ashley Apr 23
The heaviest weight drags the heart
and hooks on strongly,
piercing the chambers,
prolonging through all hells of the body
in the name of sanity.
Mark Wanless Nov 2017
"Amber Noise"

The amber noise of sunrise
       the sable dead tonight
And in between a spectrum
       of beings sentient
Accost the earth with myriad feet
       pounding as a drum
A frantic beat of busyness
       gild vestibule of mind
Irina BBota Nov 2017
I write with letters of the silent alphabet
the foreword is a short criticized page.
With my heart pounding and silence as my bed
I notice that my life will step to another stage.

I will not be a poet, I will just pretend
that I use noble and enchanted words
I'll write, but I'll be not famous at the end
I'm going to search for the emotions of verbs.

And the non-colorful muse with which I feed,
will be hiding in the comfort of billions of stars
will feel melancholy this entire universe of greed
my eardrums will have an echo of silence and scars.
Kee May 2017
my feet are pounding the ground
but it feels like im flying
my heart is beating like drums
but i can't feel it at all
all i know is that im a few steps away from freedom
can my feet take me there?
maybe i can leap to it
i can't fail
i need this
i need to be free
i want my own air in my lungs
no, not want
i need
i need to be free
in economics class
mr. gardner is talking too much
Baylee Feb 2017
The first day that I met you
My heart was pounding in my chest
But it could have been because
I ran there, to the Starbucks
On the Ave
The one you used to work at
But maybe it wasn't because I was
In such a rush
It could have been the coffee
I've heard that can increase your
Heart rate
Or maybe both of these are wrong
You see, I was born with a slight
Which messes with the way my heart beats
But maybe it was my hearts way of saying
This one is the one
There's no way of knowing
But ever since that day
I've been smitten;
Scheduling my whole day around
Getting to see you
And I even remember the first time
I rode in your car
You were worried about me
But it became a regular thing
You drove me home on the nights
You worked a close
And each and every time I fell more and more
And you started to feel like home
Because home is not a place
But a feeling in the heart,
And maybe it was my arrhythmia
But I've felt it since the start
And then you up and left
You moved so far away
But you needed to be with your family
I just wish you could've stayed
So I guess I had to visit
Because I was craving you so much
You see, you're like a drug to me,
You're my heroin
My crutch
Because I wouldn't make it
Through every day life
Without your voice to hold onto
And our conversations replaying
Over and over
In my painseeking mind
Play it through
Then rewind
Again and again
I reminisce you
And every time we're together it's like
The world stops
And as we lay together
You tell me
"I can hear your heart beating are you okay?"
And maybe you heard
The arrhythmia
Which is why you were concerned
But my heart pounds in my chest
Like the timpani in an orchestra
And every third beat is half the length of the others,
But that's just *the arrhythmia
Sienna Luna Jan 2017
Sparkly like strings of

red garlands

there lives a little

dustball man

in my lower abdomen

rubbing his tiny

warm hands together

in complete delight.

Always singing

the silliest of songs

his round chubby cheeks

flaming bright pink

just thinking of our kiss

last night behind the dumpster.
dreaming boop Oct 2016
The radio is so loud;
My father's voice sounds
Like thunder.
The car is too squeaky;
The cat meowing sounds
Like an obnoxious alarm.
My own thoughts are too noisy;
My voice sounds
Like waves pounding on the shore.
It's like someone turned my
Sensitivity levels all the way up;
Like some form of torture.
October 21, 2016
Joyce Jan 2016
It's  pounding.
It's beating.
It's louder than
This wild heart
locked in my cage.
So full of emotion.
Feeling this rage.
Wants to break out.
When words speak
the language.
Feel love in the crowd.
TheEndofForever Nov 2015
Say time
And we're supposed to feel like the pain is melting
The way that my heart pounds makes words that are so overwhelming
Never know what to do with it all
But I suppose it's just as easy to watch it fall
give it time
be patient
just wait it out
Purple Rain Sep 2015
Not making a sound,
Trapped in my inner self,
With Acid field lungs,
Pounding in my ears
are deadly drums
Caged in like monkeys
Are the voices that surround my head
Autumn burns like fire
Tied to my neck is a short wire
Autumn doesn't scream I'm free
Because it feels as if I'm trapped in this 21 century
Not making a sound
As I'm Connected to that wire
Feet are unable to touch the ground
Here I stand not making a sound
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