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Maurice Leger Jan 2015
Sorry if my poetry will seem dark and dead
My writing hand is tired and sore, as is my head
Induced by the twisting and turning, I bled.....
From the knife shoved in my soul while I lay in bed

This poem will never be finished, because like I said
My writing hand is tired and sore, as is my head
If I keep going I'll say bad words, like those in Ted
............................................behind the wood shed
Maurice Leger Jan 2015
She came to him like a special angel from heaven
He had lost all faith, he was on his life number 7

She found a crack in his hardened armor
He was in disbelief, it was to his honor

They found themselves to be compatible
But his social graces where unconventional

Her beauty and wisdom sailed the seven seas
He never went beyond the forest and the trees

This Special lady tugged and pulled at his heart string
Witch made the melody of his soul dance and sing

She even stirred his passion with a big tight huggy
A thousand stinging bees filling his heart with honey

Her deep soulful eyes put a spell and made him pray
He just couldn’t stop thinking of her night and day
Putting him in a trance, not knowing what to say

This fine lady was in a class that has all that
This poor lad could only offer poems and a chat

The princess in this story was moving fearless and fast
He feared with his lack of nobility, the dream would not last

She drives, flies, floats, plays and stays first class
He always seems to be in a long line, to be the last

The feeling she gave him will forever in his heart last
He feels sad the best he has to offer, is all lost in the past
Dark mystery still surrounds this girl that likes white and black
He’ll try and sweep her off her feet with gifts of vanilla and lilac

Her biggest dream has to do with innocent smell, theses are facts
He hopes she’ll forgive him for all the thing that he poorly lacks.....
Maurice Leger Jan 2015
With head bowed I kneel before thee
And ask for forgiveness and sympathy
The distance and silence is killing me
Making my heart weep like a willow tree
Fearing the loss of your friendship and beauty
I will suffer to no end if this is our destiny
Sending me a message would make me so happy
Une petite minute de vous, pourrais me sauver la vie
  Dec 2014 Maurice Leger
LA Brown
Mommy, mommy are you okay?
Wake up, wake up it's Saturday!

Mommy is sick leave mommy be!
I'm still in bed, can't you see?

Oh poor mommy, what can I do?
I really, really want to help you.

I need water, and something to eat.
Walk lighter, not so heavy with your feet!

Here, mommy, here, is this good enough?
You don't look very well, kind of rough.

Quiet down child, I am sick I said!
Can't you get that through your thick head?

Sorry, sorry, what else do you need?
Would you like a book, something to read?

Turn off that light what are you doing!
Stop those tears, I don't need your boo-hooing!

Please mommy, please don't be mad,
Seeing you sick just makes me so very sad.

Turn off the light and just go away!
I am not going to play with you today.
Maurice Leger Dec 2014
I could get use to
The sound of your sweet, sensual, mesmerizing voice swirling in my head
Getting to know what we feel and want without a word being said
Forking on the table then tightly wrapping my arms around you while spooning in bed

I could get use to
Holding your hand listening to a bird symphony as the setting sun colors the sky
Massaging your mind, rubbing your back, rubbing your low and rubbing you high
Making crazy love to you till the neighbors hear your passionate cry

I could get use to
Opening the book, seeing your face, reading your messages and entering your daily chat
Admiring your beauty night and day, imagining you in nothing but stilettos and cute hat
Playing with your pets, throwing your dog a bone and stroking your ***** cat

I could get use to
Cooking you a special dish and treat and tickling your taste buds with my special honey
Sharing our feelings, dreams and fluids making us giddy, lucid and dizzy
Hovering in your head, swimming in your soul and bewildering your body

I could get use to
Playing board games with you, especially the one that we lay out on the floor
Letting you win, giving you the needed power to say more, more, more
Learning new things, the kind I can’t speak of but will show behind a closed door
Maurice Leger Dec 2014
Love they say can usually be found just around the corner
The problem is we sometimes fail to make the “Right” turn
A collection of my Quotes that I will be adding to as time goes by.
I will be adding all Quotes in this tread
Maurice Leger Dec 2014
Roses are red, violets are blue
My bones are broken, my skin black and blue
Why do you keep beating me on the head with that shoe
You tore out my eyes, intestines and testicles too
Let me bleed for a while, then made a *** of stew

You’re so dam crazy, it’s too late for me, if only I knew
How you like to perform lobotomies, after you sniff glue
The last one oozed brain mater, which you began to chew
It seems that Quentin Terintino has nothing on you
Some things so scary I can’t mention, they are very taboo

Beware all you naive boys, she’s the devil in a tou tou
She’ll **** on you more than what can be found at a Zoo
Her lies filled my head, stretching it till it popped and blew
Wait! Or was it the explosive poisons she put in my shampoo
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