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Robyn Mar 2020
Drowning, sputtering
Stuttering happiness
Clapping small hands
Handling chaos
Chaotic surroundings
But I feel like I'm drowning
In gratefulness
Feels like I can't deserve
Any of this
I am happy
Robyn Feb 2020
I used to think there were healthy people and sick people.
Turns out there are no healthy people at all.
Everybody's got something.
My husband sometimes can't walk. And he sometimes can't breathe. And he sometimes can't eat. And he sometimes can't speak.
What about yours?
Sometimes I can't think.
And I can't get up.
And I can't stop thinking.
And I can't sit still.
And I can't start.
And I can't stop.
And I can't hope.
And I can't forget.
And I can never remember.
And I can't live.
And I can't die.
And I can't remember why.
Sometimes I want to just blip out of existence, like I never took up space to begin with.

What about you?

What about you?
Robyn Feb 2020
Temporary, yes.
But also forever.
Forever voices in my head.
Forever arguments.

Temporary relief, yes.
But never forever.
Robyn Oct 2017
Here I am
Sitting alone
Thinking of your little fingers
Everyone else seems to take them for granted
But I will always love the work they do
Here's to you -
Little one -
I really hope you're having fun
Please don't grow up too fast
But I cannot wait to see the things you do
Here's to you
Robyn Sep 2017
You chunk
You little cheese
I've know you less than 3
And yet I love you
You know me
You smile when I walk in
And we start talking
You're covered in drool
And I love you
Working in childcare is heaven
Robyn Sep 2017
you have laughed
And you have cried
While You were always watching
And You had lived
And You had died
Before we were but hatchlings
And You were here
While you were there
Always fiercely protecting
And You by you
I learn the love
That keeps me from defecting
Robyn Jun 2017
Plans move forward
I fight to move with them
Held back by what -
But my own head
I see my children's faces
Flashes, patterns
Today is a fight for them
Knowing they're on their way
Keeps me on mine
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