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shortness of breath,
chest pain,
visual distortions,
can't focus my eyes or my ears,
irregular sleep patterns,
apathy & restlessness,
bouts of euphoria and outwardly narrating my inward thoughts, like Yoda!

These symptoms started over a week ago, however; I've been living with most of these issues my whole life???
Eexhausted all the time
Wars are often fought in the name of justice,
but they are all waged to secure economic resources.
The mob is single minded!
The more people feel justified; the more likely they are to commit extreme acts of cruelty.
Mob rule, when you join a group; you join the clan.
Why allow the body to trap the soul; if we wish to transcend this place and return to the light?

(Stellar therapy ?)
What use is this body?
Is it ignorance or apathy; that's destroying our place in the world today?

Nobody knows, nobody cares?
The salesperson, the global sociopath, consumer heaven and consumer paradise.
Only a fool could have discovered such purls of wisdom.
People often forget that there is a process of learning; we learn as we grow.
Advice is good but there can only be one set of hands on the Rubiks cube at any one time.
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