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Chaotic Melodic Sep 2013
Like coral reefs dancing
with the curl of the tides,
you are always changing..
ever growing.
And sharp with your freedom
I feared that you would drown me
but your waves were playful
and dressed with sunset
scarlet whispers
quick glances
of flame thrown
recklessly from your eyes,
those waving embers,
Oh the sweetness in their burn.
They beg for strokes as soft
as sunrise
and lips as lingering as the breeze.
© 2013 Chaotic Melodic
Chaotic Melodic Jul 2013
I rearrange the shards of
Smiles and slivers of truth
That collide like broken waves
On the shores of my eyes
Like fragrant words of folly
As if to tickle the open ears
Like teardrops in a vase
And spokes that spin in wild wonder
Dance as if their lacing fingers
Draw magic from the dust
But I remember
In sane whispers drawl
I haven't lost that which holds the breath sacred
As rising tides of hidden lunar glow
Spark and fly from their embers
Our fear
In restless highs slide toes out from
Under the star shine
Curiously sweet yet sickening to swallow
Our tongues burned of what we could not speak clearly enough
For the stirring ashes we thought were as corpses
beat rhythms once again
And I couldn't hold you long enough
But still I released and hoped you would return
And you did
Carefully melodic at first
Yet hopelessly chaotic as we laid
-Cory James McQueen
Chaotic Melodic Jul 2013
Allowing the energy that
Pulses through the universe
To flow
Without effort
And allow its messages of love to be
Captured by your receptors like a radio
So that
You can transmit the love further
Compile and compress into language
The love that speaks
So queer without words
So that you can whisper them into the sleepwalkers ears
And hopefully rouse them gently
Like removing the blindfold
And releasing the music from mute
Open up the senses, both physical and intuitive
By turning down the restless mind
Mute the channel of thought so that
You can introduce harmonic resonances into the framework
Mixing and blending samples of love tones
Helping others get in touch with the rhythms
And beats of the divine
And by helping then get in touch
You can turn on channels within them
That they have yet to discover
Channels that are programmed within us
For that exact purpose
For us to unlock the dams that
Prevent the flow of love frequencies
To electrify us
And dissolve isolation

-Chaotic Melodic
Chaotic Melodic Jul 2013
Emotions are like oceans.
The suffering we feel is not just our own,
but a splash of what
our species has suffered
since we awoke.
But so is the love and laughter as well.
When we express what we feel,
we draw from these currents and tides
that have always existed and will always exist.
So what do you want to draw?
Doesn't matter if you don't know how or
nobody ever told you..
How beautiful you are..
How strong your heart is as it drums on within you..

-Chaotic Melodic
Chaotic Melodic Jul 2013
The thoughts in our minds
are like shards of
glass reflecting light.
Pieces of something once complete
that has since exploded and
spiraled off into the cosmos,
and we rearrange them to craft some
sort of image for ourselves,
some sort of reality.
Which is why I like to blow my mind,
so instead of broken glass it turns
into glass art.
Lets blow our minds and see what happens!!

-Chaotic Melodic
Chaotic Melodic Jul 2013
Oh sunrise with your flushed cheeks
Wash over me
For the night was long
And as rustling
Breezes whisper through the trees
I breathe you in

You are stunning in your rapturous escape
from the prison that's kept you
picking at your scabs for company.
You are sweetly smiling
as you nibble through the walls that,
stained with blood,
contained the smoldering embers within.
Oh fresh breath, upon your face,
it gives life to what you thought
was lifeless.

The one that became many,
as if by smashing itself to understand
just what it's made of.
We are shards of that light,
trembling as peculiar flickers.
May the darkness in space be
a blank slate for you to shine and build within.
We as pieces,
when we look deeply realize
we are made up on the same patterns that
scatter endlessly in the cosmos.
Fractal art we are!

-Chaotic Melodic
Chaotic Melodic Jul 2013
And in the moments
where movements of the soul
shift the thoughts and awareness
to the cracks.. to remind
that the mind is crafting this dream,
it interprets the world and in
it's best intention,
it attempts to flatten and compress
the endless data.
Laying the symbols and memes
into stone
and since we operate in a symbolic fashion
it brings comfort to know
that reality can seem so static,
so unchanging
but the cracks...
Oh.. the cracks!
And through the cracks in the street
the seeds sprout wildly into grass
and through the cracks in the sky
the rains burst and wash the sands of
yesterday from our skin
and from the cracks in your throat
the songs of tomorrow shine in resonance
through your voice
and by the cracks in your smile
I'm reminded
of why
I love you so much

-Chaotic Melodic
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