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Heavy Hearted Mar 31
Life is complex, she said to me
A statement unfortunately true,
Reiterating the fact, real happiness
Has become a fleeting virtue.
The single most excruciating task
Of anyone to ever, have to ask-
Is to live this life, so full of pain
As the human race, itselve's disdain
Yet, its as effortless as drawing breath
The simplicity of air
Our automatic processes
That which contagiously, we share:
Laughter, Heartache, Hatred, Hope-
the humanistic ways to cope.

Despite that complexities insue,
You know strength, to let faith renue
Bestow some courage, place belief
In all that initially brings you grief

Every morning, a new dawn's shining-
& every cloud, has it's silver lining.
Heavy Hearted Mar 29
chests heave-
in the dark,
Breathing throughout
Each exhale.
The soundscape
a sleepers tone;
the clock's
      Tick tock,
Counting each second;
Becomes infinite-
The midnight's
"What we've become is the price we've paid to get what we used to want".
The babble of the valley Brooke
A rush- the flowing, liquid memory moving
Water; the stillness of
a puddle
A pond, the pooling-
scintillates & permeates.
A gentel lapping
against the creekside,
A skip-stone-scape beneath the wetness
Augments the heavy water
As nature's soundtrack.
The valley walls
H    is for help! you know I'm alive
E    for estranged, expressionistics
R    eading rhymes- revise, review
        reprise, recite- rethink and renue.
O    verwhelming-
        vertly, overdone-
o  ntology~
Still, I'm the one.
I'm the hero, of the story-
Don't need to be saved.
No one's got it all

"I aint no Cinderella, I aint waitin on no prince to save me in fact until now I think I been doing just fine- you think I sell my body? I merely sell my time."
Heavy Hearted Feb 18
Me n mangoz are heading west
Spontaneous with serendipity,
Expressing isn't easily found
When ones pretentiously profound,
Thinking of all the words
But they won't come out
So let's type them together, here
in the cyberspace let's shout.
Did the guy stay- no, the MANGOOOOO
Heavy Hearted Feb 18
F*, I'm so bad at this lyrical translation
With Rhyming words a  fabrication
Spews fourth from my mouth to screen
No mind or hand- or medium between.
Just thoughts unadulterated raw
Unconsciously weild with grammatical awe
Heavy Hearted Jan 22
The cruelty of the the human mind-
To lose, to keep, to hide, to find
Half our life be only true
If somehow the mind allows it to...

To forget; well sadly nothing truly competes
for it's the most merciless of our minds feats:
Nothing can be real
if your memory can't on cue:
Regurgitate information,
ephemerally true.

To perform, to recite, to repeat, and understand-
through blackness- pathetic, forget it, regret it
Oh how the mind cruelly demands.
A troubled mind's much like a web
Tangled in memories unsaid
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