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Raven Feels Sep 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, stupid dreams :L

standing in line
double sets of suns double sets of eyes
measuring distance should
be a cruel existence behind woods
hoping not at all one time before the fall
of one dreary night in September
a once in a once to remember
getting older
hanging crosses from other shoulders
problem on the days
all silent to the couldn't say
if the later flowers would stay
if the book's pages would decay
not in any in anyways

Raven Feels Aug 26
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, August betrays:|

the mother of three rules heaven's light
the smile of an angel just like yesterday's moon so bright
how close life gets when snatched from upon other's sight
how death presents himself as a fascinating welcome
to dress the black and emerge tears to wear and become
the nights of pure laughter and stories of past kind
the way she endeared her husband and every child
her blood to the prince's kiss faded
the shining eyes of her daughters decayed and
a breath she couldn't make a dawn to a never
laid in her coffin the sleeping beauty of the forevers

                                                      ­                          --------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Aug 25

a born man
is a free man
yet somehow
is living in slavery on a timed boiling pan
is a deaf slave to a throne of what can't do and what can
is a blind king on his throne to the people's command
is a mute reigning with silence to speak up to his land
is a ******* to stop chaos with one stand
is living in the darkest poles denying the sun's shake of hand
and with all that he is still a free man

                                                                ­     ------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Aug 22
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, Eugene Osowski wants a new poem and a new poem it is:)

not the best lens emitted such light
delicate weathers upon previous sights
in a dived listening exile
the carry of the Earth in a swift's mile
in the blink
the week's blur and the paint's sink
raging on red sunsets
raging on yellow's pale sulfur the dreams let
the twirl of winds
on the worlds of the flipped
like in every sky
the one of the days that the one of the nights
fogs in a hurry
what's grey is the face of worry
never know if you don't see for yourself
that the clouds above this roof are the same above that shelf
not always a purple fairytale
August slipped away a coat in the cruelest detail
haven't even begun them storms
the already seen is a scare out of the norm
peace to heart
yet my mind awoke in fear from each start
these bugging times
are the times of memory loss in a hellish crime
the one sun the one full moon
how stars shine mystically reaching future's soon
and me in here as shown
tracing a map of the intuition's unknown
maybe a disguised mood before the ultimate confusion
the one month of picking up pieces
the dark is long so sleepless to the hope decreases
yet I do know that the same will return in ease and flow
been recalling that for the last two years in a row
the outer skies
now a reason to fly

                                                           ­              -------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Aug 14
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, memory loss is impossible to the sense of smell:)

ancient perfume box
left somewhere in a classic loft
opened moments in a meet
to an old of an old sweet
memory in a tape on a leash in fear
like a flashback of brief to four years
disclose the good not the sad
never the bad
already made sure to wear
on the days of happy in mere
and now the odor
smells a swift of colors
once in each while
go back a little in miles
a tickle to the nose
something out of Beethoven's ears
souvenirs the precious chandeliers
things the mind randomly chose
several pasts when my pen couldn't write
and the piano served a beam of light
in an ocean
sinking deep with no motion
from each New Year's mistake
for the lifetime spaces
of the turn from the tackling faces
pink floral promises
of better opposites
fragranced to keep a stay
afraid a glass would slip away

                                                               ­                  ------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Aug 14
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, everyone dreams of a movie life that they never had:>

'do you have a movie idea?' she is asked
my piano's stuck on notes that made a blast
'what is your absolute dream?'
no clue!!! I scream
now with that blood reaches my knees when I lie
and shattered glass stains a cry
but one selfish day
of a one grey warning day
on a Storm
out of Vivaldi's norm
I'll make November's violins
spin the veins under my skin
when an alarm's clock won't erase history
nor dust the ink in black poetry
the purple eye
would know a who and an exact why
when a sudden mother's scream won't defeat
the eclipsed expressions or invisible heart beat
nor the recall of empty lines
things that used to be an impossible of possible defines
when a sun's light won't make a memory in sleep swing
nor the unnotice of a summer autumn winter or spring
wouldn't keep the pen's color on a compass' tip
on an adventure of a lost ship
east kills west north kills south
when the kissed would be a clear mouth
to live for the hope of it all
the said would be spit on a train station's phone call
the fall would reach the death quest
the unknown would be unraveled for the moment in rest
but the dream's missing pieces has nothing to do with the recorder
and that is why I would record ONCE then put the puzzle in a folder
**** the ones who saw
burn the **** machine after created in raw
I did title 'Waste Before You Taste' a long time ago surely
some greed changed my idea of mercy
a question to be answered is jeopardy
when no human shall know of there will be misery
when a heart of glass would be dropped and broken
when the darkest thunder of the dream was golden
once the ought to be a secret would be a wonderland stolen
I warned it would be a selfish day
yet you listened and now the death penalty you pay

                                                            ­                              -------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Aug 14
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, wish the sleep of evermore--}

a word of norm
a definition excluding the storms
not under these dorms

not a wall
not a hall
not a strange embrace of a soul

not buried dry under
not in louds of thunder
not in two hundred fumbles

not in blood count
slapped realization of the sound
silent responses on a floor found

not fake
a tremble to a mind shake
wild electric shots when eating the cake

not the warmth in cold humidity
mirror cries and mock me
broken pillows a past in lost history

invisible bruises with fingerprints
a wish the sleep of evermore tints
to flee and get the hint

                                                          ­                        ------ravenfeels
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