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In the washroom
my reflection
and I,
Challenge one another-

A coagulated sweat,
A Combat baby's brain,
A moon that doesn't set-
Ascending constant strain...
Oh Anxiety, Paranoia,
Obsession and Depression,
Still perhaps, a poem just might
set free this true confession:
Confusion and  Delusion
The mirror's blunt conclusion
Pristiq, and then Welbutirn,
Art's  inclusive-type solution.

another one's challenge;
my Reflection , and I
In the

"Blood I want it
giving up the fight
blood I want it-
Lay me down tonight"
Heavy Hearted Jun 11
A part of me died last night-
Swallowed by deep shadows,
A Prestidigitator's Rite-
Conjures  woeful wet tomorrows.


Little Black Death, a part of me;
How my soul it now does borrow,
I'm not what I wanted to be
All I've become's known sorrow.

Now its over, No more feeling,
Nothing left - to believe in

Youth without youth, 70's child,
No longer 'them' but 'us'
Disguised in a cipher's hidden truth
Inspired by Meg Myers 'Little Black Death' off the album 'Take Me To The Disco'
The toll of Angers tide -
Compels us on, and forward

Satisfaction, it never comes!
the only direction left to go,
We stumble.
We're pushed.

The toll of Angers tide -
Compels us on,
Pushing us further, pushing us forward...

the tolling of angers tide-
the unrelenting force.
oil paint
your poetry
on the caravan
of my lungs-
so that tonight, may I still see;
all the colors
of your thoughts.
Heavy Hearted Apr 10
Painting the pictures I wanted to be in ~

Our life's lines are implied as parallels,
For they trace in the same direction
To our collective personnel's
profound destination:

As our life's lines are redrawn,
again and once again,
Our destiny's knotted into one,
A Triquatra till the end.

Know our lines stay parallel-
Though Infinite,  they'll never meet
In their never joining spell
Their truths within decept.
Heavy Hearted Apr 10
Just because every leaf & stem, n all the greenery of foliage-
Twist up to the sun;
Doesn't mean some flowers won't still bloom in shadow.
Don't discredit a blossom in the dark- Though the light hits the leaves,
the truth of each petal
Is privately dispatched,
Through each color- and in each shape

of every lightless rhythm.
Heavy Hearted Feb 18
Look like the flower but be the serpent beneath
Teach for the hour but speak only for minuets
Love for the passion but **** for the pride
Climb for the high, screaming never enough
Remember the happiness
And weep, when you feel its echo.

A unique love owns
Both me and my Father (and brother)
As it's special home's
Found within one another.
So be what you are. Dare and think and move free
But humor always
the lover
your dad raised you to be.
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