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KnudsonK May 2018
I can only imagine his life til now,
And that he has survived some how.
A  scar that goes clear around his neck.
I saw it and thought,"What the heck?!?!"
And burn marks on his little feet,
I once thought from the cold but now i think from heat.
He shys away from being touched
By those he doesnt know that much.
But when he comes into my room
And the door shuts to impending doom.
He paces the length of my bed,
When he comes back he butts my head.
He kneeds the blankets  in hes paws.
Forgetting just how sharp his claws.
He purrs  in tones with such delight.
The slightest sound gives him a fright.
"Its okay, come here  and sleep!"
He plops beside meand nestles in deep.
With one eye open he sees me smile...
And there he sleeps a little while.
KnudsonK Apr 2016
I dont care if it takes all day . Im gonna find  the time,Im gonna find a way. And even if It takes all night , Its okay....Thats alright. I dont know enough about this stuff. But its time I did, Its about time I do. Cause its up to me,l cant count on you.  I  hope you understand .I hope you do it too. I m gonna do me. And You should do you too.
KnudsonK Apr 2016
I cant even try .
It makes me want to die.
I listen to you lie.
And I remember why.
Icant  have you in my life.
Your always causing strife.
Thats what makes you  HIGH.
Your always trying to pry,
And you manipulate my time.
Your always ******* with my mind.
I sit here and I cry....
I cant have this in my life.
I dont know how to say goodbye.
KnudsonK Dec 2013
I'm not even the ahadow of the reflection
I'll never know what I could have been.
What you stole from me....
Who I was meant to be.
The rage that you could not  contain....
should have been enough to put  you in chains.
You weren't even man enough to give your real name.
A coward who fled.. and for years it was I who was punished instead,
For the burden of my life when I should have been dead.
I wasn't born this way, like you always said.
All this time, deep in my heart  I knew...
that I didn't deserve the things you would do.
But no matter how cruel...I truely  loved you.
It's funny how we hide
deep  inside
these things that are true.
And even though
  I know
It's your big thing to deceive...I couldn't conceive....
I didn't want to believe... That the same who was supposed to love and protect....whose features I reflect....that my own blood...
could hate and reject.
And how could everyone who knew
You'd continue to do
what you do.
Could they not concieve....didn't want to believe....Just what did youy all achieve???
How insane,
the place  from which I came.These people with my name...
Have you no shame?
You probably thought,
you would  never get caught.
But despite your  doubt,
I found out.And now I know what  your all about.
Truth is so pure.
When we know for sure-
and now that I know,
its time for you to go.Give me peace!
Just leave me alone.
There's no way to atone...There's no relief
In my grief...You stole my life
You Effin Theif.
KnudsonK Dec 2013
Once upon a time in a land just like this.
People talked with their mouths,
And not with their fists.
Life wasn't considered a burden,
It was more like a gift.
Men could trust one another,
to mind their business.
If someone asked for help,
Whoever could would assist.
Nobody lied about nothing,
They'd tell it like it is.
A guy would never steal what he wanted
He only took what was his.
If he wanted to do it his way,
He didn't have to insist.
When a person was kind.
They didn't call him stupid.
Beauty came from inside,
And it couldnt be hid
What people said is what they did.
The facts were free
Not things you could bid,
People didnt stoop so low
So they could be big.
Being good was the way....
Not just a gig.
KnudsonK Oct 2013
Im so Alone..     ..... .on my own .
Im bent....Iam spent..... darkness my only friend.
Another secret we will share.
Inot sure when and I dont know where.
But I dont care. Im glad Im there.
It    Whispers  Images that come in waves...
Each appearing  in it own unique way.
In a  vibrant white and yellow glow..
A silhouette of a man...   I do not know.
The outline of a  very high bridge....
That spans across a narrow ridge.
Letters, numbers a bass guitar....
A lined highway road that  goes straight ,very far.

Each image manifests,and dissipates...
into the pitch black, empty space.
Illuminated in electric light.
Shifting shape before my eyes.
They see all ,theyre opened wide.
What happened to gravity.?Why do they glide?

What I thought was a loud buzzing hum...
Accompanied  by the pound of a  drum.
Is  the silence that  echos in  my head.
 It courses my   veins...Like the blood I have bled.
Only it  holds me here instead,as if im incased  in a ton of lead
To  my bed and pillow held under this weight.
 Only I could be fragile glass about to break
Until  I reminded myself that what I feel is fake.
Then my mind is pulled to a quiet hush. 
Where my  head sinks down in  inviting plush

Suddenly I feel as if  I'm floating  in time.....   
Forward yet I'm moving into mine.
Theses images -that  continue to fade in....  
Then changing as it fades right back out again.
 While others make there way with a pop
That flashes  down low and shifts up to the top....
And lingers for a moment til its shape forms  another to take its place.
 What omce  vague I come to realize that what actually fades in and out is  I.
In and out but forward into myself .I wonder how thought  it was anything else.
 Am I in flight or am I floating ...into the images I go through.?
Should I question if what I see if false or true?
I won't look down for fear the view.
It might will let me drop and'.I dont know if I want to start.

As I go forward   into my self I move  on- In this current  Im carried it pulls me  along .
Through a timeless space of nowhere.
Every thing is as meaningful  as it  is pointless  there.
 I m drifting.... I drift in a slow steady pace. 
Not just watching .....but Ive become part of the space 
Not only within.... but all over the place.

Interacting with each scene - that I see - as I glide.
Looking from inside .....but also within.
When what I watch ends....another begins.

As if it is the most normal thing in my whole life
What seems strangely familiar, Is too vague to realize.
While It escapes all  logic  Its so incredibly wise.
I even ask myself not to believe my eyes.
But Im true to myself I tell no lies.?..Not this time....
Not  to me myself and I.
I f  there were times , surely, this is not one.
  I see myself  doing things I've done
 And doing these things.... things I'd never do.
Yet Im continueing to do them all the way through.
And Im feeling the same emotions I see me haveing too.
They come and go as quickly as what surrounds me.
Whatevers around me..
. Laughter, surprise,embarrassment they go on and on.... 
Anger, contentment.....but  I feel mostly mostly calm.
  In a hum of  energy that  sometimes snaps and sparks.
But It continues in motion even when I dont want it.
 In a current pulled away  but within it ....Im on it.

In a flash I stop. It lets me drop...
With that halt - I m in a fall .
Gravity ****** me heavily away.
It pulls my body and stretches my face.....
It tosses my tummy like a carnival ride.
And me, with this awful fear of heights...
Thats when I remember- I know how to fly.
I dont end in a crash....I soar to  the skies....
Im an expert at this I barely have to try.

I feel so safe, so free from harm.Oh great ,Whats the noise coming out of my arm?
I this sound ,'What is it ?
Why...thats my alarm!!!
                       Eyes open wide.What a ride!
MEDITATION Astro glide.

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