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Sum It Oct 2019
Nowhere to go
Sad and lost
Brown little fox
Sum It Oct 2019
Past is delusional
Futures are misleading
But we have dreams
We have hopes
Belief is there and I-
I believe in you

Carry me home
To the place where I am child
And you are my heart
I cannot say anything more
I have nothing -
except this hope
That someday
You will carry me home
Where I am present
And so is my heart!
Sum It Jan 2018
I feel shallow all the times
These days
I want to feel the depth
Everything's so easy and empty
I feel no desire for all the things
Around me

This morning I just felt like
Filling myself with poetry
Easy words
But high in intoxication

I am soon going to run to mountains
Soon shall I dip in the lake of grandeur
Smile at the vastness of creation
Fill me with sunshine

But today let me just enjoy the blandness of life
May be someday I will find meaning out of this too
Sum It Jan 2018
Strange way how the life works
Or may be just I think a lot
Sometimes I just want to thank life
For all it has bestowed me with
And there are times like this
When I want to smother life
For one thing it didn't make happen

Chain reactions or desperations
Lots of wind has blown
Clouds dusted and cleared
Snow fell and flowed down the valley
And there is always one "you"
If only life was little kinder

Memories pinches like heart burns
Regrets are not the right thing now
I ruined my thoughts for someone else's
There is a shadow behind every laughter
There is fear under the blanket
There are thoughts that keeps me forgetting my present
Dragging me to the past
All I am writing this
Because only pen can relief me from all these
Sum It Aug 2016
There is only a heart that gets broken and there are many hearts you break... Still you feel at loss!
Sum It Nov 2015
तिमीसगँ बिताईएका थोरै पलहरू
कोपिला बन्दै सुस्तरी रमाउन खोजेका
प्रेमका स्वप्निल कल्पनाहरू
फूल्न नपाउदैँ
फूलाउन खोज्दा खोज्दै
पिटिक्क भाचेर तिमी हिड्यौँ।
तर सजिलै यो फूल औलाउन पाएन
मन विचित्रको हुँदो रहेछ
मनको किताबको पानाहरू बीच
जतन गरि राखेको त्यो कोपिला
आज फेरी सम्झनाको पाना पल्टिँदा
भेटिएको छ
मेटिएको छ कि केही थोरै तिम्रो माया भनि केलाउँदा कहिल्यै नऔलिने गरि बसेको पाए
अब सायद फूल त हुने छैन यही कोपिला
तर पनि रहर छ, अर्को फूल रोप्ने
त्यसै गरि, त्यसरी नै तिमी सँग
पिटिक्कै भाचेरपनि नसुक्ने नऔलाउने
मखमलिको फूल जस्तै
जीवनमा किन खै
तिमी मात्रै यसरी मनपर्यो, म साच्चै बुझ्दिन
Sum It Oct 2015
Here, now, I sit quiet thinking about
all the times
When like pendulum I was lost in crowds
and noises (like pendulum)
to and fro.
I replay recklessly the jobs that soaked me up and
the times of life living no life
How quickly we tend to forget the spaces above clouds
low on air but high on intoxication
The valleys hidden beyond horizon
The shrubs welcoming with berries amidst thorns
streams and brooks to displease your thirst
and the soft bed of moss and grasses
The no man land, the nature- full of hospitality

I must go there, the place that came searching for me
The place I have in my dreams
Let me walk out for a while
jumping off this walls we built
Lets go dancing to the sound of silence
Country roads, lead me there
Mountains are calling and I must go!
Recently we went for a trek in Panch Pokhari, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal. Google about it. Heaven can wait, Visit Panchpokhari first. Very Wild abd Adventurous. Must go for All trekking lovers!
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