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Unnamed Dec 2014
We should find some time
to enjoy each others presence.

We should take the time
to learn a little more about each other.

We should spend some time
to write a cute song.

We should spend the time
to cry a little.

But we won't. We never will.
Life is to busy for love.

So we never took the time
to enjoy each others presence.

We never spent the time
to learn a little more about each other.

We never did take the time
to write a cute song.

We should've spent some time
to cry a little.
Unnamed Dec 2014
At some point I asked for the truth.
I dreamed of finally knowing.
I thought the truth is what I needed.
And now I know.

For Me they said.
All the silence was for me.
But for what?
And now I know.

The bluff was called,
and war was raged.
The concept of forgiveness was forgotten.
And now I know.

They say Ye shall know the truth
And the truth shall set you free.
And now I know.

Freedom isn't very free,
If you have no purpose.
And now I know the the truth,
Now I have a purpose.
Unnamed Sep 2014
All I seem to receive.
The letters on the wall seem to prove that.
I give my blood.
I give my life.
For What?
Unnamed May 2014
Life doesn't go on.
When your life is from a tree.
Just fall from a place.
Unnamed May 2014
Blood Fall.
Zealous Jealousy.
We work for what we love.
Unnamed May 2014
Words on paper, notes on sheet music cannot express what only the night sky can. For fire and ice eternally dance in the farthest reaches of time. An adventure, that is all the night sky is. It embodies the unknown, which we reach our fingers out for in every blink of our eyes.

The deep blue of the ocean. The great purple of the mountains. Nothing can compare to the ever lit darkness of the night sky. Where the light surfs upon its foe for all of eternity. The night sky is a battle. Light and dark, a large scale of my soul. Where one star flickers out another one is soon to brighten itself to humanity.

One night is all it takes, in the cover of darkness, to have worlds of light touch your eyes.
One hundred days are worth a single night under enchanting beauty.
Unnamed May 2014
For light I do not know, and love I do not care.
But a lie I did just receive and give you.
For light I do know and love I do care.
Allow me a reason to set you free.

It the long drawn out nights, and romantic sunrises,
that set forth a stream.
Your life is intertwined with mine, and as a river meets another
Allow me a reason to bring us together.

I once wrote a song, a long piano ballad.
The notes told of you, of me, and our ever storybook love.
Now here we are with the world around us.
Allow me a reason to sing you to life.
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