2d Lora Lee

those days
i put on
my black peacoat and rode the train
in Washington, D.C.,
i was pregnant with you.
Barb went with me.
i forget the name of the restaurant
where she drank all those bloody marys,
the one where senators
sometimes congregate.
i wanted to see
everything i could and we did

i fell in love again
with our presidents and their women.
i fell in love again
with my personal freedom
and my ability
to carry you
like a precious jewel in my womb,
a beautiful, new
little American to emerge

i felt my blood thicken
as we drove the streets of D.C.,
hopped the train for sightseeing.
i felt decisions
fall into place
and i reckoned the time was right
for you, for me
to begin a new life, put away
my peacoat and boots

Barb cried, the celery sticks adorning
her drinks
piling up
on her dinner dish
she couldn't believe
i was to become a mother.
i cried a little too.
it was in our nation's capitol
i realized i'd been waiting for you
all along, the reason for why
i live, to give to you this flawed,
beautiful country and all of my love.

  2d Lora Lee
S Olson

words are dying
in a hairy storm
of electric eruptions

beckoning winter’s
deathly tempest
like an iceberg fist—

—My fires have been talking
far too closely with my waters

of how our love
could be a rock elephant—
a temple, whole, or magnificent
like an incantation
on a balanced leg;
but you, scissor-cat
of forget-me-nots;
but you—favorite
flower eating our paper mouse:
pining affection is thin
and imbalanced inertia
in love is a bolted door.

  2d Lora Lee

i just wana be
your sweet dreamy demon lover boy
nocturnal emissions crimson puddle
a storm brewing over your body
blood moons kissing
your eyes in my mouth
your ass a sanctum
spired kicks
and hot spit licks

Satan and the Saints weeping
like naked torrents
i play her like a cello
a languid dirge
licking deep deep
with utterances  
wild caress
like black tea
steep steep

mouths gaping like
cherry blood raw
and rancid jam
a vampires moistened lips

till cunt drooled and pooled thick  
muscles flex taught
we are voodoo dolls in flames
all falling red ribbons
i am a pole of lightening
you all cum smog spread
your tongue a flogging lolly
spilling sparks
the body of this woman
a crying scar
red comet streaming
freaky kisses
flesh eater drinking
beaten bones and skin
marrow melting

sex crime
who did what to who
is it bad
are we sad
where we've  been
is it a sin ?

adult sadomasochism sex explicit spicy
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