6d Lora Lee
I hear the rhythmic clapping
And feel the pounding of feet on the ground
As dust swirls and dances around
While I sit facing the sun
In all her divine beauty.
Encased in the wood of the red gum tree.
I am at peace.
Burnum carves my totem outside
Surrounded by holy men,
Loved ones and ancestors.
This is my signifier and protection
I am Miki the moon
Recently returned to my tribe
Heeding the call of the spirits.
My people mourn deeply
But know I will come again
To be at one with them,
First I must commune with the great creator
Rainbow spirit of the sky
For now is the time for dreaming.
sometimes all i have are words made of fire
burning in the back of my throat,
turning every breath into smoke,
and every bone into wood
but i hope they are warm enough
for you to stay with me and watch me
rise from my ashes, only to burn down once again

there is ancient blood in my veins
i am the kingdom of my ancestors,
living, breathing, existing in the calm
and chaos of this world
and i do not want you to forget
that i am destined to be a martyr in the name
of love — i know you will leave and i know
it is i, who will suffer through the night and writhe in agony
as the sun dies and the queen of the night rises in white

they say there is a war within us,  enough battles to last centuries,
enough sadness to eclipse us both and they say
we will drown a hundred times, sinking to the bottom
of the ocean until the waves carry our broken bodies
to the shorelines and it is because  the universe cannot
hold us together, it cannot contain so much love all at once
so i know you will leave unwillingly,
i know it is i, who will mourn
i know it is you, who will die

but you leaving is the death of me

  Mar 8 Lora Lee
Her dark circles two
In her eyes where
I dove deep
Those black pools
In the center
Of doe eyed
Irises the white cream
My eyes they studied
Made circles took me
My aura in
Undressed me
Wanted lusted
Sighed her two lips
Red lush
Almost agony
Time seemed
Sighs became touches of arms
Legs brushing
Dances in
Dim light backlit
From a fire
A flame a
Warmth sound and pure
Nature animal sure
A rushing waterfall a sky of no limits
A mountains tall majesty
A prairie fair spread
Before us
A feast
Of targeted greed need wanton
Abandon together
Just us
And heaven
  Mar 5 Lora Lee
The gleaming moonshine on your hair,
fragmented star splitters in your eye,
your smile repainting supernova's glare
appoint you the ruler of my sky.
Experimenting with shorter lines :)
  Mar 3 Lora Lee
i see her
and as i do my shadow grows
gold like Harlows hair

and then to
like an undigested sun
and the music of a gnawing universe
with whelping teeth
and melting white candles
gets me dancing
like a dragging needle
through grieving flesh

she droops
like a thick cloud
bending towards me
a sky in flames
in a torn dress

and her kisses whip through me
like wind through mists
  Mar 3 Lora Lee
She Writes
He reminded me how to breathe
By leaving me breathless
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