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JoJo Feb 14

i hate that I still
crave your embrace
even after you've
up my heart
stolen my joy and
confiscated my tears

i hate that you
built a fortress
in my heart where
your enemies take captive.

i think it's time
you and I part ways.
you're killing me
but i can't seem to stay away.

Francie Lynch Jan 2018
The blockbuster sequel
To The Handmaid's Tale,
Will star one lonely,
But very safe male,
The Handjobber's Tale.
No human, animal, child, politician, religious person, flora, fauna, fish, bird or insect will be in this movie,
But him.
Margaret Atwood: *The Handmaid's Tale.*
Two political leaders in Canada just stepped down due to ****** allegations.
Now that I think of it, I was sexually assaulted... twice... once as a student and once as a teacher. In fact, almost everyone I talk to now can relate an incident that is questionable. I'll bet this has been going on for ten thousand years. I believe time is up.
Francie Lynch Jan 2018
Make Hollywood Great Again.
It's the next new slogan, sans the men.
It'll be like Jolly Olde England,
The Elizabethan style, if you get what I mean!
Inverse women bejewelled in cod pieces
Preying on the men.
Not in an English accent, but more American:
******** won't mean the same;
Cuckold won't make sense,
But all the phenomenal men we know
Will need to share the pants.
Yikes. Those Golden Globe Awards speeches were powerful, eh? There's a shift in power occurring, and I hope the women handle it better.
Francie Lynch Dec 2017
He needs to grow
A pair of hairless ones... soon.
Misandry: the opposite of misogyny
I often hear female sports casters, and (at the peril of sounding like Trump)
many, many women using similar phrases on t.v., radio, the pub, everywhere.
in birth i wake
with an overbearing taste
of salt in my mouth.
people are the worst,
i don't want to be one.
but misandry is misdirected
a lack of perspective.
people are the persons
that make up the waves
of eyes and mouths
that i wade into in birth.
and one gentle tide will
wash upon the shore,
that carries me to sea
and i'll be willing to go.
i was assured in birth
Courtney Pruitt Sep 2014
I like your eyes.
Your eyes are so blue.
God, I just love your eyes.
Has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful eyes?
Nope. Never.
You’re a great kisser.
Where did you learn to kiss like that?
From other guys?
You know, you're smart.
You might be smarter than me.
Is that my cue to leave?
You want to hang out?
What do you want to do?
You eat meat, right?
Ok — good.
Would you dump me if I didn’t?
I like your shirt — it’s open in the back.
Really? I wasn’t aware.
I looove your ***. It’s just like mmmm (cups imaginary ***)
Yea. I know.
(After ***) Wow. I feel great.
Cool. Thanks.
(After ***) You finished right?
You are so young.
*Hmm, what happens when I get old?
Guys — step up and be men please.
Courtney Pruitt Aug 2014
"Expressing your feelings
couldn't be called art."

So birthed
Shakespearean Walts —
whose puns crammed nature
into mens' hands
and shadowed doubts
that we are all human.

The need to rhyme
and snort out some lines
demoned great minds
who refused to color
outside the lines.  

Metaphor ran over happiness,
watercoloring lines
in INK.

"A petal is
a woman who fails
when she wilts."

So girls learn to answer,
coyly in high school english,
that everything but petals
are ******* symbols.
No reflection needed,
when nature is a *****.

— The End —