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Lauren Rayne Nov 2015
I’ve grown close to cold coffee
While heat is ever fleeting
In time we’ll meet at the periphery
With lingering calidity
I’ll sip through tepid acidity

And what was once unpalatable
Is now bitterly comforting
Lauren Rayne Aug 2014
Its been a game for as long as I remember.
Everything said was one move made
A move always calculated, but
Don't let them see the feelings there.

It'll ruin the fun.
And you'll be alone.

And then you came along.

Simple thoughts alive in color
Vibrant and warm, I swore the sun
Couldn't shine brighter than that
Beaming smile; it just wouldn't quit.

I could hardly believe it was mine.
I could hardly believe I was yours.
"And in that moment, I swear we were infinite"
- Stephen Chbosky
Lauren Rayne Jul 2014
My words wasted on your ears,
Love ****** dry by lips
Undeserving of me and mine and
The nothings you whispered
Fell flat on your tongue.

I couldn't even call them sweet.
Lauren Rayne Jul 2014
One of these days my
Heart will stop beating so ****
Fast when I see your name and
All this time I was
So sure I was
Done with this
Lauren Rayne Jul 2014
My phone went off earlier today.
For the silliest second,
I thought it was you
And then I laughed at myself;
It's too early for you to
Think of me.

There's no way
You're drunk enough for that.
Lauren Rayne Jul 2014
Happiness is fleeting, Love as its carrier
They move together, far and away
wrote this years ago
Lauren Rayne Jul 2014
Why spend time wondering if
You're good enough for a heaven created
By the minds of men afraid of what they
Could not understand?
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