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dennis drain Mar 2019
I know that I'm a peice of ****,  an thats ok I can handle it..
But the 1 thing that was keepin me here,  was the though that some1 cared..
now i see... that all the time I, spent chasing you was 1 big game
And thats ok it was fun 2 play... but now ive got a say good by to the fake embrace the pain...
Pleasee lord send me on my way, drop my body onto the floor... I have never fealt this way b4.. but I know it'll be a better world with out me wasting everybodys ****** time.
A tool is only worth. What it can do and I don't see What the point is in going a broken one 2 you....

Please just take me down a path of nothingness.. I relze that you've lost your sanity waiting on this kind of **** but i won't be around much longer now ...  please take my words 4 what there worth.. and remember that I was born a curse ... unwanted and probobly better offending it all so as a load i can fall from  somewhere that never end..losing myself in the darkness of my own sin
dennis drain Aug 2018
Take my life an put it on display.
I've stood solid where others swayed.
My eyes tell the story of my pain,
Lookin at the surface you'll never understand the verses.
these memories follow me like curses
I'm drowning in regret and it's perfect.
Never faulter never slip I've seen to much to feel it's affect
wanna break free.
so take me, on a ride to another side of misery.
dennis drain Aug 2018
Every moment is forgotten...
We only see a blink of what  actually happened...
Snap shots flyin outta wagons
Memories were made but that was yesterday.
This second passed, while I was explainin time to yo ***...
Stare at the world and you'll see it change, but you'll only rember the begning and the end.
Furious fighters throw a hundred punches but you rember the big right hand....
the time they made you mad is a memory, driving the present that passes before we grip reality...

See what I mean to say is that, the life we experience is lost to our own ongoing experience. Life is 1 line not many. The world is round and spinning.....
So we don't look back we grip the rope and hope this race is worth winning because this blurr had pain and I forgot the beginning...
Can I forget the end?
dennis drain Aug 2018
Take my winnings and leave me with my mistakes...
Brighter days be gone from memory.
I've seen the sudden loss of life that only comes with ******....
memories of happier days are clouded in my head,
I try and find a simple thought, to over think and push away the images that that staind my brain and hid so much of myself away....
See I try and be a good guy,
Most child killers do!
Most of us, not all of us but certainly some, myself  included.
Take what they see and then forget it all.
It's easier to sit in the moment, relive the trama, and resee the colors and hear the screams because after that life was gone so we're our dreams....
We keep so much away from others,at 12yo I saw a homie blow a pleading man's head off.
I don't wanna think more about the good times...... Take my happy days back.....
At 13yo i watched bodies drop after I took the shot I was told to take.
How can I see there fate so suddenly come to an end, and smile at the birth of my son....
There souls set heavy on my shoulders, I say nothing of there demis. Who am I to speak apon another man's life that my hand has taken?
I'm sorry, that I at the time I was a stone and showed no hesitation, taking away the one person that could have saved us....
No I cry in my sleep... when they come back in my thoughts and create nightmares as vengens....
Others see me  distant and angry but
I just lose myself in practicing apologies.....
So when you holla and I ignore ya, or turn around and unload on ya. It's cuz I'll never find the words that'll make my theft of life ok......

Send my happiness to the souls
dennis drain Aug 2018
(×2..You better be warrin a vest.)
Cuz when I come shootin I come aimin  for your head and your chest.
(Verse 1)
Bullets cost money an I'm stingy wit my bread.
Never catch me sparayin prayin that I hit a shot...
I'm scopin
postin in the ally way.
Interuptin a ***** tryina catch a lift off a spliff
an take a second for him
but this 9 has thing for killing fake *** tricks. . .    An I got a thing with head shots when I'm huntin  a *****
(Chorus ×2)
I make triggers flinch with my intent.
Born and bread at full throttle,
living in the second. Survivin off the grams,
counting change that cowards scrounged up for back pay.
Roll up an take you and your homies bus money... better run quick yo momma says you late to take a ****...

I try and stay cool headed, dealin wit selfish *******.
Yall gotta understand that if I'm in yo whip ,handin you a zip... wether you my best homie or a the biggest punk *****.... I'll look ya in the eyes an tell ya the same ****.....
( beat droops off into tempo snare)
I got whatever you want,
If ya need a real souljah ima killa for pay..
Movin weight is how I was raised.
I'ma bad *** till I'm in my grave.
Making paper, poppin Champaign.
Naked women help pass time by hopping in the long  ride
This is my life- haters keep outta my sight.
24/7 I'm living 1 he'll if a life
dennis drain Aug 2018
Look.... Look
I see it an you dont,
Fame is my antidote.
Blowin, smokin, oh my god!
Livin life like I won it all.
While I struggle on my way
Turnt looks remindin me that I was ment to be the entertainer
Cuz I attract attention like a celeb.
Sittin on corners tradin money for product so I can get ahead...
In the struggle every day.
Afraid this waight is gonna make en take my life away...
But 1 day my face is gonna be what you see when you think of takin less than nothin and turnin it into to a dream....
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