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he was in love with a concept
because concepts dont talk back
concepts don't hate
concepts don't attack
he was in love with a concept
until his concept came to life
only to realise
the concept was his wife
he was in love with a concept
Àŧùl Aug 2021
Beyond sacred geometry,
Hides a dark secret.

A secret of stolen symbols,
And stolen concepts.
My HP Poem #1939
©Atul Kaushal
dilshé Aug 2021
All the whirlwinds that you're caught in
seem to subside for another

At the peak of existence, your worldly presence - meteorically withers

templates of morality sculpt you in the guise of societies figurine

Life's an arc of luminosity that flashes with no time to intervene

Daylight's wasted on the quest of figuring out a plaque, title or conclusion

Chance are; purpose, concepts are menacing distractions, mere illusions.

Being alive in the same land your heart beats, & not in another hallucination

Is in itself the grandeur of appreciating this entire creation.
Another draft barely summarizing a confusion of thoughts :)
Dante Rocío Jun 2020
Must “speaking”
be only referred to
in the terms
of the humane apparatus of speech?
Isn’t it not only verbal?
Is it also feelings,
murmur of understatements fleeting,
trees and leaves
in a sage’s patience swaying,
child’s wailing,
Heart’s blazing?
Isn’t silence speaking too?
Wondering upon our beloved way of contact among us Poets
Crego Apr 2020
a breeze so cold
Blue infects the sky
trees shudder at the sight
Yellow bleeds in
the bullet that killed the night
When we look,
At what we've took,
And what we haven't,
The balance is shook,
We classify,
Only to feel,
The universes next surprise,
When we try,
To open our mind,
See with our naked eye,
The expanse,
That some think is just lie,
It may make some of us cry,
For no reason,
How else can we deal,
With no reason,
As it breaks our heart,
And drives our mind,
We truly are,
In forever blind,
Forever signed,
To a purpose that,
Can never be resigned,
It breaks itself,
And bends,
But never a yelp,
Of understanding,
Of truth,
It'll take too long to know,
The entirety of this youth.
The universe is great, always breaking the laws we put on it one way or another.  How can we ever understand such complexity?  It is a beautiful goal to strive for, but hopeless one to achieve,
Ithaca Apr 2019
Ever wonder what it would be like,
If the world suddenly ceased to exist?
Like a flash of light, a snap of a finger,
Gone in an instant.

Everything we’ve ever done, seen, and thought,
All in vain, like it never even occurred.

For what purpose is life, if all of humanity becomes equal in that instant?
Perhaps it is true that the only guaranteed equality in life is that of death.
I’m 99% sure you aren’t reading this so bkdlepejfbf
Hope White Mar 2019
Why don't you ever read my poetry?
You said you wanted to,
"grasp the concepts of my dimensions"
but you don't read my poetry.
Where I lay out a map of my dimensions,
and a key to my concepts,
for you alone to grasp,
but instead you stare at my surfaces
from your screen
and decide you know better.
Like your favorite cliche,
I lead you like a horse to water,
but you don't even bother.
You listen to songs that
only one of us likes
and say you heard me there.
You look at your own reflection
in the mirror and say you saw me there,
in the pools of your own eyes,
when I stand just behind your shoulder.
You wanted to be immortal
Spent your days searching for the fountain of youth
Hoping to make a deal with the devil
But my love you've succeeded you mission
The answer was simple
To be immortal all you had to do
Was break a poets heart
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