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Tommy Johnson Jun 2016
The inception of a thought comes from perception
From the desire to create and express
The purity is soiled by those who construct labels and boundaries
Causing mental spasms and aborted concepts

The years turn to months
Month turn to days
Days to hours
Hours to minutes
Minutes to seconds
Up until the split moment comes
Always moving forward
Framing your life, organizing it
You can look back but never go back
Death is unavoidable  
Progress is natural
Distractions must be ignored
And value must be found
Time is all we have, some have more than others
How we spend and how we waste it is what matters most
But if we so chose to be on the clock for ever are we getting the most we can out of this all?
Beginnings and ends, there must be more

Maybe the answer is as simple as inhale and exhale
Give and take
The bond between opposites that blend and create a balance
Is that what we call love?
Do we look for love out of fear?
Or out of loneliness?
Is it still love then or just something to keep us afloat as we drift?
Selfishness stalls the answer
In the end its definition varies from one being to another
But it should never be held over your head and demand your compliance
Threatening you with cruelty, that is not love

In reality
There are unanswered questions and unquestioned answers
Numbers don't lie apparently
And finding yourself is of the utmost importance
While maintaining enjoyment  through it all
Until you discover it's all false
And your self image
Your ego dies

You begin to separate yourself from the template
You find sense and logic in your self
In your experiences of trial and error
Reminders chime in every now and again
To help you sort through the nonsense
You become sharp, becoming less self-destructive
You know certain truths

Sacrifices are made
Dreams and denial
There are victims
There are those who run to the safety of monotony
And those who meet their cataclysmic ends prematurely
All in search for what we all want to know
Simple as that
Why does this life operate as it does?
What does it mean?
And who, if anyone can tell us?

Will it all be okay in the next life?
Or once we get there, will we wish to look to the last?
This is projected on to us through out our lineage
But only so far

Tommy Johnson Feb 2016
Praise is near
I can see it out of the corner of my eye
It comes with a new dawn
Nothing is built to last
Empires fall and civilizations crumble
All I can do is wash my hands and hope this fight can be won
Through all the sacrifice
It's been a long time coming
The odds are stacked out of favor
But I will push, fearless and uncompromised

This is what all of the writings in the bathroom stalls were philosophizing
It's endured the pain that every soul out there has known
You can feel it as your heart pounds
It lives in the things we can't let go of that we use to fuel our fury
It sleeps in our memories and cringe worthy heartbreaks  
You live and learn

From the beginning of time with human kind in the womb
To the end of all being whispering its final words
It guides the ones who refuse to follow the predetermined paths
The ones who never had a chance
It's in all of us, believe it to keep it alive

Never give up in the face of doubt or ignorance
You've made it this far, you've become stronger
Revisit the time when you were knocked down
Forgive all the letdowns and never forget your promise to yourself
That you'll establish your name with every ounce of strength

Strike up the flame that kills every shadow
That glows with unconditional love
That one that creates the passion for life
Tommy Johnson Jan 2016
This is my doing
I guess you want me to answer for it
I will if I feel like it

Some say we all have the same sense of aimlessness
And we're preyed on by the leech behind the curtain

But I think we've gotten passed that
That could be my inner mantra mixed with ***** talking though

Turning my back to the confusion only to find that meaning has already found me
I look at the leaders, they only can make educated guesses
And we'll all know if they did the right thing years from now

I've never put my name in the hat for consideration
But I know I'll still get called when my turn comes

They can touch me and I can't deny what I've said or done
But they'll never lay a hand on the ideals and truths that are in each of us
I'm beyond grateful for knowing this

I may become old
I may become ill
I may starve and die but my creations will go on for eternity
Moments of pleasure
Moments of purity

I won't name names or cast stones
I won't chase paper or fall to my knees for guaranteed safety
That's why I'm here, legs crossed and mind silent
Spirit centered and flowing free

My adoration for the underdogs and stray cats
My respect for honesty and curiosity for experimentation
Have taught me invaluable lessons

Just give me a shot, I know I can make a difference
I can see both sides of the fence
I can see between the lines of supply and demand
I can see the blinks between life and death

There aren't many of us but there are more than before
Pushing for unity and looking for our face, our voice
We have our suspicions
But more than that we have love
Tommy Johnson Oct 2015
I can't deny  as to why I'm such a fool
Apologies are no good here and neither am I
You try so hard, always going out of your way
And now you ask yourself why

They all said you we're to good for me
They all said I wasn't good enough for you
We're both in each other's face yelling
Our eyes meet and yous say "you should **** yourself"
I would if I could, I know I should
But it's just another thing I'd mess up
I  wish I had the strength to do it  
I'm just a slacker with no attention span

Get rid of me, cut your losses
You don't need dead weight
I'm toxic, I'm poison
I'm the one you hate

Hold your tongue, don't lose your patience
It's not your job to try and save me
I'm sorry that I'm so helpless
I can't ask for your help it'd be so selfish

       -Tommy Johnson

I would if I could, I know I should
But it's just another thing I'd mess up
I  wish I had the strength to do it  
I'm just a slacker with no attention span
Tommy Johnson Oct 2015
Is life imitating art or is art imitating life?
Eventually there will be nothing left to hide
Save your sorrys  
It's time for me to cool your mind and tell you it's all alright
We're the pop-up's on your phone screen
Sending you little blurbs
Memes are funny because they're true
At least to you
You're the hypochondriacs
Who convinced yourselves you need to be healed
With a numbness cure by posts that make you feel

There will be a new one, if you like the last
Is life imitating art or is art imitating life?
Eventually there will be no where left to hide
Save your sorrys  
It's time for me to cool your mind and tell you it's all alright
This is a beat generation
But with less respect but way more dope
The question is "why should I?"
Our answer is always "I don't know"
We're yesterdays news and tomorrows punchline
Never even had chance
Self-entitlement won't ease the situation
Of our need for instant gratification

I need a drink in my system to take off the edge
I need a lie to make me feel safe
I have an axe in my skull splitting my brain
Is it me or the world who's insane?
Upload, like, follow
Reblog, comment, unfollow
What's hot is hot now but not tomorrow
Will your words hold up or drop out?
       -Tommy Johnson
Tommy Johnson Oct 2015
Betrayal on both accounts
We are pent up aggression  with no where to go
Look at what we've done not what we haven't
It was all a shot in the dark
Acceptance and a fresh start was the mark
We are all in remission
Have no idea if we got it in us

I can't make out the message
To you truths are nothing but your lies are so precious
But it's our credibility being questioned
Put on an act for moments at a time
Clenched fists and gritted teeth
Tired eyes look at them then in the mirror and fill with tears

Wish my therapist and I were attached at the hip because I can't go it alone
Is this all my own doing or is it done onto me?
My chest is collapsing from my icy shattered heart
I'm in way too deep
We're solving a mystery but haven't a clue
And have no idea what we're made of

       -Tommy Johnson
Tommy Johnson Oct 2015
Rise from the earth
You are safe
Your are stable
Trust yourself and move on

Light the flame and let the water pour
Inhale the steam coming off your creative passions
Your relationships, your ****** desires and attractions
Never feel guilty this is natural

Let it all flow
This is your will, your motivation
You're intelligent, believe it
Focus and listen to your instinct

Feel the rhythm
Love yourself and forgive yourself
This is who you are, and this is who they are
Unconditional, never allow this to be corrupted

Speak up
Share your thoughts
Communicate truths
But be sure they are pure
Dispel the illusions and express innovation

Open your eyes
So you can see all the world is and what it has to offer
Learn, experience and teach
Your perception is cleansed, your mind full is of wisdom

Let your being implode, so gorgeous
Your ego must die, it will be at peace and so will you
Feel the spirit energy in all its divinity
Accept this consciousness and detach from your body and all worldly things

You are free
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