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there's a chill
in the air
its cold
mid july
except inside
where heaters glow
by those who fear
frost's bite
gather round
this quiet town
but cold
your hands will reach
but not quite reach
the edge on which
we all fall down
Jack Jenkins Jul 21
and there your heart lies
teetering on the edge
for a quiet whisper
of a breeze
or a simple i love you
just waiting for something
to ground you
or make you fall
and oh
how far you will fall
before you find what
lies underneath it all
I love you, my Moon, but you don't see the same shades of color I see. You're vibrant in your greys and melancholy. I love you.
Jack Jenkins Jul 17
clouds are rolling in
from the west
leaving their shadows
in their wake
a darkness that
isn't dark
but only robs
my life of light
oh clouds go away soon
the sun has set
and none care to see
how monolithic
your judgements are
let the flowers grow again
and the animals are cold
Jack Jenkins Jul 13
its a point of forming
drops of water
a channel
to this place i am
where i can see
in this broken shell
in the cracked
absent of color
and following
that water-cut channel
to the light above
well it may be past
my strength
maybe not
Jack Jenkins Jul 11
there is less of me that
i hold closely
and more of what
i want to be
that i hold closely
because who i am
is not a friend
but i will still love him
and hope to see him grow
self-love is also
but i plant
different seeds this time
Jack Jenkins Jul 9
if it was hidden
i was blind
but i see
everything clearly
from the second story balcony
did i feel what
i was meant to feel
close my eyes
to finally see
Jack Jenkins Jul 7
flickering, a spark, and smoke in my nose
lighter on and off, thoughts oppose
then flailing
then realizing
ive been standing
maybe not strongly
but still standing
and the steps keep growing
lighter on
lighter off
and my face still glows
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