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Heavy Hearted Mar 15
There is a magic dragon
 That my father and I know
It circles me and glides back to him
No matter where we go.
 Inside this invisible little beast
 Part of my dad does stay
Immortalized, by magic art
please never go away.
Upon these words the dragons wings
Hang ontop, the wind
Supported- it Flys endlessly
Through lifes chaos it's spinned.
Every spin circling back
To the begninng- until each end;
Each spin another scar -
A Dragon's heavy heart hardened.
May I be rendered, by truths light
When deception's shadow's tall,
& may that dragon help me find
A way back through it all.
Puff the magic dragon, lived by the sea... 🎶
Inspired by the famous nursery rhyme of the same title.
Heavy Hearted Mar 10
to make it up:
alone; we've learned,
the blindful wilds we procured-
are no oasis, or mirrage.

yet it is us
who hold control.
the dawn of daybreak's, shinning still-
a yellow brick road runs up that hill.

Still, I create
Still fabricate
this work, I Still, appriciate;
for a moment, I consolidate- then slowly, still,

for a moment- before the sun dips into the horizon (disappearing until dawn)

"...catch a glow that warms your spirit, play a song to soothe the pain and be still. If only to renue your faith for am moment."
Heavy Hearted Feb 23
21 for the decades, times double date
22 for your memory & how still, it placates
23, for my parents, with all their support-
& 24 to reflect, record and report.
25 for the sound of my friends breathing sleep, and
26, for the shared memories that only one of us keep.
27 for Heaven & 27 for Hell,
if my next yeas worth living, its worth living well.
28 as an EP, The Mainstream, the mandate;
the lifestyle, the butcher, the people relate-
29 in a battlecry,when we run towards the light,

& 30- for all those who fight the good fight. The addicts, the victims all without support systems:

may peace keep you warm & may you know love  is a place,
Together we'll triumpth, in the futures we face.
Heavy Hearted Feb 23
He would always wear my ring- giving me his full attention;
he would lay there- with me,
he listened to the music.
He listened to our songs.

And she carries my pouch, the one I made for her coins.
She carries my artwork- a piece of my mind, my imagination- one of which that even escapes my own memory-
I know she carried it,
Wherever she went.

And with a silent , namelless love, He uses my bookmark.
The one I made for him.
  I know, at every ending,
to every story-
It's there.  

A simple ring, a coin purse, a bookmark;
like the unity of a song we all listen to at once-
were pushed together, bound by memory,
and immortalized in such fleeting feelings.
Isn't It Strange? That within these three mundane objects
I take solice.
austins ring bronwens pouch and spencers bookmark.
Heavy Hearted Jan 26
If you were the sun I'd bask in your light and if you were the stars, I'd see them tonight.  If you were the rain I'd be driffted to sleep, in the same room from the memories only we keep. I'd be engulfed in your sound, listening id forget,
The pain, my reality and every regret
Cut in half and also double,
The time I take from each perception,  Sifting through the artworks ruble-
Changes constantly, with new direction

Words which placate then befuddle
Like an instinctive, intervention.
Longingly, negating trouble,
Empirically, a resurrection.

All the while my medications
(Pills to fix the way we feel)
Unraveling fast deviation
Investing in what isn't real.

Oh Destroyer, and Creater;

The Accention & Decline-

How we Falsify & fabricate,

Then factually Define.
Heavy Hearted Dec 2022
And when the darkness comes
I'll remember this moment.
Where we held out our hearts
& filled them with faith-


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