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Bhill Feb 9
astonished by the relentless pounding of my mind
the threshold has been reached, breached, and unleashed
unleashed to the smugness and complacency within themselves
can you hear the outrageous containment
can they exist in harmony
what to do, oh what to do

Brian Hill - 2020 # 40
What's in your mind?
Seanathon Sep 2019
We love the heart
For how it beats aloud
For none to see and only one to hear
Pounding Heart - An honest series

From the twelve loves
Natalie May 2019
i blow the smoke out

along with my worries for the night

i feel my eyes get heavy

i feel my body getting light

see my veins protruding under my skin

hear my heart pounding aggressively within

my stomach yearns for hot food

the music puts me in a good mood

i feel a roller coaster in my head

before i know it I'm in bed
Erian Rose Mar 2019
From the tears that fall
To the pounding wall
Nothing stings more
Then the hurting inside
John Stephenson Mar 2019
It's a rhythm,
Pounding in my brain,
For words to match.
That's the aim.

This poem has rules,
For which I make
The words to follow
Or the rhythm breaks.

Four lines a verse entails.
The rules are clear to me.
Lines second and last
Must have synchrony.

Some call this rhythm poetry,
To most a simple rhyme,
The words are much more to me.
They help improve my mind.

With every verse I write
New words come to me.
The rhythm and good luck
enhance my vocabulary.

Like the pulsing of a drum.
The rhythm has a beat.
The words, they march to that.
With measure and repeat.

Now the poundings stopped.
The words all written down.
I can rest a while
Listening for that sound.
stopdoopy Oct 2018
It burns like an acid,

these hot tears,

Tearing through my skin.

The inside of my chest shredded,

And it's your hand this time,

That holds the carving knife.

Through it all, I hear a pounding-

                                          It's my hand on the table.
                                          As some tune's stuck in my head.
                                          I look around at all my friends,
                                          Grins and smiles a blaze by the fire.
                                          And for the first time in a long while,
                                          I join in, and I'm okay.
Getting over people's a process, but it will happen for you; just as it has for me.

I love my friends
Kora Sani Aug 2018
hold me back

tether me away from the outside world

i can't go out there

don't make me go

my mind is eerie
but i know what to expect

these demons are my friends
they know me best

why did you decide
to make my body home

stop pounding on my chest
i know you're not alone

there are millions of you

only one of me

i'm outnumbered

just set me free
stopdoopy Sep 2018
I want someone to look at me
the way I look at her

for them to be filled with joy
at seeing me
heart pounding
from a goofy smile

to have someone want
to spend all their free time with me

I want someone to love me
the way I love her
Wanted to release an uplifting poem after the Hozier EP drop, this felt like a good one
clever May 2018
the pounding in my head only stops when my head is resting on your shoulder.
i never though that it would be you, though.
ashley marie Apr 2018
The heaviest weight drags the heart
and hooks on strongly,
piercing the chambers,
prolonging through all hells of the body
in the name of sanity.
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