The desires of a man are simple:
sex, greed, power,
in that order.

the stars lost their glimmer
twinkling to darkness
in the exhale of the universe
a dim light lost
to nothingness
no longer reflected in my eyes
swallowed by the night
like clouds covering the sun
dew drops on my fingertips
falling to the ground
mixed with salty tears
sand between my fingers
lost to the hourglass
this is the road
i travel

Jack Jenkins Jan 6

One day at a time
Rain, Sun, falling leaves, frost
They have come and gone
Like love when it resided in this heart
Before suffocating
Bludgeoned by those
Who needed it most
I once loved you
Like I once loved life
But with both
Only shards and embers remain
Lost in every teardrop
One day at a time

Jack Jenkins Jan 3

My eyes only focus
on my regrets of the past.

My fingers only touch
my scars that never heal.

My ears only hear
my own vitriol.

My words only mention
me, myself, and I.

Self-absorbed in pain.

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Jack Jenkins Jan 1

Bitterness burns,
It takes my breath away;
can I cry?
Do I have shelter,
or shall I succumb?

  Dec 2017 Jack Jenkins

You've ...
   got me burning
      my mind's wheels turning
                    no matter how hard
                               i've tried
        i always find myself
    tongue tied
mmm tongue tied
              with yours
           my libido soars
          touching you,
touching me
   You're all
         that i see
             lying naked
                     in my bed
           can't get that image
          out of my head
      kiss me,
touch me,
    feel me,
          want me
               i can still
             smell Your scent
      and all my energy's spent
trying really hard
    not to care
          yet i still feel
Your fingers in my hair
      my hair draped
           over Your face
                       it wasn't
              the time or place
       me on top of You
it was all i could do
to not melt
   from the ecstasy
                         i felt
                         kiss You,
                            touch You
                               feel You,
                         want You.

Sunday morning thoughts
  Dec 2017 Jack Jenkins

The country lane is covered with powdery snow,
Like a blanket it clasps the street and field;
The icy wind is uttering an auspicious sough.
Trudging towards my destination that niveous fir trees yield.

Amidst the eerie lonely hush, down in the frozen valley,
A glimmer of light reflecting on crystalline snowflakes;
The place appearing like a lighthouse down the alley.
I reach your house, next to the frozen solid lake,
It is the only bright glare in this devouring black night.

You are my stars in the universe, guiding me through the dark,
You are my anchor in the untamed tides, precluding me to roam;
And with a violent streak of intuition, like a sudden spark,
A feeling of bliss - I realize I finally arrived at home.

On coming home on a winter`s night. Hope you all enjoy this season as much as I do and all have someone who waits for you to come home!
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