The sky of your skin
is a pearl...
a whisper
that leaves
me lush oasis,
fertile with sunrise and rain.

I love you
in the dark
where comfort
seeing you as a seed
from a star...

And no matter
how broken
your spirit is,
light always gives birth
to fire.

Inside this
depth of the perpetual,
I hold onto the light,
learning that
it is not an illusion
but a constant
            fire within
hard as metal
simultaneously lava soft
no longer boneless,
lumped jelly
              in a flaccid bowl
Instead I am bowled over
with new power,
plugged into
my own electric universe
in rushes of orgasmic voltage
that was always waiting for me
to see it
to allow it inside
the tissues of my body
to flow up and through
intestines, muscle, heart and bone
threads from
                 a glowing orb
that slake
and snake through me
like a river's glory
leaving the spirit on edge for more
and I am ever grateful
to take that light
                  spin it into a gift
                       unwrap it slowly
                            drape it
                              over me like
                                 a flowing,
unstitched garment        
pour its liquid-tipped velvet
onto my follicles, sensitive
tender luminosity
touching all the right places
its silvery essence
flooding me in
drips and slips
healing all the lost
and lonely places,
desolation's imprint
hollows of brimmed-over    
I have become
a quivering, stellar bud
bursting forth, each day
                       burning into new
rebirth in quenching torrents
ripe as ovarian silk
soaked in
cellular juice
inner seeds ready to be flung
unto the earth
into the wilderness
into expansion
ready to
          and bloom
          and bloom

I speak to trees and animals
Inspired by passion joy and pain
The Seasons and the Stars
Vibrate as words that fall like rain

Still striving for Deliverance
A wish for ‘Once upon a time'
Then a happy ending
Denying all war, fear and crime

Anthropomorphic expression
Uninhibited Truth unfurled
Language follows a path
The Reader lured into that world

I love the trees and animals
Their mysterious connections
Primitive and ripened
Nature’s animized perfection

Ecstasy carries a poet
The similes, metaphors start
All of nature vibrates
Brought closer to the human heart

This was inspired by how, I imagine, poets relate to nature-or how I do, at least.   Also a mockingbird attacking my old cat outside on the patio today needed a talking to...
  5d Lora Lee

A candle lit for love, borrowed light from the Sun
my simple prayer is heard before it is spoke
before it takes form from lips into words.
You always know our hearts, let our hearts be love
a flowing back and forth from creator to creature
and creature to creature in perpetual union.

I gate the desires
like veins does blood
As my temptress
bolds my love

Cheeks talk white
Tongues see thin
I kiss the dreams
And plush my sin

The seven truths
A bridge to burn
I kiss your soil
I parch your fern

I steal your breath
Amp your light
I'm shadow between
Silk and night

I am the art
Within your book
I am the castle
To your rook

The calyx face
So bee Devine
I make honey
One kiss a time

Waiting for the storm
to lower its head and charge

In ozone incense of unstable air
Eons of ions ago
horned and heavy negatives
lock prey within vortical-eye
Angelic flutter of electrons struggling on--
in yellowish friction above...

“...Did I tell you?”

Love is lightning hotter than the sun!


resolving in the only way it can
a design that cannot save itself!

Clouds roar away--
For a minute-- I think that I will too
-- along with all these words and rain

“...and did I tell you...

how thunderstorms remind me
...of love...the way it should be

and the worship after?”

Published in the April 2017 edition of SWITCH magazine
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