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Mellow waves Feb 2021
I met the bravest warrior ever,
She goes by the name “my sister”

Selflessly taking care of covid patients,
She is truly a walking angel,

God knows how much I love her,
Her heart is one like no other

A pure gem and a safe haven,
Holding me through all the darkness and danger

I intentionally did not make this poem rhyme,
I wanted her to see that,

No matter what I write, how well I write,

The only beauty one can see after reading this piece is without a doubt,
Her loving and shining personality,

Shining brighter than any imperfection and mistake,
Shining brighter than any word I can make!
Mellow waves Aug 2020
You were once my dream, my shelter, my pride
You were one in a million wherever I flied,

You were the safest place for me to hide,
You were the reason i was able to glide,

Now, innocent people are passing by,
Leaving us heartless and barely hanging by,

I don’t even know how i feel inside,
There’s a fire inside me I cannot ignite,

Broken, shattered and dead inside
The only thing left is my soul outside,

Alone, damaged in this cold and icy skies,
Shaking, shimmering, hoping Lebanon will rise

Not now, not today, not even tomorrow
Lebanon, i can feel your pain, aggression and sorrow

You were once my guide, my inspiration, my smile
Now I don’t even know how many ****** clothes you’ve piled.
August 4, 2020
Dozens were killed and thousands injured in a massive explosion in Beirut.
Please mention Lebanon in your prayers! We really need it!
Mellow waves Jun 2020
I was a person who saw every stranger as a survivor,
A survivor of love,
A survivor of death,

I was a person who saw every stranger as a kindhearted soul,
A soul that had saved a dog from a car crash,
A soul that had climbed a huge ladder to put out a fire,
A soul that had painted the longest picture in the world with his daughter,
A soul full of life, hope and adventure,

But unfortunately,
Now whenever I look at a stranger,
I see a hopeless being searching for shelter, food, rights and independence
I see black and white, instead of colors,
I see broken hearts, instead of happily ever afters,

I see oppressed people in need for help,
I see a world full of darkness and danger.
Mellow waves Feb 2020
Ashes and fire are all I see
I want my father alive to be,
The rain was pouring heavily,
My mother was shouting dreadfully

Confusion and chaos followed me
Every time I tried to breathe,
I hoped someone would pinch my knee
To wake up and see it was all a dream

My sister and I tried to be
The strongest we could ever be
Thank God He never leaves
The side of a person who has faith in him.
Mellow waves Nov 2019
Its been a while
Writing was my only smile,
Then came life
And now i’ve lost my drive,

It’s easy to laugh
On others behalf,
but the confusion that’s found, inside my heart
Made me forget why we’re five feet apart.

I don’t know if this poem makes sense,
But i am writing this with great suspense
I was once sure what my life was like,
But know i am as lost as a child in the dark.
Mellow waves Mar 2019
My eyes are wet once again,
I close them immediately to picture myself in a place far away from here,
For a second i feel safe and secure,
Then reality knocks hitting my eyelids harder than the howling of the wind.

I’m wide awake,
Scared to look around,
I’m here yet my heart and mind are in that soothing place
Where love and hope were present,
Where people were free to be themselves,
Where happiness and diversity were respected,
Where people didn’t judge you for who you are.

Sadly life‘s sole aim has become vague..
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