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  Aug 4 Lora Lee
Anne Sexton
Many a miner has gone
into the deep pit
to receive the dust of a kiss,
an ore-cell.
He has gone with his lamp
full of mole eyes
deep deep and has brought forth
Jesus at Gethsemane.
Body of moss, body of glass,
body of peat, how sharp
you lie, emerald as heavy
as a golf course, ruby as dark
as an afterbirth,
diamond as white as sun
on the sea, coal, dark mother,
brood mother, let the sea birds
bring you into our lives
as from a distant island,
heavy as death.
  Jun 29 Lora Lee
hi bloodline, blood warm, crush kisses
red as a dress
chewable dandelion
interstate of honeybunches and grinning stars
over night lily light
and forever thighs
spit shine your moon beam
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