I long for the past, but in a blink it's lost

the moments that were, now, the moments that aren't

the here and now slips into yesterdays & yesteryears,

every delicate second no longer in my hands,

passes between my fingers to fall on my soul

yesterday was last year; last year was last decade

I'm old before my time, swallowed in the hourglass of life

Most people who are 22 spend their life looking to the future and what life has in store for them. But I feel like I've already seen and lived too much, so I dwell on the past.

the clouds rolling in
silence the sun's countenance
as light fades to grey

Saw clouds coming over the hills where I live and knew it was going to turn into an overcast day. So this haiku came out. :)

Reposted, since I saw it wasn't showing up in the stream. :/

My love for her is so great,
my heart melts for her 'til the dusk of day.
The night mourns when she's away,
cherish, adore 'til the dawn.

Her beauty is great,
Wondering mind 'til her sees,
pursuing is all I do,
While waiting for the moment, for her to say "I love you."

A gorgeous gal - her name was Bella
She slept around with many fellas
Until at last, she caught herpes
Now no sex life before she's thirty
That poor gal, her name was Bella

I think I've read too much of Temporal Fugue's poetry. LOL
Jack Jenkins Oct 3

A grey mood.

why can't I remember my dream last night?

The sun shines;
  I focus on the clouds.

there was a skull involved

Laughter down the street;
  I stay straight-faced with thin lips.

why was I desperate to survive?

An aroma of coffee fills the air;
  I type at my work,
    I try to forget it;
It bothers me...

what was my dream last night?

A strange dream I can't remember has me on edge...
Jack Jenkins Oct 2

cold days returning,
raindrops fall & breeze blows in,
summers light fades out

Been a while since I haiku'd. :)
Jack Jenkins Sep 28

there's a metaphor about
    finding something you weren't looking for
  an unexpected treasure,
       & you were that treasure
I wasn't looking for;
   like a pearl on the beach
or a star in the sky
       I got to graze you with my fingertips;
our lips have never met
    but you consume my every thought
unfold every layer of my heart,
        disarm me
you laid your heart on mine;
     so much love I want to give
even if there's a wait,
      it's worth the wait;
reflected in our eyes when they meet,
          burning candlelight,
    sunset through the window,
how I want you
    need you
  love you
on whatever is handy
     I will write...

:) :) :)
Jack Jenkins Sep 25

There is a sharp pain in my heart,
I know not what to do with it;
pain echoes off my walls,
never a silent moment.

There is a voice in my head,
relentless and thundering;
it never ceases speaking,
it wakes the dead in me.

There is a longing in me,
ceaselessly seeking love;
I look for it in graves,
never looking up
to    the

I'm a failed Christian.
Jack Jenkins Sep 25

I think it's time for me
to stop counting the days
with notches on the wall
about something
I never really had.

It's time to stop
living in the past
& let go of mistakes
that I made in my youth
& taste the freedom of today.

Our days are a finite number
passing with each moment
every grain of sand swallowed
by the hourglass of life
until nothing remains.

Memento mori is a Latin phrase meaning ‘remember you must die’.
Jack Jenkins Sep 20

your name used to be
       an intake of cool winter air
    refreshing my lungs
in glowing frost;
  when i speak your name
now nothing happens
      you are a memory
   best left forgotten

She used to be the love of my life. Now she will never be in my life.
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