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requiEM Nov 2017
Your love warms me
like a Christmas sweater

  Quilted, textured, enveloping
Every inch of my chest
You feel vintage, something distant yet familiar

Your arms heat me up
like spearmint tea
Steamy and tight
Around the lump in my throat

I have cried before you
The cold has overtaken me before

But your warmth reminds me
That winter is not forever

Your power to change my Weather
Reassures my shivering bones
That perception is power
And love can last.
cuffing season
requiEM Jul 2017
next in line I guess
I know I tried my best
But the radio silence
Rose above the rest
requiEM Jul 2017
Men like to lay their heads on my thighs and pray
They like to hear the rhythm of my heart throughout the day
My body feels like a cloud, pulling them away

From reality, they stare at me, as if I am a piece
Of art in a museum, but it's one they cannot lease

It is owned by the gallery and sometimes you can ask
If you can borrow all of it to complete your little task

And sometimes, if you're lucky, you will get to touch
All of the marble curves it has, it's thighs, it's lips, and such
requiEM Apr 2017
I still keep your voicemails
To travel back in time.

You used to speak to me
With kindness in your words
And hope on your breath
And resistance in your goodbyes.

What I would give
To listen to your words
Intertwine with laughter
And echo down my spine.
requiEM Apr 2017
If they leave
They leave
Without you in mind.

If they leave
They leave
And continue to whine.

If they leave
They leave
Feeling outshined.

If you leave
You leave
Hurt behind.
requiEM Apr 2017
Rain reminds me of you because it is reminiscent of the receptive and raw eros that engrossed my brain;
every interaction provided a drop of ransom to my heart,
which you held priso(ner-vous) hands and pituitary glands slam into the back of cabs

with such frazzled force that
they will brand their passion into passengers

who will jam their own uncontrollable acid into the same canvassed seat,

and they will rub it off on everyone they meet,

and rain will continue to fall

and I will continue to call

and every drop reminds me of you,
what you've done and what you've put me through
requiEM Apr 2017
I just got exciting news!
And all I wanted to do was tell you
I wanted to burst out and yell, to
Laugh and then quiet down
Let you know about my breakthrough

Yet I know you don't reach for me anymore you do the stars
When I'm not within arms reach
It's almost if I'm on mars

And you're on earth, looking up
With a telescope, magnified
Looking out in awe for a second
Then throwing me aside
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