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It's wise to remember that our opinions are nothing but a pimple on the back of mainstream society.
You wouldn't want to be too much of an irritant,
and get popped like a spot.
Popped like a spot.
Your perception is your sense of success!
You are the person you choose to be.
There's nothing special about my greedy utopian dream:
I'm not off grid, or more ecco' friendly;
I still order luxury goods from overseas, hoard, engage in cliques, use the internet, dream about my own bit of land, claim any benefits I can.

I use the same drugs, minerals, roads, hospitals, banks, and I pollute the same air; with the same stink of self righteous elitism; because just like everyone else; I am unique!

(Off-grid irony)
There is nowhere off grid, our human place in the world is a human construct a reserve ffs
It's my humility that makes me especially wonderful!
Who will enlighten little Bo-Peep.

On the surface compliant sheep,
Though breading monsters underneath,
and once the sheep have grown their teeth,
the sheep will want their share of meat.

Your sheep;
Shall have their meat Bo-Peep!
****** wolves from sheep Bo-Peep!
The wise have no place or value in an expendable workforce .

Our rulers have always had two mouths and one ear!
Just do as you're told and stop talking!
Success and contentment are symbiotic !

Life is pure potential; you are already the person you want to be, your perception is your reality, and all you need is self belief to exist with a sense of success.

This is the key to happiness.
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