Ember Evanescent Jan 2015

Usually I lie
Whenever I say I'm fine
Except not right now

I feel okay
Of course, I know it's not going to last,
but I'll enjoy it while I can.
I can breathe.

I recognize that this haiku sucks but I felt the need to express the fact that I'm okay because it doesn't happen very often and I figured I should actually put it in a poem format instead of a short rant
Ena Alysopriono Dec 2014

My eyes glance down at the empty page
No words come to me
My hands shake
I can't disappoint
But I have no inspiration
The light bulb is dark above my head
I can't think
I can't write
Until I am again

Writer's block.
Ena Alysopriono Nov 2014

είσαι όμορφη
σαν μια ανοιξιάτικη μέρα
είσαι όμορφη
σαν τη θάλασσα
και υπόσχομαι
ότι δεν ψεύδομαι
τουλάχιστον όχι στα ελληνικά

Yeah it's Greek. You can google translate it if you want to know what it says.
Ena Alysopriono Nov 2014

We promised
Sister Forever
We marked ourselves
A sign of love and belonging
It became cold
The air was frigid between us
Someone even said
It was like stepping into a freezer
When they walked by us
And they were right
It was frozen
We let the ink fade
And wrote something new
Adelfés Gia Pánta
It was the same thing
When translated to english
But the meaning was entirely
Because there was no you
Elpízo̱ óti tha petháneis se mia skoteiní̱ trýpa gemáti̱ me arouraíous kai ta fídia

This is for an ex-friend. I truly and deeply loath her, but I don't necessarily hope she dies, just that gets shipped to another planet in another galaxy (that may or may not sustain life). If you really want to know what the meaning of the evidently not english words are, you can translate them, they are greek.
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