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Viseract Jul 2016
The only real word that best describes this situation
Used as an insult, for example...
******* Woody, for making an amazing man
A far better mother-******* poet than you
Be removed from this site

**** your supporters
And I don't mean those who like his writes
I mean, they're okay
But **** all those who support his alternates
Big Bad Wilf and all that
R, and whatnot
**** them, you do not understand
The capacity of my frustration
That such trolls would exist
In a place as supposedly pure as this

An even bigger ****
Because I no longer have contact with him
Picking off my supporters huh?
Or just going, "**** it
Let's shoot down the real "problem" here"
******* Woody
There is a special pit in Hell
Reserved for your ilk

******* woody, and I'll keep saying that until the day you stop this *******
Viseract Jul 2016
"Reach for the stars..."
A pity I can't because
I have a problem to deal with
And I can't be ignorant

I'm going to ask a few questions
If that's okay with you?
You may be saying, "why so nice now?"
Just wait for the abuse

Label this as YipYap,
I don't give a ****
Because I'm a predatory enemy
And you're literally a sitting duck

What I wanna know is,
How do you sleep at night?
Do you tuck your son in
Tell him everything's alright?

"Had a good day on the mean machine
And don't you know it kid,
That I managed, once again,
To be a cancerous little ****?"

"Apparently I'm starting to sound like
A badly scratched disk
Because punk, **** and woof *****
Are the only things I use to dis."

Like come on man,
At least be creative
Here I am, once again,
Rewriting your narrative

A story to be told
Been three days and it's getting old
Once was a front page hit
But now all copies have been sold

I thought as one grew older
He was supposed to mature
But you keep being worse than me
No sir, you ain't an entrepreneur

You can't construct ****
You just keep repeating
Even when it doesn't work
Your heart keeps pumping and bleeding

You play the pity party a tune
One that's supposed to warn
Everybody else about me
And how my sanity is gone

Go ahead, message my followers
They don't like you
Nobody in their right minds, with this knowledge
Would follow suit

Because you crazy *****
And a ******* funny ****
Tell me how you feel about me,
You ******* little runt!

Call me a woof *****
Do it, it turns me on
That's what I would say if I were you
With my head messed and so wrong

I own every name you throw
I wear them like a mask
So you won't see me coming when I hunt you down
And ******* in the ***

With words I use to ******
Theses words give me some pleasure
There's amusement in torture
It's infinite, a countless measure

Am I that annoying fly to you,
Buzzing around your head?
Like a vulture to carrion
Feeding off the dead?

When you go home tonight
Will you tell your son you're stressed?
Sit on his bed, hands on your head
Saying, "**** I've made a mess?"

I want an apology
Honest and sincere
Because in your words I sense no hurt
So keep going, I have no fear

You do not own me,
I'm Ronin Okami
A masterless wolf who owns
A vocabulary army

And we a duo,
Wolfspirit and I
And together we gonna smash you
By dropping from the sky

You know, Woody was abandoned by Andy....
Woody felt unloved
Abusing others ain't the way to find your
Andy mate
Viseract Jul 2016
Yeah you, *******!
If you're gonna get mad at being trolled,
You troll,
Don't you dare take it out on my pack
Now I'm a "woof *****"
I was a Phoenix before,
But reincarnation got the better of me this time round
Allons-y, mofongulu!
In case you don't get that, roughly, that's
Later, *******!
Un block me and face me like the man your mother wished you would grow up to be. Oh, and you ain't innocent, so don't even think about kicking that **** around. You ain't even on my follower list
One day, the body decided to choose, they all wanted a say, win or lose. Never knowing who was boss, had made them all tired, on that day, this is what transpired...

The heart said* "I should be in charge, I'm the toughest muscle and my love is large"
Said the feet, "Well, that's not fair. Without me you could go nowhere."
The hands spoke up, "Who helps you eat and drives your auto down the street?"

"Don't you like your balance, and how we help you dance, without us, you'd never stand a chance" said the arms in unison.
"Oh! But I'm not done" entered the heart, singing this tune "I guide you all blindly along, bringing hope and faith, why not sing my song?"

This sorely raised the sphincter's ire... "Without me, all you would expire... I'll constipate and blur the eyes, make you weak within the thighs. Make the brain go comatose, dribble on you feet, yea, that would be gross..."

****** says to all, clear as day "Excuse me! I have something to say! Without me, you'd all be no more, for I give life, you're all a bore. I'm done with this stupid dispute!"
"Ummm, excuse me love muffin," says the thighs, "But if I didn't open wide, your point would be mute!"

The eyes chimed in, "Look here... Oh, that's right... You cannot see... Who better to guide you along... Without my help, how lost you'd be"

"I have a question." said the brain.  "Don't you thin... Oh, wait... Without me you're all nothing. Legs couldn't walk, mouth could not talk, heart wouldn't believe and no one would breathe!"

"I'm your pull toy, your magic ****... I make the babies... Yes, I be a *****!" said Mr. You Know Who
"I think you smell funny" laughed the nose,  "Go cry to your mommy,  Boohoo!"

"If you think that smells bad," said miss muffin... "Take a lick on this and then get stuffin!"

"Don't forget about me! I can hear, I'm important too, I'm your ear!"
"Well, I'm more important, I let you all breathe" said the lungs.
"Without me you couldn't speak!" said the mouth, sticking out his tongue.

Said the sphincter, "I've told you all so... Without me working you'd be slow, you'd grow weak and cease to function and I'll close up with no compunction...."  The other vital organs heard and then conceded without a word and then came the extremities who had no choice but to agree.

*Now you know, this little story goes, you don't need to be a brain to be boss, just an *******.
Working with Quin! I truly fangirled a little, such an amazing opportunity! This collaboration was so much fun! Thanks again to you Quin, for writing this with me! ❤

— The End —