May 12 Lora Lee
The ocean of emotions
Feelings can be like the tide

Some only skim the surface
Then retreat back into the sea
Others swell until they are so powerful
Nothing can hold them back from crashing

But most flow of their own accord
They come in and they go out
A ripple eventually breaks to a wave

And all that remains
Are sunken footprints on the edge
Of an island misunderstood
To let every crest touch
Each grain of sand
Or the salt wash over me

How many of us have stood on the shore
So terrified of drowning

That we never dive that deep
  May 12 Lora Lee
I'm told its best to eat low on the food chain
so if its okay
i'll start at your feet
and work my way up tenderly
excited like a child climbing a great tree
for the first time
aspiring to your kind mouth

but forgive me my love, alas my manners
have left me
i fear i'm stuck between your thighs
your shimmering slit has me woozy
oooh candy red lolly
so very cherry jolly
my favorite color since i was six years old
you know
and so wet like babies drool

can we open this butter cup
it all loving alizarin silk
a gift for my tongue
splashing pink
little fluttering bull frog
ready to turn into your prince

the taste of ephony
my attention deficient disorder
my learning disabilities evaporated

why didn't they teach me to read like this
i can taste the entire alphabet inside of you
numbers come with colors now
making sense suddenly
i feel the alchemy of poetry and art
high mathematics and astrophysics
i hear the music of the spheres
and every molecule
the earth giving birth
to the spice of creation

next you say,
would i like to know the constellations of heaven
yes please my lady
i'm definitely going to kiss your ass
  May 2 Lora Lee
Midnight Rain
skin of my bones
once too gentle,
too soft, too delicate  

but no more, no more

i have buried an
ancient fire in my soul

see, this skin isn't skin
it is filled with flames

and your fingers will not recognize
me anymore

you will burn

you will  burn

 *  you will burn

           from my touch*

  Apr 29 Lora Lee
dawn has broken her silence
and speaks

a leaf falls from the branch

she will be seen
in these interludes
standing her ground
as still as a tree

what are the purpose of words
without their roots?
they fly away with the lightest touch
allowing all those left unsaid
to quietly grow in her throat
until she swallows a forest

let her be heard
  Apr 29 Lora Lee
The orchid is flowering
a living mandala
Next to my bed
I hear it in my dreams
It's telling me very strange things
About the chemistry between us
And what being a flower really is
And what it really means.

There's a lot to learn.

The orchid whispers in chemical symbols

I danced through the night one night
I drank water in the desert
The sweetest taste, I've ever known
I heard a sound I've never heard before
The buzzing of Chi
Blowing in
while the curtains fluttered
In the night time wind.

Our time I know is limited
Forever wilts away

But while the orchid is flowering
That's for another day

I find myself longing for the scent of the night and at least
One more dream to go.
Lora Lee Apr 28
Let my fingers
caress the wounds
of your chakras
in multicolored beams
                            of light
stroking the vibrations
Let me soothe and
lift them
to their peak
strengthen the strings
of violin tenacity
Let my third eye open
and meet yours
for a dance along
the astral plane
our gaze forever locking

For as it is now
we are restrained in our
rectangles of glass
boxes of electric ecstasy
beyond beautiful,
what I would give
to lay one palm upon
your heaving chest
in fiery tender
To brush my lips
upon the tip of
your eyelashed ocean
meet me
lash me to you
let me tremble
into the
humming of
our lips
  Apr 14 Lora Lee
I do not want to build a castle
From your bones
Or a throne atop the remnants

Of an empire you once ruled
I would never plant my flag upon
A fresh corpse
And claim this is my kingdom

What honor is there
In being queen of the ashes?

Had I known I would rise
Where you would fall
This crown and laurel wreath
Would be nothing but dust
A crumbling realm turned ruin

No dragons will be slayed this day
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