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  Oct 2016 JAK AL TARBS
Seán Mac Falls
I feel the shrug of the passing winds,
That gather beyond my solemn place,
Where indifferent birds fly to and from,
With only lost dreams, real as her face.
If life had been as easy
If time had been as quick
If death had been as painless
Then we would have been as pleased
As the sun is to shine with glory upon our shame-fallen Earth
I guess shorter is better, and I will try that...
Has the sun set on our time together?
Has it broken up our spirits?
Was it those peeping Tom's that cracked our floor
and made us fall through?

If every waking moment was spent on finding your lost list of treasures
And every day was spent trying to recover the lost souls of the past
The world would have a shadow lifted off its face
Like a purple-dyed draped curtain being pulled off at the rails

If humans could see the measure of their worth,
Before destroying what they had built,
Perhaps the sun would...

Perhaps the sun would lift a little higher
Perhaps the sun would shine a little brighter
A breezy, terrible day destroyed by the in fatuous sun beams and created a miserable life that only fostered love
I watched a dream play itself out in front of me
My tears fell down and I screamed gleefully
The songs had whispered in my ears
While the ladies danced, their partners entranced

If all I have is thrown out of my room,
How will you recover what was taken?
How can you destroy what's broken?
Is this life meant for those who don't look?

I see white smiles, I hear loud laughs
He sits in the other room, playing, calling me to
Join him while he drinks a glass of champagne
He falls asleep before he dreams, calling me too
If life was fair, then he'd have hair
But I guess, we'll have to make do

This instantaneous vow you made is forgotten
Time slips through my fingers as I hold on
But the terror, and the horror comes crawling to find
All that Terror and Horror was meant to find
Beauty sleeps soundly on the pillow
Her weary head heaves with all that sorrow
Her own husband left her for a scarecrow
Pity he never waited till tomorrow

He shares his gifts with all his children
They despise him for leaving sooner
He wishes he had a time-turner
Pity he never lived longer

As he walked through the cities and glanced at the skies
He noticed that God doesn't like to cry
and that He would take him, when it was needed
Pity that it was not a necessity

He sat with his mother at the back of the theater
They watched a show which rarely showed
And the medieval King slaughtered his own
Pity the living, because the dead is doing fine
Pity the old man who was left behind
This one is about a man, mostly, and how life treated him and how people have pitied him-though it such a pity I never got the chance to tell his story.
I see sunshine draped in darkness
I watch the birds sing as they fall to the ocean
I hear the waves crash and destroy the sandcastles
I run to the creepy trees who share no warmth with outsiders
I seek shelter from the cold and I see how they run away from me
I smile as I wake up because I realise that it was a story that I was reading
This is literally all over the place...
It was never meant to end this way
Especially since you left without your word
I felt like broken glass in the rain
There was always that moment you cursed
Your own friend, your own brother
He only loved you a little less than your mother

The quick successive turns you took
The swigs of beer you drank as you drove far
The distance between widened your noose
To allow you to breathe a little, like a door ajar
I don't know what I am trying to do
Because I end up losing you

Surely words can't fix the mess we've created
Surely it had been words that started to fray the jersey
Which had been hand-knit, lost now and demented
Barely able enough to speak a few words that are slurry
Hang in there and wait for me
I tried to help, but you wouldn't let me

Maybe this was how you wanted things to end
Like gravel scraped on my back
You wanted the scars to remain and deepen
Like salt in your tea I was too weak to even
Say 'Hello' when I past you at home
Trying to get back into the groove of things, so I apologise if things seem gloomy, Trust Me-they're not!
If there were only enough for all of us
Then surely sunshine will grace us
After that the moon falls and begs for life
While we human souls wait, if we're wrong or right
A continuation...
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