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JayceeJellies Dec 2014
He's the best,
The silliest.
He's an idiot,
The stupidist.

I know right?
For real tho.
You're lying.
You don't know.

Because he's perfect.
In every single way.
But I'd never say it.
Not to his face.

Not because I'm shy,
Not because I'm afraid.
But because I know inside,
He doesn't feel the same.

So I'll keep this smile right on my face.
Call him a baka, just like any other day.
Nigdaw Jul 1
Out of place
In a displaced world,
There is a frailty in your touch
A dampness in your kiss
Childlike gestures belie your years
Alice through the Looking Glass
An ****** dream, beset with innocence
Lost many years ago
You are out of your face
In this displaced world
Whirling around my head, spinning
Sliding down the stairs
Laughing at the silliest things
All I want to do
Is *******.
They won't fly in front
Of incoming traffic
For me

Nor are they close enough
To pick up my broken
Pieces when I

But they do:

Send me pictures
Of cats in the coziest
Of poses

Check in on me
As much as I
Let them

Write me the sweetest
Prose and

Send me the
Silliest of
Happy Birthday

Chicken Sep 22
We would have
got up to no good anyway
caused trouble
laughed a lot
when we shouldn’t have
and written the silliest of lyrics on those rainy days

These will be the downs
of our new up’s
The hidden frowns behind
our cups
as we drink a toast with our new belle and beau
Drink a toast with our new belle and beau.
The cup runneth full. Or does it?
maria Sep 2018
i hope one day you learn to look into the corners and see that the webs were not cobwebs brought about by the lengthy days we had. they are strings painstakingly spun through the tough yet beautiful years that we have, all of those keeping me tethered to you. i hope you learn to read between the letters and the lines, that each one was made as a puzzle for you. i hope that one day you will learn that i cared about you as much as you cared about me. now that it's all over, i hope that you learn that my love does not lie in the open. you know how secretive i am. i would not leave the thing i value the most out in the open, just for people to try and take it from me. no, this is why you thought i never cared. i hope you bothered looking under your pillow or in the books i lent to you. it is in the ruffled sheets of our nights and mornings together. i slipped my smile for you in every single one of the pages i dog-eared for you. i hope you found it at 2 am, in the mornings with me. it was in my sleepy kisses and the way i huddled close against you. i hope you felt it in the way i ran back to you, every single time, when my rain poured only for you. i hope you hear it in all of my playlists about you that i never told you about. i hope you heard it in my giggling to the silliest things you said, and i hope you unraveled it in the way every single night i hugged you good-bye. i hope you felt it in our goofy dancing under the stars, eighteen kilometers apart. not far, but not close enough. i hope you realized it was in my tears, till the very last time i tried to fight for us. i hope you felt it in the way i gripped your hand as we walked a moon-lit street, and i hope you remember it in the way i asked for your embrace for the last time. to be perfectly candid, i was so nervous that night, but the way you held me, as it always did, calmed me down. i will always remember how you smelled that night, like sunshine, and you walked like it too. you brought me home that day, and i asked you one last time if you still loved me. i hope you heard it in my silence, anxious yet relieved, when only nothingness filled the car on the way to my front porch. i wondered why the silence was deafening even when there were no words uttered, even though my world was crumbling down under the tires of your car.
Elioinai Sep 2018
I don’t know why you added pink toaster
to your 23rd birthday wishlist
Except to display on another line
that You so ****** extra
maybe it was just that
Or maybe you wanted to see who was gon be extra with you
And actually go get a tacky pink toaster
guaranteed to never match your kitchen
But sit on the counter doing double duty
Toasting your bread with a sunshine picture
while also warming your heart
a daily reminder that there are some people who will always enjoy meeting your silliest requests
because they love you
I hope you receive 5 pink toasters today.
I also got you some guac, Jamie.
patty m Aug 19
Friendship is unpredictable, unconstrained
as the unexpected gust of wind that
sweeps across our lives.
When stars twinkle and snowflakes flower,
I look back through the years and see us
as we were, young children, smiling and eager,
ready to challenge the world always laughing.
Even our brown bag, lunches tasted better
when we shared sandwiches together.
You had the silliest ideas,
and I went along with all of them. Remember when
we put perfume on our tongues to make our breath
smell good, and you put white nail polish on your teeth
because you wanted them to be movie star perfect.
How frivolously we cast each other aside
when men entered our lives. We made luncheon dates,
dismissive little gestures, yet something was gone, or
exiled in lame excuses. Until one magic day,
we found one another once again and
learned we were both young widows.
How we challenged each other's minds and hearts and faith,
dancing like children in the wind. Was it chance that
brought us back together, and let us see inside the other's hearts?
I didn't know how soon you'd be taken from me, again,
this time on the wings of angels, nor did I dream of
the pain of loss I'd feel inside.
Now the cat and I sit on the window ledge,
watching two little girls playing, one yours, one mine.
They look just the way we did, when first we met.
and somewhere in my mind I hear " Heart and Soul"
played on the piano, and remember how patient
you were when you taught me my part,
and I see again the brightness of your smile
when I finally played it right.
I'll never forget home economics, and those ugly yellow skirts
we had to make. My skirt's seams were pulled and puckered
and it looked more like a curtain valance than something
I'd wear. I was sure I was going to flunk, and we couldn't
stop laughing hysterically when I modeled it for you.
But you picked out the thread, and helped me redo
those puckered, crooked seams, and it didn't
turn out too bad. I promised I'd pay you back someday,
and you held me to that promise. Little did I know
how hard it was going to be, my precious friend,
to watch you suffer and hold your hand
as you breathed your last breath here on earth.
Today you hovered close to my shoulder, and tweaked
my muse, so I wrote this poem for you,
my dear friend Rosalie.  I chuckle thinking of you with a
halo.   May the Lord hold us all in his hands until we meet again
friendships such as ours don't end with death.
Daniela Sep 2018
One small thing, that's all it is.
One small thing to ruin the happiness I've built.
One small comment to make the water fall from my eyes.
The silliest things, the tiniest hint of hostility. Causes so much pain..

I look down to where my scars used to be. My wrists a sensation begins almost like a tickle. This feels so familiar.
And I can picture the little red lines. Like tally marks.
One for last week,one for yesterday. One for today.

In my mind I know these thoughts are harmful. Dangerous.
I've worked on this.
I learned to ignore it.
My mind says no, but will I really take the blade and tally up the score?

What's the worst that could happen?
After all it's just one.small.thing.
If you have feedback please comment, as this was done rushed. And I needed to get some feelings out. Also name suggestions are welcome(:
Will Riggs Jun 18
Panic, worry, darkness closing in around me
These are some of the words that can be used to describe my anxiety
But nothing I can say could speak of its entirety
As I cry internally thinking I’ve lost my sanity

Doctors, counsellors, saying there’s something wrong with me
My parents telling me to calm down and stop being so dramatic
But how can I calm down when the world around me
Is spinning out of control and I can barely see?

Breathe. You will get through this

You will get through the sleepless nights
All the internal fights
And the days that seem right
When the world hits you with all its might

Breathe. You will get through this

I know you think I’m overreacting about the silliest little things
But to me, those silly little things seem like the doom this world could bring.
Can’t you see, a spilled glass of milk to you can seem like an earthquake to me

I know it might be hard to understand my anxiety
But I hope today I have given you some clarity

So the next time someone is scared and feels like they can’t breathe,
Shaking and crying, unable to see,
Don’t tell them they’re overreacting; don’t call them crazy
Help them realize there is more to life than this misery
And no matter the doubt inside, they will always be who they are meant to be

Breathe. You will get through this

Because I know I am more than my anxiety,
And one day I hope to be free of it entirely
But until then, I will tell myself quietly
I am stronger than this. I am stronger than my anxiety.

— The End —