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Mellow waves Mar 16
My eyes are wet once again,
I close them immediately to picture myself in a place far away from here,
For a second i feel safe and secure,
Then reality knocks hitting my eyelids harder than the howling of the wind.

I’m wide awake,
Scared to look around,
I’m here yet my heart and mind are in that soothing place
Where love and hope were present,
Where people were free to be themselves,
Where happiness and diversity were respected,
Where people didn’t judge you for who you are.

Sadly life‘s sole aim has become vague..
Mellow waves Jan 19
Life is timeless with friends they say..
But honestly i don’t know who my real friends are,
I don’t know who loves me for me and who enjoys my company,

Feign compassion is all i see..

Friends are supposed to build one another,
Make each other stronger and happier
Make one another feel unstoppable,

Feign love is all i see..

I don’t know whom to trust,
Whom to call my best friend, whom to turn to in times of despair and whom to call,

A sincere friend..
Mellow waves Aug 2018
Planes rust when left on the ground
For they were meant to fly,
Hearts break from time to time,
To question the purpose of this thing called life
Men stumble occasionally,
To stand back up and grow stronger.

You see, everything truly does happen for a reason,
You just have to dig deep,
Dig deeper than before,
Look through life with rose colored glasses,
And you’ll see how beautiful is the gift of God.
Mellow waves Aug 2018
Miracles do happen everyday...
Every moment, every breath you take,
Is truly a miracle

In the same hospital,
The exact moment you hear the heart rate monitor giving its final beeps on the first floor,
You hear the shrieking of a new born on the fourth floor,

The sadness and grief on one family’s face,
Hope and delight on the other’s,
Prove that life and death are truly intertwined,

They are a cycle,
They complete each other
It’s really a miracle.

A miracle visible to the naked eye,
A miracle that makes life worthwhile.
Mellow waves Jul 2018
Sometimes i want to scream,
I want to let it out,
I want to become another person,
I want to forget the past, and hope for the best.

I want to start a new journey,
End an old  propensity
Trust me when i say,
Today is the day i show the world my true self.

I’m not afraid anymore,
I’m ready, ready to take control
Ready to blossom and take wings,
I’m ready to fly.
Mellow waves Jul 2018
Go follow your dreams they say,
Well, how can i follow them if people can’t stop putting boarders,
If they can’t stop interfering with your life,
Pushing you too hard
Making you want to quit in times when you were fine all by yourself,
Why can’t everyone focus on their path in life? Is it too hard?
Does that sound impossible to you?
Just leave me and my life alone
I will carve my path as beautiful as i can
And with some bumps along the way,
I will create the most compelling work of art.
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