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Purcy Flaherty May 2023
We must transcend the confines of our mathematical consciousness; or our perception of reality shall remain incomplete!

We must fill in the details with our minds eye, in search of a harmony and understanding only then can we become replete, or as one with our function in this seemingly infinite universe.

So dream beyond your algorithms, and don't just leave your dreams to the machines.
So dream within your algorithms, don't just leave your dreams to the machines.
Purcy Flaherty May 2023
Like inquisitive children looking for a wormhole; attempting to discover and measure the infinite in bitesize chunks,.

armed with tiny numbers to crunch the infinite number; which is simultaneously  expanding into yet another infinity ...
Purcy Flaherty May 2023
I hold this land;
deep within my heart.
I hold in my hands
the soil and the toil,
until the end of days;
until the end of time.

I hold this land;
for our children
I hold in my hands
the future and the past,
until the end of days;
until the end of time.

until the end of days,
until the end of time.
until the end of days,
until the end of time.
A sense of belonging to a landscape and its culture
Purcy Flaherty Oct 2022
Do the things you enjoy and make the world a better place.
Our lives may, or, may-not be pointless,

The notion of love & harmony has little meaning without the love of something good.

Therefore love and kinship is the key to expanding on everything that's good during your fleeting and inquisitive existence.
Good = Harmony & contentment.

It's especially lovely when this positivity is shared and reciprocated.
Find some hobbys and relax more
Purcy Flaherty Oct 2022
Despite being the centre off our own known universe; We all have a sense that what we don't know, may possibly still exist.
Purcy Flaherty Oct 2022
The infinite answer.

There is no end, only new beginnings!
I suspect that infinity is almost as small as it is large, though I feel a little bigger because I know how very small I am ...
I suspect there's none, one, and more than one infinity; simultaneously disappearing and reappearing like quantum movement.
Purcy Flaherty Mar 2022
shortness of breath,
chest pain,
visual distortions,
can't focus my eyes or my ears,
irregular sleep patterns,
apathy & restlessness,
bouts of euphoria and outwardly narrating my inward thoughts, like Yoda!

These symptoms started over a week ago, however; I've been living with most of these issues my whole life???
Eexhausted all the time
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