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My written words are a sin to your glory
and the silent beauty in your fair smile.
By theses words, i owe a poet’s debt
not to make false what is beyond my words
to write by coping poorly what nature’s hand has made.

But write only what love can express
in these poor words...      
Words that are silent before your beauty.

For my words come up short of devising your
praise. Your beauty is beyond my words, maybe to be
read only in the silence that lives in my soul.
Luke Kerzich May 2017
She ran.

I slipped and slept on the dust I used to tread.
It's not like I was dead but my heart just seemed to lie inside my head.
My conscience opposed the opposition to live,
Timid and stiff like fossils in the mud.
Dust just seemed to cover the other memories and theses in my mind
As I lied and pondered why not to die when the one thing keeping
Me here felt peer pressure and rushed off without trying to
Remember what love was.
Doves can get struck by an arrow and reincarnate as a crow,
So just know maybe the next life I'll be better
And you'll lie in the lows of life.

You ran.
KnudsonK Oct 2013
Im so Alone..     ..... .on my own .
Im bent....Iam spent..... darkness my only friend.
Another secret we will share.
Inot sure when and I dont know where.
But I dont care. Im glad Im there.
It    Whispers  Images that come in waves...
Each appearing  in it own unique way.
In a  vibrant white and yellow glow..
A silhouette of a man...   I do not know.
The outline of a  very high bridge....
That spans across a narrow ridge.
Letters, numbers a bass guitar....
A lined highway road that  goes straight ,very far.

Each image manifests,and dissipates...
into the pitch black, empty space.
Illuminated in electric light.
Shifting shape before my eyes.
They see all ,theyre opened wide.
What happened to gravity.?Why do they glide?

What I thought was a loud buzzing hum...
Accompanied  by the pound of a  drum.
Is  the silence that  echos in  my head.
 It courses my   veins...Like the blood I have bled.
Only it  holds me here instead,as if im incased  in a ton of lead
To  my bed and pillow held under this weight.
 Only I could be fragile glass about to break
Until  I reminded myself that what I feel is fake.
Then my mind is pulled to a quiet hush. 
Where my  head sinks down in  inviting plush

Suddenly I feel as if  I'm floating  in time.....   
Forward yet I'm moving into mine.
Theses images -that  continue to fade in....  
Then changing as it fades right back out again.
 While others make there way with a pop
That flashes  down low and shifts up to the top....
And lingers for a moment til its shape forms  another to take its place.
 What omce  vague I come to realize that what actually fades in and out is  I.
In and out but forward into myself .I wonder how thought  it was anything else.
 Am I in flight or am I floating ...into the images I go through.?
Should I question if what I see if false or true?
I won't look down for fear the view.
It might will let me drop and'.I dont know if I want to start.

As I go forward   into my self I move  on- In this current  Im carried it pulls me  along .
Through a timeless space of nowhere.
Every thing is as meaningful  as it  is pointless  there.
 I m drifting.... I drift in a slow steady pace. 
Not just watching .....but Ive become part of the space 
Not only within.... but all over the place.

Interacting with each scene - that I see - as I glide.
Looking from inside .....but also within.
When what I watch ends....another begins.

As if it is the most normal thing in my whole life
What seems strangely familiar, Is too vague to realize.
While It escapes all  logic  Its so incredibly wise.
I even ask myself not to believe my eyes.
But Im true to myself I tell no lies.?..Not this time....
Not  to me myself and I.
I f  there were times , surely, this is not one.
  I see myself  doing things I've done
 And doing these things.... things I'd never do.
Yet Im continueing to do them all the way through.
And Im feeling the same emotions I see me haveing too.
They come and go as quickly as what surrounds me.
Whatevers around me..
. Laughter, surprise,embarrassment they go on and on.... 
Anger, contentment.....but  I feel mostly mostly calm.
  In a hum of  energy that  sometimes snaps and sparks.
But It continues in motion even when I dont want it.
 In a current pulled away  but within it ....Im on it.

In a flash I stop. It lets me drop...
With that halt - I m in a fall .
Gravity ****** me heavily away.
It pulls my body and stretches my face.....
It tosses my tummy like a carnival ride.
And me, with this awful fear of heights...
Thats when I remember- I know how to fly.
I dont end in a crash....I soar to  the skies....
Im an expert at this I barely have to try.

I feel so safe, so free from harm.Oh great ,Whats the noise coming out of my arm?
I this sound ,'What is it ?
Why...thats my alarm!!!
                       Eyes open wide.What a ride!
MEDITATION Astro glide.

                        ­          -
stopdoopy Jun 2018
Do you ever wonder if they care as much as they say they do?

Why can't they answer your message?

Why do they only give a few brief words?

Why does it feel like you're the only one trying?

If you have theses or similar questions
then it might be time to cut yourself free and wait.

Wait until they ask you how you are.

Wait until they answer your message.

Wait until they try to put some effort in.

If it never comes, then they don't.
don't just wallow in your sadness either though
Why am I crying
am I an unemotional wreck  
Something wounds me
Deep hurt
Lingering pain.
Can't stop theses  tears running down my cheeks.
A crashing of waves
Thundering in my heart.
Roaring of break down in relationships.
Overwhelming fear.
of unexpected.
Deep sense of not knowing we're theses emotions arise from.
You might have locked them away in a cupboard.
Until a event somewhere something triggers them off.
Then you have to face that heartache.
and let go of the wound
So that the scab can heal.
atticus wilson Oct 2018
I wanted to write something
So I’ll write this
I have no idea what it’s about
But does it have to be about anything
Couldn’t a poem be about
A puppy
A clown
A funny story about your life
Or even some mix of them all
Theses are all just random thoughts
That I’m putting in the poem
I have no idea how to get Her to like me
I know it’s over with She
I guess I’ll move on to Her
I guess that this is all for
My random chaos poem
Johnny walker Mar 30
The once dark cloud that descended all around me when sweetheart
today somewhat has been lifted with the
of the sun that shines
lifts from me my darkest days to again think
of those sunny
I spent with her such joyful days all but
now sadly never to be again but I have
memories still
my sweetheart and all we used to be so relieved  that winters
so cold without her where Helen once warmed my
coldest days with
the warmth of her
I'd snuggle In Oh how I miss that so, but I'll make the best of
sunny days and live them for the both of us, for never shall I forget
My darkest days went by the returning sun after the cold of winter
Faith is the key
Trust. *is the key
To *hope

We cannot function and be close to God.
Without *trials

We cannot grow in *Character
and Love **grace
Deavan Pappas Aug 2018
People always pray to me

Just so they can follow blindlessly,

Always asking for forgiveness

just because the manners that they missed,

Now all they pray for is a crisis,

All I do is look down on my creation

Hoping for a better nation

That people can relate in

With the higher population

From all this baby maken

I see all the souls that are faken

From all the bodies that are taken

New faces are awakened

Put 2 and two together realizing I am Satan that you have forsaken,

The devil that you have unraveled

To follow behind to travel,

But now he’s upset and graveled

Because all theses souls that I have tackled are chained up and shackled
Pyrrha Jan 21
I have a notepad where I quickly jot down ideas
Many are confusing prompts for a poem I didn't have time to write
However most are plans I have for the future
Specifically the future with someone I still have yet to meet

I write about the things I will say to them
What we will do and where we will go
I plan soft trips to Baskin Robins and little comic book shops
Vacations filled with theme parks, museums, and explorations

I write about the days we will stay inside
In our quiet little space we take up in the world
Rainy days where we stay in each other's arms reading a good book or watching classics and horror on the TV

Days where we will come home to each other humming a song or dancing about the room
How we will support each other through times of stress and confusion
How we will look at each other when we know our life's a mess
And how our love will get us through the calamity in between

I think about theses moments very often
I wonder if you are out there thinking about them too?
What's is it  all about.

Wind down.





All theses won't  satisfy us.
Only when we open the door to our hearts.
And let Jesus live within.
Jesus is the answer for the world today.
Above him there is no other.
Jesus is the way.
Sensitive to theses foods.
Black pepper
Bloating wind gas
I will keep a food daily report
And show to my doctor in 6 ,weeks
Oh the joys of passing smelly wind .. embarrassing
The first time I walked through the door of  a group of people.
I sat there  feeling. Alone not included.
Not one came over to ask me if they could help me.
Or just took a moment to say hello not seen you here before
. can I get you something
Pehaps a cuppa
Would make you feel  welcomed into strange  environment.
Only you know theses desperate times of  being alone at home.
Different  type of aloneness amongst strangers.
I usually tell myself, “it’s okay”.
I’m going to put down the pen, take a little break.
Just like my drawing pencil, another little mistake.
This can’t be erased! I wasn’t thinking with my head.
I loved grabbing that pencil, sketches full of lead.
One day I’ll get back to it.
I usually tell myself, “it is what it is”.
Look towards the next entertainment, just like a kid.
I constantly move as I breathe.
If there’s something I don’t like I won’t sit still I’ll probably leave.
I always say, “I’m going to take a break from writing poetry”.
Theses words constantly be roaming me.
Another thought from my brain, knowingly.
I’m letting you in, so you can notice me.
To know why sometimes I’m here then I’m not.
Every day I usually have poetry on the spot.
Like Erica said, I have too much up my sleeve!
I just don’t write about life, things you wouldn’t believe.
My imagination exceeds and I have thoughts I need to achieve.
If only people can see what I see.
Maybe I should take a break from me.
Erica is a another talent artist. Friends with her on fb and joined her poetry group.
sandra wyllie Nov 2018
***** Water

I wish my hurt were bath water
I’d wash it down the drain
Accumulated from the years
rinse out all the pain

My tears fill the bath and still spill over the sides
hurtful things people done, too many lies
floating inside theses bubbles,
escaping my pain and my troubles.
Never feeling clean/never feeling clean

When you’ve grown up to feel useless you become
No better than ***** water; no better than floating ****
I try to skim it off the top, it sticks like chewing gum
I’ve scrubbed it with a scouring pad, turning the water bright red
Never feeling clean/never feeling clean

One day I’m going to put my face down into the water
Let it get inside my ears, my eyes, my nose my mouth
Drown my sorrow. Drown this body .
Let my spirit fly/ clean at last/clean of the past
If you want to touch God's heart
Call him Father.
If you want to God to fill you up.
Spend more time in his presence.
If you want to Touch God's heart
Trust. and obey him.

Without theses qualities we will not surely   grow.
We leave room for the evil one. to slip through the back door.
Before we know it
We have forgotten to live life without the most important person who created us.
Our father God.
Johnny walker May 23
The United Nations are looking Into our Conservatives Government
and described the poor
living by there rule are treated like the eqiverlant
of a Vitorian Work
But when are they going to step In and stop this disgusting behavior by people not fit to rule we
have our women forced to selling ***
they don't have enough money to live on or feed their children they are going hungry disadvantaged people mental health Issues comiting
because of benifits they are entillteld which have been stopped 90 a month killing themself people forced out of their homes and to the streets  because of Universal
not being able to pay their rent food banks but the Government say they can't see a problem Suprize when will It end when will theses poor people get Justice when Is the United Nations going to say
Is enough and stop this evil Government put them on trial to pay for there crimes
against Humanity
deliberately targeting the most
In our society I say shame on
them I will keep Writing untill this Is ended for good and may I live to see
I hope I Live long enough
Scent of sweet green grass
smoking between bubble foam -
right there, inverted souls.

Nostrils - gods of wind
and storm, unleashed so softly,
bubbles faring smooth.

Arranging paintings on still waters -
our breath the ***** of countless healing hearts,
we travel through theses gardens of our busy mind,
so fast - we almost cannot grasp the closeness of plain wholeness.

On speedy tracks we fall to loving
while moments are long gone.
Thinking, sinking in dimensions,
where for once we give us as we feel, oily flowing the wheel.

Yes and no, stop and go,
such powerful instruments,
fast, sometimes, slow.

Already hearts of light,
on their way of finding trust inside -

open as they kiss

Always a surprise what a cup of tea can start. :D

23. September 2019
Hannah Jul 2018
I want to walk away from my past. The ones that are my nightmares. That hunt me and find me from every corner of my thoughts.
    All items and memories that are apart of them.
Burn them to ashes. Have them not exist anymore and have no worries of them.
  Open up my brain for new memories that are better and that won’t hunt me.
  Welcome people who are better for my mental health and spiritual self. That won’t stab me in the back as I blink.
    I wake up once again from my dream and realize. That I am back in this round planet that might be flat and it’s rules are not like my brain and subconscious. I can’t do some of theses actions. I just have to live life like the rest of these humans.
Written: in March or April 2018
John Blackport Jul 2018
Thank you
For these lies you've led
Thank you for theses promises you said
I was dead inside

It's time to let go
Its because of you i know

My knife is a little sharper
I hit back a little harder
I bite down a little stronger
Im stronger because of you
Im stronger that i ever knew  

There is a part of me thankful
for the pain you caused me

Made me
hate me
Showed me what i haven't seen before

I'm stronger now
Stronger than you
Thanks because of you
Jade Lima Jul 4
My whole being is corrupt.
Could things get any more ******?
It seems like the whole ******* universe is out to get me.
All I tried to do was work on myself and be myself but no one really ever lets me.
It’s past the point of fixing.
Everything that’s true they make worse, it’s my whole existence they’ve been nixing.
So why can I only use these typed out letters?
I’m useless and logic never works, common sense just makes them worse.
Why are people so conniving and rude.
I always had the idea of death in my head, because there’s no way to fix this or my life or existence so what the **** is the difference if I end up dead?
Why the **** is so much wrong with my being and what’s going on in my head?
They’re like a ****** up cult that pick apart your weaknesses until you have nothing left.
Weaseling their way in for their own sick gain cause they could care less about who ends up dead, how by now am I not completely insane?
It’s all a hoax, it’s turning into some morbid joke.
I feel like tying theses ***** up with rope, nail their eyeball into the socket and make them bleed out for all the torment.
But I guess I’m completely ******, because these ******* are all somehow loved.
And I’m the one whose always hated.
There’s probably no way to evade it.
I can’t even escape this cesspool of a town or get out of this twisted cycle.
Johnny walker May 25
I can have no regrets for lived a life with my wife
for twenty years before God decided she should
I placed a note upon my door to deter persistently
the religious callers knocking on my
And It simply reads I qoute "God Left This House The Day He Took My Wife"that how I saw
I did not want theses people pushing religion at my door I don't need this I have my own
If at the end of my life I'm to be judged then so be It I
can deal with that for I'm
not evil or
In the name of religion so I have nothing to fear at the end of my days for If the life I've lived Is not good enough so be
I'm not religious because of the corruption In The Church but do have my own believes If that not good enough then so be It
People rushing to work
Just another ordinary day
Or so it seemed.
The worst imaginable thing happened.
Bang smash  right into the twin towers
Panic rushing around like crazy
Franctic people pushing and shoveling
Screaming  shouting.
People jumping to escape the flames
The smell of death
Feeling of hopelessness.
Firemen  caught trapped in the blaze.
Suddenly the whole block collapses
Gone in a moment.all theses lives.
Never forget the souls of September the 11th
Whenever you are in a situation
Where you can barley think anything
Where you can barely hear the words
People try to say to help

Remember theses words
“ Action speak louder then words”

— The End —