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...and the next thing I remembered,
I was bulldogging my way on over
to the cooler full of beer where I
saw some damnfool sitting on it
like it was his own personal lawn
chair and when I used my one arm
to push him over, I watched him
topple onto people and I screamed
in his face “BEAT IT GEEK! “ and
everything went quiet, he didn’t
even get up to fight me, just
started laughing and more and
laughter came ringing into our ears
but all things considered, you have
to be on the alert when guarding
the gates to heaven because you
never know when some beer-mongering
archangel will come and strike you down.

god doesn’t play,
the devil doesn’t play
and recess was my
least favorite subject
because when
it comes to beer...
I don’t play.

and as for the rest of the night
I swallowed moths whole and
drank beer until I puked until
I woke up on a **** soaked
couch and had the greatest
moth-eaten, beer-drunken
hangover in all its morning glory
a small victory perhaps
but it was mine to keep
and that was a long time ago
when I thought I was somebody
but there’s still a long way to go
before I actually accomplish that.
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
They're sleeping in the dark,
don't wake them up.
Let them dream
a dream of butterflies.
leyla Aug 2018
we leave the crumbs of our breakfast
on the windowsill, where we can watch
the ants arrive, and carry them away,
to their hills at the base of the maple trees.
they can't talk to us, but we can sense
their tiny gratitudes.
skin against skin, and tongues against
tongues, the glow from our faces is just
enough for the moths to recognize, for
them to want to dance around our heads.
they bask in the light of our love, and we
know they feel it too.
i live to see you smile, the kind of smile
that shines so brightly, like the way a leaf
beetle's shell does, when the sun decides
to hit it in a way that's exactly right.
they don't notice their iridescence, or how
perfect they are.
The uniVerse Jun 2018
Let me caress your every sinew
I do not care if you've been used
for many men know the temple of God
but few on holy ground have trod
her birthplace that is creation
yet they treat you with predation
a child that sleeps within your ****
soon your bed will be their tomb
the years of men will surely pass
upon your head I count the grass
they outnumber thee ten fold to one
and yet their bud is still but young
our age is like a moth at night
that travels towards the sacred light
and is extinguished by the flame
Will you remember my name?
your favoured son
Will you forgive the things I've done?
or another knot in the tree become
What if the moths that crash
against the dark window pane;
wings pattering urgently pushing
trying to break through the glass,
are the dead souls in the tunnel
flying towards the light
of the supposed paradise
but they can’t get through.

Then they fly about outside
like dusty ghosts of the night.
Strange late night imaginings I had about the moths at the window.

6th April 2016
Jack Bennett Feb 2018
Streets lined with colours

That beg to be bought

And we like moths

To the flame

Do flutter our wings

Aggresively smashing our heads

At the windows
Over thorns I have seen flowers lying tonight
I have seen moths near lamp dying tonight

I can see my vision getting blurred enough
Before me, I can't see you crying tonight

My speech is rambling on a prayer rug
And each wish from heart is flying tonight

Ever seen frozen eyes of a dead beloved?
Then, likewise my eyes are drying tonight

In the Imambara of Kashmir, Mirza! ***!
Ask your wish, why are you shying tonight
When flowers rest over thorns, and moths burn before lamps, and when all this happens tonight.
Mrs Robota Jan 2018
I watched crimson dance on top of sapphires
Surrounded by moths
I begged forgiveness within their bars
Sent out a prayer for a savior
In return I received a mocking smile
As they took you away from me
In your death I was birthed
I bargained the flames of the raven
To burn the moths
I watched sapphires dance on top of crimson

I’m not who I claim to be
Few can see the chains I drag about
Still, they follow my lead
I’m wired into a new era of empowerment
Where I play the queen accordingly
Taking back control of the world
Reaching for what I want
That which rightfully belongs to me

I don’t know how to fix the mess they made
I can’t reset the past
I can only move forward along a twisted path
Abandoning all the answers
To watch them choke on the feathers they wanted desperately
One day you will understand
And maybe you will accept my apology
But I won’t rest till I get back what they took
I’m searching for that which rightfully belongs to me
aubergine Jan 2018
i am perhaps too late
light bulbs have synced
and have now exploded across the city
darkness is instant
but there’s light in your body
i follow you like a moth
because i know you
and detect you as my nocturnal guide
and when you no longer blink
i think i might die
originally published on my tumblr blog, 2017
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