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It takes so much strength to suppress that yearning,
To step back and let the thing you love grow,
It’s bittersweet, crushing and revealing; Going with the flow,
when everything inside you says No,No,No!
Letting go of your true loves  desire
We require desire, love and compassion, but we also require honesty, commitment and consistency.
If we can't communicate these things or reciprocate; then we must remain alone but not unloved.
unreciprocated desires.
(Intro single strums)

(C) Put the bog-rolls
(G7) down Mrs Brown;
(G7) for it's time to sing
(C) along.

(Verse strumming)
(C) Sing a song of freedom,
(D7) Sing a song of love,
(G7) people sing together,
(C) to fill the air above.
(C) Sing it from the rooftops,
(D7) sing it from the street,
(G7) sing it to your neighbour,
(C) and every one you meet.
(C) Together we are human,
(D7) together we are free,
(G7) together we are able,
(C) to set our spirits free.

(Repeat verse over and over)
Caronavirus unifying human commonality.
You have to be willing to except this individual in their entirety; without the possibility of change.
"Warts & all" A union without compromise; only civility, kindness & love.
Take your time choosing your partner
Why does the body trap the soul; if we're destined to transcend this place?
What use is this body?
The Equalist!

RE: The guerrilla girl’s poster 5% women artists and 85% of the models are female.

This poster was heralded as a feminist rebuff of misogyny and the male gaze.

It is my opinion: one of the reasons females are sexualised in Western society; is because the majority of women working in a sexualised industry such as modelling, dancing, fashion or *******; choose to perpetuate that role and the connection between *** and femininity; often in industries where females outnumber the men six to one; I'm also aware that the majority of the hierarchy in theses industries are male, it seems their gender solidarity is more concerned with the money; than notions of ****** inequality; thus perpetuating the issue.

Vernacular test:
Step one - Question one:
I took a survey of 30 fellow artists asking what is a misandry? followed by what is your gender?

Step two - Question two:
I took a survey of 30 fellow artists asking what is a misogyny? followed by what is your gender?

I did offer any information or allow any of the subjects to see the survey paper, or overhear the question.

Results: 30 subjects took part in the survey; One female knew both words and their meaning, and one female didn't know what Misogyny was. (Two females approached refused to take part in the survey, all men approached engaged.)

Step three - Question three:
I then gave all the subjects the dictionary definition and asked why they thought the vernacular misandry is not as well known as the word misogyny?

(I should add that I too couldn't recall the vernacular meaning of: Misandry; though I could recall the meaning or definition of Misogyny.)

Female... "I don't care"
Female... "It's due to a gender economic imbalance"
Female..."Blokes just don't like it when women speak out about it"
Female..."I don't get involved in protests"
Female..."I don't know"
Female..."Men just think with their ******"
Female... "There's more misogynists"
Female... "Because men are pigs"
Female... "Why does it mater"
Female... "It's just a word"
Female... "I'm not interested"
Female..."Try being a women"
Female... " It's *******; it's just a vernacular"
Female..."You wouldn't understand your a man"
The other 5 Females... chose to offer no explanation.


Male..."I don't know"
Male... "who cares"
Male... "Yeh that's interesting"
Male... Why does it matter"
Male... "Let me think about it"
Male... "Who gives a ****"
Male... "What's this about"
Male... "Can I see the results later"
The other 2 males... Chose to offer no explanation.

I also took part in the vernacular test; and I too couldn't recall the definition of Misandry;
Though I could recall the definition of Misogyny I suspect that it's because I personally identify as human; and don't wish to be defined, labeled or marginalised; I also don’t believe that secularism in any measure is healthy or meaningful in an inclusive society.

I question why 29 out of 30 subjects had heard of Misogyny; and just one person had heard of Misandry.

Sexism is not as the dictionary suggested prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women.
Everyone is effected buy prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination.
The subtleties of which is played out every day.
Feminist or a Misogynist; I am an Equalist I believe that secularism is harmful and misleading for  an inclusive society.
Let's make music with the blue flute,
The beef whitle, the fruit shoot,
the horn of plenty, the disco chick,
the quiver bone, the rhythm stick,
ding ****, a wing dang doodle,
ding ****, a wing dang doodle,
tug that rope and ring that bell;
we're gonna make the whole thing swell.
And as we make sweet music; my honey says to me; i love you, je t'aime, ich liebe dich!
oh you're such a clever ****.
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