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Jack Jenkins May 14
the shore recedes
then compose
one thought lingers
the other disappears
always oppose
marigold sky hung above
far too bright
the gulls take flight
in eerie silence
wind's gentle sigh
unabating births into a gale
tumultuous storm
it's my heart's only tale
i curse the sun for shining too much
i curse the snow when i hear it crunch
the darkness dwells in the light like a parasite
the evil feeds on the good it takes delight
it smacks its lips and drinks my oceans dry
there isn't a tear left i can cry
for the millionth time i ask my mirror why

only for the winds to die down again
the gulls to return
laughing their hideous laugher
echoing in my head forever after
the shore recedes
then compose
one thought lingers
the other disappears

always oppose
in the depths of my melancholy
i am still here
still breathing, still searching for meaning in a universe that often seems
indifferent to my existence
i dont think i am defiant
but i dont quite know how to surrender
Jack Jenkins Apr 28
i hate when songs explain me
better than my own **** poetry
as if i was written out like a plot
on some ****** old tv show that
use to air in the 50s
im thirty but im fifty but im
still a teen
leaning into the stereotypes of
misspelled "me's"
its too tiring to explain anymore
there isnt a thing to prove anymore
im just me and
dont know how to deal with me
Jack Jenkins Apr 26
cuz my conscience is a *****
let me know who the highest bidder is
let me know the bitter end
sprawled out on the floor
looking for hope in desk drawers
find it and light it up like my life is just passing smoke
a passive joke
i aint growing old because i've been there
growth comes from damage and i'm hella broke
record repeating in slo-mo
unfinished suicide notes tucked in the leaves of better poems and ****** notions
self perception of self perfection is a dangerous *****
and like i said
i'm hella broke
broken dreams like shattered glass
demons dance like a cruel romance
secrets whisper in shadows deep
across my brain voices creep
my regrets echo as a haunting refrain
ghosts that linger and wane
lost in darkness
lost in the labyrinth
i remain i remain i remain
Jack Jenkins Apr 14
what melancholy
could serenade me better
than a broken heart
a bottle of whiskey
and a head full of memories
that hurt too much
when sober
Jack Jenkins Apr 11
poetry has become nothing more than
fizzling embers that i desperately bellow
in the hopes that once bright flame will
ablaze again
Jack Jenkins Apr 6
i long to scream
until the surface of my throat
is as torn as much as
my heart feels
as much as
my mind is
until i am haunted
by the thought
that i dont recall
my own voice
Jack Jenkins Mar 26
in our folly we embrace a fatal flaw
to believe in death as if it's what we await
yet most of death has claimed its silent draw
each fleeting moment by its grip sedate
forever young I gaze upon the night
dreaming of hands that'll touch the world's span
i dream to touch the world though flames blast
for in that touch true life i shall perceive
anger emptiness loneliness deceit
in each of us fear builds its museum vast
yet in the end we're atoms in retreat
seeking solace clinging to the past
for me no greater yearning could there be
than to gather wounds each scar a tale
in misery a strange form of ecstasy
wherein lies my joy amidst sorrow's veil
the world's end holds no sway over my mind
for each dawn births anew its tender light
alone i whisper to the void resigned
in search of solace in this endless night
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