A pierced spirit remains
Brought low but prideful
Judgement of myself
Without any self-value

Pangs of hatred stir
And of sorrow lost
Execution of soul
A shell without purpose

How utterly I have been broken
Oh! Faith has been vanquished!
An enemy has ravaged my heart
Decrepit and crippled ruins remain

There is no more hope
I am blind with pain
I no longer know my way
Loss is all there is

I still hold
     untold scars
     I still smile
when I see your face

A frosted veil
  with haunting voice
Ice shattered
  raining from skies
A world below
  but I know it not
Starlight above
  a longing for love

Been a while since I have posted something that wasn't totally personal and depressing. Figured I'd exercise my creativity rather than try to bind unhealable wounds.
Jack Jenkins May 19

An arrow points to the
hole in my chest
where my heart
once lived.

Where have I gone?
Cold and darkness
embraces my mind.

The mirror
shows me as
hollow and dead
like I'm a corpse.

I'm totally disconnected
and disjointed in this
reality, this plane
of existence.

Where has the me
that I once was
gone to?
Where am I?

I feel nothing
tasting only the
loneliness and dust
on my lips.

I've become paralyzed
in the waters of despair.

Jack Jenkins May 17

Then I looked again at all the acts of oppression which were being done under the sun.
And behold I saw the tears of the oppressed and that they had no one to comfort them; and on the side of their oppressors was power, but they had no one to comfort them.
So I congratulated the dead who are already dead more than the living who are still living.
But better off than both of them is the one who has never existed, who has never seen the evil activity that is done under the sun.

Happy Birthday to me...
Jack Jenkins May 16

I am shaking uncontrollably
All these feelings aren't mine
I want to fade into sleep
Everything is so wrong
I'm a tormented soul
My cry is unheard
I'm deaf and blind
Mute and crippled
I say not my own words
For I have no words left
I am broken
I am dead

I'm certain Rock Bottom's Basement has a sub-level...
Jack Jenkins May 15

From darkness to darkness
  My mind laments
    A deep stirring
  Within the fragile
Substance that I now am

Midnight air is what I dream
  Midnight colors fill
    My thoughts
  Provoke a dull flash
As I pass into a deep sleep

"Hell is yourself and the only redemption is when a person puts himself aside to feel deeply for another person."

~Tennessee Williams
Jack Jenkins May 14

Scars trail into the abyss
as the world becomes undone//

Wanton slaughter and rampant
rage echo through the halls//

I am sorry for all I have done//

And all I have failed to do...

Jack Jenkins May 13

a cool crisp airwave
deep exhale in the moonlight
darkness overtakes

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