
with one solitary scent,
years unraveled and
I was that kid again.

One AM on a school night,
vague street light through
my window, painting
shadowed crosses on
the wall and ceiling.
Even in the depths of night,
a stifling ninety degrees,
our home no air conditioning.
Slight temperate breeze through
open window conveyed
exotic sweet Camellia perfume,
from two large flowering plants,
standing sentry out there.

Too hot to sleep, turning and tossing
on a sweat-damp sheet,
I'd conjure and dreamed of far away
Pacific isles, of cool sea surf and sandy beach,
palm branches sway in fresh, clean breeze,
robust with the soothing fragrance
of thousands of tropical blooms,
Like those standing guard
outside my window screen.

Heat-induced, half sleep,
Horizon Lust loudly calling me.
A few years later I answered that call,
and it was all that I had envisioned it
would be.
your lips are bare.
The moonlight paints your face.
I shall whisper secrets in your temple
of lightning, fire, and space.

Like silk and wind
you dance in shining silence.
A valley of waving winter roses
a beautiful kind of violence.

You speak to me
within your sprawling motions.
A mystery unraveled by my wisdom.
It's a ship to cross your oceans.

I call to you
like echos of the future.
Your falling rains like streams rushed into rivers
Stitches....  without any sutures.
Zoë Jul 2015
I don't remember how many cars passed,
Or if I saw Orion's belt.
I don't remember the night's smell,
Or what shoes I wore on my feet.
All I remember,
Is how much it hurt.
Tears rolled down my cheeks,
Soaking through my jeans when I neglected to wipe them away.
My sudden disbelief,
Hung in the soggy night air,
Like cigarette smoke.
Reality's hands tightened around my neck,
Choking me with the truth.
At some point
In that dark hazy hour,
My trust slipped through my fingers,
As quickly as a Sunday evening.
Nothing was "to be or not to be"
Between you and me.
For there is no such thing.
I simply tripped on strings of promises,
And sweet words that unraveled my sneaker laces,
only to bleed my trust all over you.
Sore and delusional,
I wrapped my heart up with a bow,
And gave you my love over and over again.
Although I didn't even consider for a moment,
That you would use it
to destroy me.
Brody Blue Dec 2018
We were young and lost at sea
And red, the morning warned
Prepared to brace a gentle breeze
We faced the perfect storm
When from the depths of heaven
Came the naked angel fast
The hour was eleven
And her squinted eyes, they flashed
And she drove off ev'ry dream
–––  she drove off ev'rything

She promised me eternity
And everlasting glory
She's my memento mori

Unraveled like the band of stars
That stain'd the sullen eve
Were her flashing teeth, quite marred
By blood from fallen kings
Laced into her aura
Two polar forces rot
One is true with horror
The other one is not
And you will choose to believe
In the one that you seek

When she promises eternity
And everlasting glory
She's your memento mori

Pacing thru this vicious cycle
Set down here by fate
****** unto this broken mile
Stretching from his gate
Many hear the chorus
As a beacon of fair light
But the angels ain't here for us
They're here to take our life
And we will fall for her touch
And we will use it as a crutch

When she promises eternity
And everlasting glory
She's our memento mori

She promised me eternity
And everlasting glory
She's my memento mori
Chris Thomas Aug 2017
Embedded in my consciousness
Clouds of endless fire and fever
Lick at my salty face like a lazy waterfall
I have been unraveled outside the stratosphere, where
Pieces of starlight consume my decaying skin
Sun and moon crash, collide, eventually crumble, and
Everything I once touched, no longer touches me
Leah Dell'Osso May 2019

Like a button
Like string
As my happiness
Leaves a trail
That I can't
Get ahold of
For, all the string
Is picked up
By the wind
And all the buttons
Bounce down the road
I want to chase them back
But I'd rather
Lead myself home.

Once I loved a pretty girl
But she don’t live round here no more
Ventured out into the world
To keep her pride and settle the score

I remember brighter days
Full of song and open seas
Then mid-September’s chill gave way
We can’t refuse our destiny

Seasons changed – feelings, too
Suddenly she’s out of touch
Portraits of our dream won’t do
Now as I paint, I lick the brush

After hours at the bar
Chewing fat and catching eyes
Often wonder where you are
Or if that’s you dressed in disguise

Once I loved another girl
But not the same one as before
Like a clam without a pearl
She was a shell without a core

I tried to help; I gave her love
Favors, ***, and cash to burn
Everything I could think of!
And asked for nothing in return

Then I fell into a hole –
Funny how these things turn out –
In need of but a gentle soul
To lift me up above the clouds

But when I asked for her to care
To show the warmth of open arms
She offered nothing but a stare
And only time could break her guard

Once I healed a broken heart
Brought about by foolish charm
Gave it my all right from the start
Unraveled like a ball of yarn

Days went by and turned to months
Drawing close to my twine’s end
So I sought out familiar fronts
To seek the love of kin & friends

My heart grew warm and full of joy
I leaped with faith and did good deeds
My shaded past would not destroy
The man that only I could be

The months grew closer to next year
As one by one I placed the stones
That built the path to facing fear
And taking on the world alone

Once I triumphed over evil
Choked the devil til he died
Oh, he’ll be back, there’s no doubt he will
But never more shall steal my pride

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
Witness every shape and size
And as the whole world spins and swirls
Not all but one may realize

Life brings trouble, worry and woe
But drowsy spirits pave the way
For pacing thoughts rode to and fro
Until the breaking light of day

Once I learned that Love is Evil
Now she’s back to claim her prize
But I won’t let my heart be refilled
Without the whole piece of the pie
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